Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

23) Chapter 75.1 ♬

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Chapter 75: Marked by Beastman (4.12)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci could only pretend that he didn’t see Lian Shan’s expression of anger for Lian Cen. He hasn’t other way. If he well-behaved, this person who had together with Qin An for a long time, might found out that he was not himself. It was even more troublesome to explain than Chu Ci.

After sized him up, Lu Qing suddenly went close in front of him to sniff, and then his hand pulled Chu Ci, made him and Chu Ci in a very ambiguous posture. He whispered in Chu Ci’s ear, “You have already grow to adulthood for nearly a month. Are you about in rut? If you kneel down and beg me now, I can find you a beta at the Jiu Chi to help you through the upcoming estrus period.”

After speaking, Lu Qing retreated and winked, “Carefully think about it.”

The Jiu Chi was the most chaotic place in D region. It was more chaotic than the ancient brothel. The beta inside could be imagined.

Chu Ci narrowed his eyes and was unwilling to show weakness, “But I prefer my Qingqing darling.”

Lian Shan looked at two old lovers with bad complexion, saying, “Mr. Lu Qing, Sir Lian Cen is waiting for you.” Although he doesn’t like this human alpha, he wanted to protect Sir Lian Cen’s dignity and reputation.

Being urged by Lian Shan, Lu Qing immediately turned his head and smiled, “Old friends meet, can’t help but chat a few words.” Then he bent the corner of his mouth and said to Chu Ci, “Let’s talk again when you are free.”

Chu Ci saw Lian Shan was going to leave, remembering his original intention to come out, he quickly said, “Where is my breakfast, I’m almost starve to death.”

Lian Shan looked at him with an obvious bad expression and said, “You wait here and don’t go around, I will let someone take you.” After he finished speaking, he make a phone call while walking away.

Chu Ci frowned as he watching them left. Lu Qing’s words seemed to open a difficult matter that he was thrown aside.

Although the system had informed him about this in advance, he completely didn’t put this matter to himself. Now Lu Qing mentioned it, he suddenly felt that he should also seriously consider it. The information about alpha’s rut in Qin An’s memories stated that any alpha would show their first rut in the first month of adulthood. This body was one week away from a month, which means he had at most seven days left.

When alpha in rut, he would emitting pheromone to seek the surroundings omega, and then do the indescribable things. This was the best solution. Once the relationship occurred and doing the irresistible mark, the estrus period would pass. If there was no omega, one could only use beta instead. But, alpha couldn’t mark beta when he has sexual relationship with them, so alpha would have an uncontrollable estrus period every month.

As Chu Ci thinking about the issue of estrus period, he suddenly remembered something. What did Lu Qing do here? He could still clearly see from Qin An’s memories the murderous eyes of Lu Qing when he learned that Qin An was entangled with many omega.

“Mr. Chu, Sir Lian Shan asked me to take you to the place to eat.”

Suddenly, the female voice interrupted Chu Ci’s thoughts. He seemed to have a glimpse, could it be that a beastman race attacked him. He threw the matter aside and followed away.

Chu Ci was taken to a larger room. The long table inside could seat dozens of people, but it did not become inferior because of the number of people, rather a little spectacular.

Anyway, it was a lot more luxurious than the place where he ate last time. It seemed to be a dining room dedicated to the Lian family.

Chu Ci couldn’t help saying curiously, “Why I don’t go to the previous place?”

The girl smiled and said, “The status is different, of course the treatment will be different.”

“Tsk tsk!” Chu Ci looked at the rich food on the table and said, “Lian Cen really honors his words.”

After Chu Ci sat down, the girl who led the way left.

Chu Ci’s worries temporarily disappeared when he saw these things. After all, only after he ate his fill, he has the mood to thinking about the next problem.

Almost all the things on the table were wiped out by himself, and then he returned to his room following the way he came.

On the way back, he had begun to worry about his next fate.

At that time, Lu Qing hated him so much. Seeing he was living well now, would he demand him back from Lian Cen, and then slowly vent the hate in his heart.

Qin An’s memories told him that although the human race and the beastman race were peaceful but it was the result of the efforts of both parties maintained it. He doesn’t think Lian Cen would be on the dispute with the big shot of D region for him.

Chu Ci secretly scolded Qin An scum in his heart.

The more he thought, the more uneasy he was. He quickly called the system out.

“System, quickly tell me Lian Cen’s current situation should be inseparable from me within a year, right?”

The system calmly said, “Yes. But the current situation shows that he can be so intimate with you without marking you, and it also explains a problem: no matter which human alpha sleeps with Lian Cen, it can make his animal form depends on him, so you are not the only one. So if you leave, he can go find someone else to do it again, then that person can completely replace your position. The only way you can really stay is to be marked by Lian Cen.”

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