Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

23) Chapter 57.1 ♬

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Chapter 57: I Became Eunuch (3.11)


Translator: Mimi

When Chu Ci heard this sentence from Moqi Sui, he immediately terrified, and suddenly began to regret his previous tantrums. He should knowing his place as a eunuch.

Thinking of what he had experience these days, he was very regret.

He didn’t expect that it would be so troublesome to like someone. If he had known earlier, he shouldn’t be fascinated by beauty at that time and directly started from Xiang Xiyue, matchmaking the female lead with the target as before. Compared with the previous two worlds, this method was obviously the easiest to succeed in this world. As long as he told her that the target would recover and become the emperor, it wouldn’t be so eventful now. He could also be an eunuch with peace of mind.

After the two people in the sleeping quarters had a few more words, Moqi Shan was ready to go back. He walked out of the door and looked at the little eunuch who was there, he said with a smile, “Come with me, Empress has a request.”

Chu Ci lowered his head and walked behind him with resigned look, but he was thinking about how likely he was to survive in his heart. People with the status of empress generally like to bestow poisonous wine. He may still be able to stay alive after took a cup of poisonous wine with his primordial spirit.

Before leaving, Chu Ci subconsciously glanced into the room, and suddenly found that Moqi Sui was behind him.

Moqi Shan felt that the person behind him paused and looked back curiously, but found Moqi Sui unknowingly came to the door with him.

He immediately smiled and said, “Imperial Big Brother doesn’t have to see me off. Your body just well, it’s better to get a good rest.”

Instead Moqi Sui came out and smiled, “I’m afraid that Second Brother is misunderstand. Since you are going to Mother-empress’ palace, I want to go to there with you. Although my body has just recovered, I still have to go to Mother-empress’ palace to pay respects.” After speaking, Moqi Sui glanced at Chu Ci and said, “By the way, I also want to listen to what this An Ning has done. I have just recovered, so I guess it should be done during my illness. If he did something wrong for me, it should be my responsibility.”

Chu Ci had originally downhearted because of Moqi Sui’s previous attitude. After he heard Moqi Sui said this sentence, he was excited and wanted to shake the leaves on his head. He said how could His Highness the crown prince who was smart and nice in Luo Mei’s eyes watched him die without being aware of it.

Moqi Shan didn’t care for what matter his mother wanted to find a little eunuch. Seeing Moqi Sui wanted to go, he nodded his head and said, “Let’s go.”

Then the originally two people turned into three people.

Chu Ci walked behind, listening to the idly conversation between the two princes with different thoughts in front of him. He silently acted as an air. However, he didn’t forget that there was something waiting for him from the empress. As long as this matter didn’t settle, he couldn’t be at ease. He had seen a lot matters of people being secretly killed in the imperial palace before, the means were more than a poison. The empress could do that kind of thing to other without a problem.

At the same time, he was also calling the system non-stop. But the system didn’t respond as always.

Chu Ci was a little want to cry but had no tears. His heart began to more and more loathe this ancient life without human rights. Anyway, he never wanted to come here again after this world was done.

Soon three people arrived to the empress’ palace.

As a person who was about to be charged with crimes, Chu Ci had to kneel again as soon as he entered the door, without looking clearly at the true appearance of the legendary empress.

The empress didn’t expect that Moqi Sui would come with this little eunuch. She couldn’t help but feel she was miscalculate.

When Moqi Sui saw the empress, he just bent his waist and made a small courtesy, “This son is pay respects late, ask Mother-empress for forgiveness.”

The crown prince was here, the empress had no time to take care of a little eunuch for the time being. Her son missed the throne because Moqi Sui suddenly woke up. Although she was angry and annoyed at the person in front of her, but on the surface, she still looked lovingly at Moqi Sui and said, “Sui’er doesn’t need to be too polite. Is your body completely recover?”

Moqi Sui nodded and said, “Thank you for Mother-empress’ concern. This son is now in good health, and there is no problem.”

Chu Ci was listening to these people’s chat. Although he was worried about his own encounter, but it doesn’t hinder him to feel he was being ignore. He had lived for so long, the thing that he doesn’t understand the most was the fight and scheme in the imperial palace.

He didn’t expect that the empress had not taken the initiative to mention his matter. Moqi Sui actually the one who spoke first.

Moqi Sui didn’t have much to talk with the empress. He pointed to the little eunuch who had given cold-shoulder at the side and said, “This son also want to hear what offend An Ning has done. After all, he is the person in my palace. As the master, this son should also know the inside story.”

Chu Ci softhearted and inexplicably moved.

The empress originally wanted to give the eunuch cold-shoulder. When Moqi Sui was about to leave, she would detain him used the reason that the matter was unclear, and then privately disposed this person who spoiled her plan. She didn’t expect that Moqi Sui would so meticulous for a little eunuch. However, she couldn’t say the real reason. She suddenly recall that the crown prince was no longer remember the things in the Bie Courtyard, and couldn’t help but feel happy in her heart. She directly pointed to the kneeling person at the side and scolded, “I heard that this servant is eating and living with you when you are in the Bie Courtyard. He is just a little eunuch, and actually dare to be so bold!”

Chu Ci affirmed that the empress doesn’t dare to tell the real reason, but she could always find an accusation.

He originally still thought about what crime the empress would give him, but he never expected that she would say this. He was almost going to swear in anger.

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