Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

24) Chapter 38.1 ♬

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Chapter 38: I’m A Vegetative Person in Online Game (2.13)


Translator: Mimi

Chui Yan looked at the silver banknotes on the table, he picked it up and put it in the bag. At the same time, he opened the guild channel to look at Chu Ci’s location. It was indeed in the guild territory.

Chu Ci entered the guild territory, he thought it would be much quieter, but he didn’t expect that the clarity of the sound he heard inside was higher than what he heard when he stood in Bailu building.

The sky of the guild territory was just like the high-quality sound system that he used in the previous world.

Chu Ci looked at the sky and said to himself: So why do I go to the back hall to eavesdrop every time?

He used to follow out every time Chui Yan went out before, and no one could enter Bailu building when Chui Yan was away, so this was the first time he found that as long as the sound within Bailu building, it could be heard in the guild territory.

The last time Bai Yimeng came, he always thought it was Chui Yan’s special setting for her.

“The big shot Chui Yan, you can go online at last. I brought my wife to get married~. Although we carry the tokens, I still want to ask if your mandarin duck colored glass waist pendant is for sale? I will buy it for 10,000 yuan.”

“That thing is not for sale.”

“Is the price low? Then you say how much it is.”

“That waist pendant is not for sale. If you like, you can collect a few spiritual butterflies and stone marrows. I will help you make another one.”

“Don’t make things difficult for Chui Yan, maybe his waist pendant has a special meaning.”

“Oh, wife, are you talking about his beautiful little disciple? I remembered that many materials of this waist pendant were digging by the little disciple. Understand, I will go to collect the materials.”

Chu Ci has used to be regard as women and paired up with his master. He proudly said in his heart: I will definitely scare you to death when I go out now to speak.

He was still very confident in his voice, even if he was mistaken for a woman, the truth will definitely be revealed as soon as he speak.

As the two people’s chat, today first married couple was announced in the World.

Chu Ci let out a snort toward the sky, of course, the object was Chui Yan.

Chui Yan said that Bai Yimeng was addicted to the game, he himself also no difference. Because of the matchmaker’s work, he doesn’t immediately take care of his own emotional life, and also doesn’t go to retrieve the girlfriend he broke up with. It was him the outside who was worry here.

Chu Ci sat cross-legged on the ground as he watched one after another of the marriage’s announcements brushing past in the World. There was a constant noise in his ears. He knew that the man in Bailu building was still busy.

He really hope that the real Matchmaker could hurry up come to replace Chui Yan today.

“Chui Yan, I have something to tell you, also take me to the guild.”

Just as Chu Ci was boring, he suddenly heard a familiar sound. This sound was subtle in a bunch of noisy voices, but he still heard it.

Chu Ci immediately pricked up his ears, he was sure that Bai Yimeng’s voice had just appeared.

But it disappeared in an instant, and Chui Yan has not spoken, as the World still quickly jumped out of the marriage notice.

Obviously, Chui Yan was still busy with the matchmaker’s work. This person can’t be so angry to Bai Yimeng that he ignore her when she appeared, right?

Chu Ci waited for a while and still didn’t hear the voice just a moment ago.

Could it be his hallucination?

“Sorry, please all players who already married leave Bailu building as soon as possible. I need to close the door to solve the personal matter.”

Chu Ci who waiting for Bai Yimeng to speak again heard Chui Yan’s voice.

[World] Breeze: I just saw Yi’s Dream in Bailu building. She came to find Chui Yan, said that she has a personal matter to discuss. Then the big shot Chui Yan closed the door and stopped doing business.

[World] Golden Tree: I seems to smell gossip.

[World] Solution: I seems not heard any relationship between the two people? I also don’t believe that Yi’s Dream and Chui Yan are in relationship. I would rather believe that Yi’s Dream and Red Moon have an affair. The person who the big shot Chui Yan likes is his little disciple.

[World] Ninth Heaven: The big shot Chui Yan treasured his little disciple. I just asked him to sell his waist pendant to me, and he refused to sell it. I’m afraid it would be given to the little disciple in the future. By the way, I’m collecting the spiritual butterfly and stone marrow. Just private chat me for the price of buying.

[World] Blizzard: I bet that Ou Emperor would wear the waist pendant and get married with the big shot Chui Yan in the near future, betting a mao!

[World] Fragrant Creek: Betting two mao.

[World] Chu Ci: I bet two waist pendants for I won’t wear the waist pendant and get married to my master!

Chu Ci looked at the World to be sure that Bai Yimeng had come to Bailu building. In the good mood, he made a joke with these people in the World.

The noisy sound from the Bailu building slowly disappeared after Chui Yan’s words, and the guild territory regained its calm.

“When you continuously didn’t answer my phone call, I thought you ignore me.” This was Bai Yimeng’s voice, which still carried the coquettish tone.

After Bai Yimeng openly parted away with Intoxicated Heart, she immediately went offline and called Lu Jiang on the phone. She didn’t expect that the other party wouldn’t answer. The two of them never have such a situation even since they were together. Bai Yimeng couldn’t help but get panic and went online to see if he was in the game.

Seeing him there, she hurriedly came over.

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