My Pet Is a Holy Maiden

25 - Calcedonia's Ambitions

Right now, there was a huge bed in front of Tatsumi.

The location was one of the rooms in Tatsumi’s house. It was one that they weren’t planning to use at first.

It was far bigger than the double sized beds that Tatsumi remembered. In other words, it was one of those so called Queen sized or King sized beds. But since he’d never seen one before, he wasn’t completely sure.

And of course, since this wasn’t Earth the bed didn’t have a mattress, but was stuffed with a kind of dried herb.

But if you look at the wooden parts of the bed, you could see various types of craftsmanship. Without a doubt it was a high class good.

However, Tatsumi had no recollection buying such a bed.

Last night, though in the same room, Tatsumi and Calcedonia were sleeping in their respective beds. Tatsumi was using the bed that was summoned along with him.

“W-What the heck?….”

“T-This is…Well…it’s a present grandfather sent to congratulate us on moving in, it arrived this afternoon…”

Calcedonia blushed, but even more so, she looked kind of expectant as she switched her gaze between Tatsumi and the bed a number of times.

It seems like that old fart is the culprit! He thought it was strange, when Tatsumi was leaving the room after the class, Giuseppe was grinning strangely. So this is what that was about!

“..Well damn….this really is a huge bed though.”

As if to hide his embarrassment, Tatsumi left Calcedonia’s side and approached the bed. After observing in from up close, he once again realized how big it was.

This definitely was not meant to be used by one person. Well, that might feel amazing in it’s own way but that definitely wasn’t it’s original purpose.

Tatsumi faced Calcedonia with a red face.

“A-And then…You’re saying you want to sleep together with me on this bed…?”

As Tatsumi asked that, a beautiful smile blossomed on Calcedonia’s face as she replied “Yes”.


“It’s…It’s been my dream since forever. I really wanted to sleep in the same bed with Master…”

“Since forever…?”

“Yes. When I was still little…  it’s been a dream to me since even before that”

Calcedonia said shyly, yet somewhat delightfully, as she put her cherry pink cheeks on her palms.

“When you were little?….Wait, do you mean from your past life..when you were a cockatiel?”

“Yes. I was always together with Master back then. Of course when Master wasn’t home I was in the cage, but after you returned you always let me out.”

When she was a Cockatiel, whenever Tatsumi was home she would always be outside of her birdcage.

Of course when he was out he always put her in her birdcage because an accident might happen, but the first thing he did after returning home was to let her out of her cage.

Chiiko was a smart child from back then, so whenever she was hungry she would return to her cage and eat the feeds, and when she was thirsty she would drink the water at her own convenience.

And after coming back from her cage, she would quietly sit on top of Tatsumi’s shoulder or knee for hours straight.

And when it was time to sleep, Tatsumi put her back in the cage.

If they did sleep together, and if accidentally he squashed her dead in his sleep by rolling over or something, then that would be horrifying. So he always put her in the cage.

“I know Master was doing that because you cared for me….But! I was still lonely…..And if it’s now I can finally sleep with you!!”

Tightly grasping her fists, Calcedonia replied.

Yes! This was an ambition. An ambition Calcedonia has been waiting a long time to fulfill.

A young couple sleeping in the same bed.

Those who took this exactly as stated were probably limited to children.

And of course, Tatsumi was not a child. Obviously, he thought of the [Body Language of Love]. He ended up thinking about it.

On top of living together with Calcedonia, he had already received her good will as an opposite sex. So he always knew that one day their relationship would turn out that way. No, maybe it was something he was looking forward to.

But, that was supposed to be in the future!

At the least, it was supposed be after Tatsumi gained some sort of standing in this world.

As they are living together, it wouldn’t be so hard for Tatsumi to just push down Calcedonia, and Calcedonia would probably happily accept it.

Tatsumi who never had a taste of the opposite sex, if he were to savor the sweet nectar called Calcedonia even once, he knew for sure that he wouldn’t able to stop himself from becoming a beast.

And as a result, in the near future Calcedonia would probably start to bear the fruit of their love in her wombs.

It wasn’t like Tatsumi was afraid of Calcedonia getting pregnant. But right now he was completely dependent on her. So if he were to become a father now, he wouldn’t be able live with the miserable feeling of being a useless dad.

At least,

At least, even if not one Calcedonia’s level, he wanted enough economic standing to be able to shoulder his own family.

Marriage with Calcedonia, and then the intimate skinship, it could’ve waited after that.

In it’s essence, it was nothing but a man’s stupid pride and wanting to show off. But Tatsumi wanted to do it.

But suddenly, after only their second day of cohabitation, he was invited to the bed by Calcedonia. It was completely out of his expectations.

Calcedonia herself should not be unaware of the matters between men and women.

Female servants of the temple of Savaiv, the Priestesses had the duty to to help bring newborn children to earth safely, in other words, they had to serve as midwives.

Savaiv was the God of Marriage. He was also the God of the treasures called children. Helping deliver a newborn safely to this world, and blessing the child was a very important duty for priests of the Savaiv temple.

For that, the female servants or priestesses of the temple would go through some training, in other words, they’d take up sex ed classes. The arrangement of receiving a baby, the conduct of a man and a woman to give birth to a baby, and finally how to safely deliver that baby, these were all thought to the women of the temple by their female class seniors.
Of course this world had no scientific and medically proven knowledge like modern day Japan, but it had a load ton of past experience and wisdom that came from knowledge. So utilizing that experience and wisdom, the priestesses were taught to be midwives.

Actually, while Tatsumi may not know this, Calcedonia has never served as a midwife. But she served as a helper to the midwife numerous times.

So there’s no way that Calcedonia didn’t know what it meant for a man and woman to share a bed.

But, as Tatsumi once again looked at her.

Right now it seemed like all she wanted was to sleep with Tatsumi on the same bed.

She had been nurturing an ambition from her past life as a Cockatiel, to sleep near her master.

Of course, she herself was a bit expectant. That sooner or later, she would intertwined her body with her master. And with her body she will bare his child.

But for now rather than that expectation, she gave more priority to her ambition.

Tatsumi saw her ruby red eyes sparkling like a child, and the ahoge on her head swing left and right like a dogs tail.

After seeing that, he felt like an idiot for over thinking.

Calcedonia really was just seeking to sleep together.

Certainly it would be a regret if they couldn’t go further than that.

But for now what she wanted to do most was sleeping together on the same bed, hugging and cuddling, and feeling each other’s tempareture.

That’s why, Tatsumi softly nodded at Calcedonia who’s eyes were sparking with expectations.
Tatsumi and Calcedonia ate their dinner after bathing in turns.

Then they once again went to the room with the giant bed.

Yesterday, he was thinking of making this the drawing room in case visitors came, but from today onward it would be the couples’ master bedroom.

Today, they wouldn’t go farther than sleeping. They changed into their thin nightwear and lied down onto the giant bed.

Calcedonia was a bit shy, while being a lot happy.

Tatsumi was completely red, and in the end he was too embarrassed to look at Calcedonia directly.

But even so, they’re gazes crossed each other and they smiled gently.

“Well then, I’ll turn off the lights okay?”

At Calcedonia’s small mutter, the magic <<Glow>> was dispelled.

The room suddenly became pitch black, but after a while their eyes adjusted.

In the darkness, Calcedonia’s silhouette abruptly floated up in Tatsumi’s mind.

Well, both of them were gripping each other’s hand, and were under the blanket.

Right now, it was the season of the ocean in this kingdom. It seemed to be the spring of this world. After, it would be the short season of the sun and season of good harvest, followed by the long season of dusk.

Right now this blanket was enough for them. But when the cold comes, they would need one with a number of animal and monster hides to make a new blanket. Calcedonia slowly continued their pillow talk like this.

In the dark, where they could only faintly see each other’s silhouette, they continued to calm converse.

They talked about their past life, the life Calcedonia lead after coming to this world, and about their future hopes.

In this peaceful and enjoyable moment, they even forgot the passage of time/

Soon they both started to doze off, and suddenly Calcedonia glued her body to Tatsumi’s.

Because of the warm and soft sensation of Calcedonia’s body, Tatsumi fell even deeper into a daze.

Calcedonia put her head on the nape of Tatsumi’s neck. She happily rubbed her head there a few times, and soon started to slowly let out a satisfied giggle.


After she too gradually fell asleep.

Cockatiel had their own habits when sleeping. In order to not let heat escape from the parts of their body which were not covered by feathers, they tilted their heads so their beaks would be in the bank of their necks, and they folded in their legs into the feathers of their abdomen. Like this they circled up into a ball like shape.

Seeing Calcedonia like this, Tatsumi remembered about the past.


—–In the end Chiiko is still the same old Chiiko.

While thinking that with a dozy mind, he too soon fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, Tatsumi suddenly felt an impact on his abdomen, and woke up.

The room was still pitch black. He started to search for the wristwatch he put near his pillow but the faint moonlight coming through the window ascertained it was still night.

The wristwatch says it was only 2AM. They fell asleep when it was a bit more then 10PM.

Normally, the people of this world went to sleep after the sun set and it was dark, and they woke up when the sun rose.

That was because this world had no illumination like Earth, and as long as there weren’t any magicians that could use <Light Orb> like Calcedonia in the household, they would usually go to sleep when it went dark.

The reason why it took till 10PM for them to fall asleep was because they chatted about this and that. According to this world’s standards they stayed awake quite late into the night.

After confirming the time, Tatsumi then looked at his abdomen.

He saw a white rod like thing lying on top of his belly, he could see it even in the darkness.

“….What in the…?”

Maybe he was delusional as he was half asleep, but he could clearly see there were fingers attached to the white rod.

There was a clear feeling of touch from those fingers, so he became even more confused about the identity of the rod. This time, he tried to touch the rod himself.

It had a silky smooth texture with a soft touch, and it was also somewhat lukewarm.

Because the softness felt so good, he subconsciously started to rub the rod.

As he was doing that, there was a small squeak that came from beside. Of course, it was Calcedonia.

But it wasn’t like her usual cold voice, but a seductive voice like a moan. It was then that Tatsumi figured out the white rods identity.

A leg.

It was Calcedonia’s leg, and it was on his abdomen.

Her clothes were almost folded up to the upper end of her thighs, so even in the dark he could confirm that almost 90% of her leg was out in the open.

He almost let out a surprised scream but then hurriedly stopped himself.

But then he was suddenly hit hard on the face.

“…The heck…wait, a hand??”

Even with teary eyes, he could see what hit his face.

It seems like Calcedonia’s hand send a direct jab at his face.

He gently pushed aside the hand that hit him, and then also did the same with her leg.

But then Calcedonia turned over and, and her leg sent a second round of attacks of Tatsumi.

Tatsumi rotated his body in haste, and narrowly escaped the path of the leg.

He concentrated in the dark to give a keener glance at Calcedonia, but she was sleeping peacefully as usual. No, she was totally in her dreamland.

“W-Wait, does she…does she always toss and turn like this on her sleep…?”

Tatsumi stated the obvious. And then suddenly Calcedonia’s body turned over in the opposite direction of Tatsumi.

If by chance the lights were on at this moment, Tatsumi would be able to see her completely exposed legs, her bottom half in underwear, her disheveled upper half with a completely open valley of abundance. But luckily the lights were out.


“Could it be……..the real reason why Giuseppe ordered such a huge bed was…….?”

As her Grandfather, it wasn’t strange if he knew about Calcedonia’s weird sleeping posture.

And because he knew how bad it was, he decided to send a giant bed to them.

As long as the bed was this big, there was no chance of Calcedonia falling over, and he would have enough space to escape the collision when Calcedonia turned over.

While apologizing to Giuseppe in his mind for his earlier suspicion, he went to a corner of the bed, curled up, and fell asleep.

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