Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

24) Chapter 57.2 ♬

Chapter 57 Part 2:

What the empress said was indeed true, but it seemed that only Moqi Sui who had amnesia knew about the matter of them eating and sleeping together in the Bie Courtyard. And then it was Luo Mei. According to Chu Ci’s understanding of Luo Mei, this girl just liked to seek a high position, but she wouldn’t do anything to betray. She now had the crown prince, it was impossible for her to come to the empress to report. The main point was that it doesn’t have any benefit to her. Could it be that the little secret that he worked hard to hide was just groundlessly spoke out by the empress?

The empress’ answer made Moqi Sui suddenly at a loss for a moment. But after thinking carefully, he woke up and solved all doubts. Only in this way would he still had an inexplicable trust and favorable impression at this person even after losing that part of memory.

Moqi Sui nodded in agreement and said, “It turns out there is still such a thing. However, can Mother-empress hand him over to this son to handle? After all, this is my private matter. This son is now the crown prince. If even the people in my palace need Mother-empress to discipline, I’m afraid that outsiders will gossip that this son can’t manage even the people in his palace, and unable to govern the whole world.”

Moqi Sui had already mentioned this, the empress had no excuse to keep the person stay behind. The body of the emperor was getting worse by the day. It was unworthy to have a falling out with Moqi Sui for a little eunuch.

She nodded and said, “Sui’er is right, then this person will be taken back to you to handle.”

Moqi Sui didn’t forget to say, “Thanks Mother-empress for your cooperate.”

Chu Ci felt joy in his heart. He never expected that he could return to the crown prince’s palace again. It was good as long as Moqi Sui settled this problem.

Chu Ci who was still complaining about Moqi Sui before, suddenly lost all his bad mood, and his view of Moqi Sui also began to change. But he was not completely safe. Now he had changed from worrying about the safety of his life into thinking about how to explain this to Moqi Sui. If he just stated that this was how the relationship between the two of them, this person may not be able to accept it.

The little eunuch’s matter came to an end, and the two people also had nothing to talk about.

The queen thought for a while, before suddenly mentioned the matter that the emperor had explained to her.

“Ah, I forgot to tell you something. You are now an adult, and your Imperial Father has chosen the crown princess consort for you during your illness. The daughter of Senior Official He, He Ruoshu.”

Chu Ci felt that his mood was fluctuating ups and downs today. What Moqi Yan said when he left the Bie Courtyard was still fulfilled. He just walked out one problem and now came another one.

Moqi Sui obviously doesn’t like this matter. He frowned and said, “This son have just woken up from muddled, and will be busy with government affairs. I’m afraid that I have no time for the matter of getting married. Moreover, Imperial Father is seriously ill. It seems that the current situation is not suitable for marriage.”

Chu Ci was applauding Moqi Sui in his heart. He liked such an opinionated man!

Moqi Shan at the side actually ridiculed, “I heard that Senior Official He’s daughter is not so good-looking. Is Imperial Big Brother refuse to even see her?”

The empress wished Moqi Sui doesn’t marry anyone in her heart. The partner that the emperor chose for this son would definitely very helpful to him in the future. No matter who, she would make this man’s wings more plump. Her son would be leave more and more far away. In her view, everything was possible as long as the emperor was healthy. However, she could only smile and said, “This is your Imperial Father’s decision. If you don’t want to marry, it’s best to tell your Imperial Father before the decree of marriage come down.”

[Your majesty has arrived—]

The empress had just mentioned this to Moqi Sui when they heard the eunuch’s announcement from outside. They quickly got up to greet him.

Chu Ci was sent to the door by Moqi Sui in this gap.

When Moqi Yan saw Moqi Sui, he said happily, “Sui’er is also here, but what are you discussing?”

The empress immediately smiled and said, “Your majesty, this child Sui’er said he didn’t want to get married.”

Moqi Yan turned his head and looked at Moqi Sui with a smile, “Why not? Don’t tell me there only that girl Xiyue in your heart?”

Moqi Sui explained, “This matter has nothing to do with Xiyue. There are still a lot of things to deal with. Moreover, this son is more worried about your healthy than getting married.”

After hearing this, Moqi Yan smiled and waved his hand, “My body suddenly recovered a lot after I saw you last time. It has been good recently. If you are worried that the girl from the He family is not what you want, you can change it. Let the empress call her to the palace, you can meet her first. The decree of marriage will depend on you, and I will wait until you nod your head before send it out.”

On the side, Moqi Shan also persuaded, “Imperial Father has already said so, you are agree, right? It’s until you meet a girl that you fancy.”

Moqi Sui nodded his head after saw that his delay was successful.

Chu Ci was at the door. It was not far away, and he could hear the chatter and laughter in the room. He inadvertently heard the conversation of the people inside clearly. After the matter of Xiang Xiyue, there was also the matter of the future crown princess consort now. But he was relatively a lot more calm. According to the current development, what he should pay attention to was how to restore this person’s heart. However, at such a critical moment, he actually couldn’t contact the system!

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