Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

24) Chapter 75.2 ♬

Chapter 75 Part 2:

Chu Ci wanted to find some comfort, he suddenly found that he was looking for the wrong person. The system knew too much, every sentence was a fact, and the facts were often more hurt. He wasn’t comforted, and the system’s words were like pour oil on the fire, made him even more irritated.

Can I really stay if being marked?

Chu Ci thought about it and asked, “How to be marked? Can I be marked even if I’m not a beastman?”

The system affirmed, “Yes. Beastmans are a bit more powerful than humans in marking. They can mark humans and beastmans, and you humans can only mark omega of the human race. As for the way they marking, it’s simple saliva mark, which is much easier than the human race. After you kissed with him for five minutes, the marking will successful. So don’t look at the fact that they are a tall and strong person. Because the marking is too easy, the other half is a very serious matter. As a result, their emotional life is always blank before they grow to adulthood.”

“Saliva mark?” Chu Ci suddenly recalled the situation when they doing the deed, and muttered, “We doing it for so long, did he has never kissed me? Why do I feel that we have kissed?”

Chu Ci tried hard to dig up his memories. But Lian Cen really started directly after throwing him into the bed because of the fierce rut, there was no other action, leading him to be immersed in the pain and suffering, other things all left vague memories.

Thinking of the way of marking, Chu Ci understood clearly in his heart.

Kissing was very simple. He now slept on the same bed with Lian Cen. He doesn’t know if he could secretly do a trick.

Chu Ci happily planned his own things in the room.

When Lian Cen came back at night, he saw Chu Ci sat on the bed smirking while playing with his grains.

He didn’t forget what Lian Shan told him when he came back. He slowly walked to the bedside and looked down at the man on the bed, “Did you very happy to see your old lover?”

Chu Ci didn’t notice that Lian Cen was back because he was discussing his plan with the system. The voice suddenly sounded from the top of his head startled him, and he immediately snapped out of it.

He put away the grains pouch in the bed and smiled, “Oh, you’re back.” He glanced at the other person’s mouth from time to time.

He had asked the system about it. The saliva of the little peacock was also acceptable. Since the human form was more dangerous, it was better to take liberties with the little peacock. Anyway, the two memories of them doesn’t intercommunicate.

Lian Cen saw this man was ignoring what he had just asked and was more certain of Lian Shan’s words. He said with a sullen face, “I heard from Lian Shan that you meet that Lu Qing today.” He paused for a moment and continued, “Also chatting very happily?”

Chu Ci twitched his mouth. The system said the beastman race possessed the strong possessiveness. Even if the other half was not marked, they had the same possessiveness. He didn’t expect that little demon Lian Shan really went to Lian Cen to make a report!

He quickly denied, “No, no! I just said ordinary greeting to him! After all, he had taken care of me before. I can’t ignore him and didn’t even say hello when meet.”

Lian Cen was not satisfied with Chu Ci’s reply, saying faintly, “The ordinary greeting need to be called darling?”

He didn’t expect that Lian Shan to make such a careful report!

Chu Ci’s face collapsed and admitted his mistake, “It’s my previous habit, I won’t do it next time.”

Lian Cen was satisfied with this, “Don’t in touch with him in the future.”

Chu Ci quickly nodded and said, “Absolutely not!” He doesn’t want to meet this man.

At the same time, he asked happily in his mind, “System, does this mean that I’m unlikely to be handed over? He won’t let me meet Lu Qing.”

The system said, “It seems yes. But it’s possible that your previous lover came here not for you, so I haven’t mention this matter yet.”

Chu Ci said self-paralysis, “Don’t say, I won’t listen!”

At night, Chu Ci kept himself awake after Lian Cen lying down, until something pecked him, which meant that the man beside him had changed back to the little peacock.

Chu Ci immediately sat up excitedly.

The little peacock Lian Cen looked at Chu Ci’s obscene smile and tilted its head in doubt.

Chu Ci leaned in front of the little peacock Lian Cen and pouted his mouth, “Come, give brother five minutes kiss.” At this time, he could take a lot advantage.

Although the crisis was not there for the time being, Chu Ci felt that he had to proceed with the matter of marking.

The little peacock saw the man getting more and more close, and suddenly pecked at his raised mouth, before immediately jumped aside and looked at him with its head tilted.

Chu Ci withdrew with pain. He looked at the little peacock’s pointed beak, he felt disheartened and took a handful of grains to bring it back.

Only now he remembered that he forgot to consider the problem of Lian Cen’s beast-shaped mouth. The mouths of birds and other animals were different. It was too difficult to kiss.

Moreover, the little peacock Lian Cen obviously doesn’t like this way with him.

Chu Ci looked at the sharp mouth of the little peacock, and couldn’t think of a solution.

After hesitating for a while, he decided to forget about it for now. Anyway, Lian Cen had no intention of handing him over for the time being, so just put it on hold, he could think of another way.

After Chu Ci fed the little peacock Lian Cen, the two snuggled and fell asleep.

Chu Ci had a dream in which he did indescribable things in bed with other targets besides Lian Cen.

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