Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

24) Chapter 13 ♬

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Chapter 13: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.13)


Translator: Mimi

After closed the door behind him, Xuan Lin said, “Take a nap with me today.” His words were full of exhaustion.

Chu Ci doesn’t like to take a nap, because he doesn’t know whether he could complete the nine missions and also doesn’t know whether he would fail in the first few missions. At the moment, every minute and every second was picked up, he really doesn’t want to waste too much time in sleeping. After all, if his mission failed, he could sleep forever.

Xuan Lin lied down on the bed and looked at Chu Ci. When he saw his hesitation, he let out a sigh.

“We are actually the same person, when his feeling hurt, it also affects me. Therefore, my Doctor An, can you give me a hug today?”

After speaking, Xuan Lin opened his arms.

Xuan Lin’s words reminded Chu Ci that although the Little Wild-flower and the Little White-flower have different personality, their memories seemed to be interlinked and they had to compromise. Anyway, he only need to accompany him slept today.

“Okay.” Chu Ci nodded his head. He automatically ignored Xuan Lin’s open arms and changed his clothes, before lied down on the other side of the bed.

Xuan Lin leaned his body on a side and smiled at the person beside him, “Come closer.”

“Oh.” Chu Ci shifted his body. Previously, in order to prevent the sudden appearance of the Small White-flower from feeling uncomfortable, he began to subconsciously keep a little distance from Xuan Lin’s body.

“All right?”

“En.” Xuan Lin suddenly stretched out his hand and pulled him into his warm embrace. He only used a bit strength, it was not too tight.

Chu Ci was hold by Xuan Lin in this way, he nestled in this man’s arms and blinked his eyes, before said, “Is it really so uncomfortable?”

“Yes, I even begin to share his emotions.”

“That’s just right, you also go to relax, and properly pay attention to your body. I’m sure that Yu Shuyao would regret it in the future.”

Although Chu Ci doesn’t like to take a nap, but after reclined on the soft bed, it didn’t take long time before he fell asleep.

One hour later, he opened his eyes. At the moment, Xuan Lin had long been woke up and was sitting there looking at his cellphone.

“Go pack your things, we will go on vacation today.” Xuan Lin lightly said after saw the person beside him woke up.

As soon as he heard the words of vacation, Chi Ci’s eyes immediately brightened and his whole person was sober. He sat up and said happily, “So fast? Where are you plan to go?”

Xuan Lin said mysteriously, “You will know when we arrive.”

As this man doesn’t tell him anything, Chu Ci can only imagine the resort. When he was a radish, he also went to various resorts. There were really a lot of beauty at that place. If the Little White-flower or the Little Wild-flower took a fancy to someone, he would immediately go to tie the person over to give at Xuan Lin.

Thinking of his bright future, Chu Ci quickly jumped from the bed to the floor, and then took out all their suitcases.

“I’ll packed the clothes that you want to bring. You can just sit down!”

“Just keep it simple.”


When Chu Ci walked out of the room with Xuan Lin while holding a suitcase in his hand, he found that the housekeeper’s work efficiency was very high. In two hours, all Yu Shuyao’s items at home have been replaced, and the Xuan family had a clear fragrance of the single man.

The housekeeper looked at the two people dragging their suitcase, he couldn’t help but ask in concern, “Young Master, this is?”

Xuan Lin replied in a similar but not entirely the same way of speaking as the Little White-flower, “I want to go on vacation in advance for a few days to relax. You can rest assured, I will take Doctor An with me. Remember to not allow anyone to stay or come in the house after I leave.”

“Okay, Young Master.” The housekeeper understood and nodded his head, then he looked at Chu Ci and said, “Doctor An, please take care of the young master.”

Chu Ci nodded his head and said, “Housekeeper, you can rest assured, I will bring back Xuan Lin completely healthy.”

After finished handing over the home’s affairs, the two men walked out of the door.

Just after they stepped out of the mansion, Xuan Lin saw the car parked in the courtyard and wrinkled his eyebrows. That car belonged to Yu Shuyao. She didn’t take it away when she left.

The housekeeper behind him quickly explained, “Young Master, this car is too expensive, the people didn’t dare to take it. I have found the key from the room, and I want to ask you how to deal with it.”

Xuan Lin walked to his car, he merely gave that car a glance and said, “Just sell it casually.” After speaking, he sat in.

Chu Ci only felt disgusted at Yu Shuyao, but he didn’t loath these dead things. He looked around the car before followed Xuan Lin into the car. He knew from An Hong’s memory that this car was quite expensive. He can only afford such a car with An Hong’s salary as Xuan Lin’s private doctor for ten years.

He couldn’t help but mutter, “How about give it to me, I dare to take it.” If this kind of thing was given to him, he would hide it when he was going to leave. In the future, after he succeed became demon, he would come back to find it.

Xuan Lin looked at him helplessly, “Doesn’t it somewhat devalued to give her car to you to use?”

Chu Ci pursed up his lips, he really hate Yu Shuyao.

Xuan Lin couldn’t help but reach out his hand and touched Chu Ci’s head, “You deserve better.”

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