Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

23) Chapter 12.2 ♬

Chapter 12 Part 2:

“Before dark, the two of you...must get out of the Xuan family.” The silent Xuan Lin said this sentence through gritted teeth, before stood up and turned his head to take a glance at the two people, and then he right away went upstairs.

Chu Ci was able to tell from the tone of his speech that it was the Little White-flower who speaking to Yu Shuyao to get out.

“Xuan Lin! You really misunderstand! He Wen and I really don’t like what you thought!” Yu Shuyao seemed unwilling to be driven out of the Xuan family, and still wanted to explain.

“We have been together for so long, don’t you believe me?”

Xuan Lin didn’t return his head and said coldly, “I remember, you have been together in high school.”

For a moment, Yu Shuyao even forgot to quibble. She completely didn’t expect Xuan Lin to know so early.

Xuan Lin’s words made Chu Ci both headache and a little bit relaxed. Since the last affair, as the radish with a conscience, he hoped that Xuan Lin would come out of this woman’s trap for the rest of his remain time. At the moment, he finally came out. At the same time, it also meant that he himself was about to face the danger of fail his mission.

Chu Ci quickly followed up. Although the Little White-flower said so, but he still worried about what foolish thing he would do.

“Shuyao, since he already know our relationship, let’s just be together openly. I have enough of these years’ sneaky.”

He Wen’s comforted voice came from behind.

Chu Ci snorted coldly and went upstairs.

The door of Xuan Lin’s room upstairs was open, and Chu Ci walked into the room. The room was dark, but Xuan Lin could still be seen standing in front of the window while looked outside.

Chu Ci slowly walked over. At the moment, he doesn’t know how to comfort the Little White-flower, and can only accompany him to prevent him from doing anything out of the ordinary. Although he knew that this person wouldn’t die, he was still worry he wounded because of that unworthy person.

Under the window was the courtyard. There were three cars parked in front of the mansion. At this moment, he saw He Wen was holding Yu Shuyao’s hand while led her to his sports car.

Yu Shuyao turned her head to look in their direction before entered the car. Fortunately, the glass was special, the situation inside could not be seen from outside.

The two of them watched He Wen’s car disappear at the gate of Xuan family.

“He at last able to accept the fact.”

Xuan Lin’s cynical voice sounded in the quiet room.

The Little Wild-flower came out.

Chu Ci didn’t have to hold back anymore, and said curiously, “What happened during the time I’m go out?”

The Little Wild-flower pulled Chu Ci out of his room and said casually, “The Little White-flower is thirsty and wants to drink water. There is no water in the room, so he go downstairs to find water to drink. It just happen he accidently see the two of them kissing each other deeply.”

“Kiss?” If he could, Chu Ci really wanted to beat someone now, his anger immediately flare up, and said, “This woman is too tasteless. The thing that she was promised before is utterly rubbish, I just turned around and she actually break it!”

“It seems that you know quite a lot.”

Chu Ci looked at Xuan Lin and said, “Since you know it, I don’t mind telling you the truth. The two of them have been together for a long time. I think you deserve a better person.”

The Little Wild-flower was silent for a while, before said, “Actually, we have long been know, he merely didn’t believe it in the bottom of his heart.”

Speaking of the Little White-flower, Chu Ci couldn’t help but say in concern, “How is he? Will there be any problems?”

Xuan Lin completely doesn’t care, “He certainly be sad for a while, but it wouldn’t be too bad, don’t worry about him.”

Chu Ci didn’t forget his task, and said to probe, “How about let him to meet other girls?” The Little Wild-flower have no possibility of contacting other people every day except for work. Now both personalities were single, he need to develop more opportunities for them simultaneously.

Xuan Lin thought for a while and said, “It’s a little difficult.”

“No, no, no! It’s not difficult.” When Chu Ci saw Xuan Lin didn’t refuse his idea, he quickly said, “How about take this time to go out and meet new people? It should also let him relax.” Conveniently gave you two manufacturing fate. After all, with the attractiveness index and the body that getting better and better, it was impossible for people would be not frequently turning their head back.

Xuan Lin stopped his footsteps and looked at Chu Ci, he seriously thinking of it for a moment, before nodded his head, “Maybe I can try.”

After he went downstairs, Xuan Lin saw the housekeeper tidied up the living room at this time, he said loudly, “Housekeeper, clean the rooms of Yu Shuyao and He Wen, and throw out everything in the home that related to them, don’t leave even one item. Oh yes, for those luxury goods, just give it out. From now on, the Xuan family didn’t have Miss Yu.”

Chu Ci didn’t expect that the Little Wild-flower would be so ruthless, and said somewhat worried, “Don’t you ask his opinion about this?”

“His opinion is reliable and wouldn’t be deceived by this woman for so long, but some things still need me to deal with, and I want to do this for a long time.”

The housekeeper has always been there, although he hasn’t said anything about it, but he also knew everything well. He was looking after Xuan Lin from childhood until he grown up, almost considered to be Xuan Lin’s half-father. Any father who saw his child deceived like this would certainly stand on their side, so his good opinion towards Yu Shuyao already dropped to negative value.

He nodded and said, “I will clean it up today. I hope Young Master pay attention to his health, don’t be too sad. It’s my fault, I should not agree to bring her to Xuan family at that time, bring back a scourge for Young Master.”

Xuan Lin waved his hand and said, “It’s not your fault. I’ll trouble you for the next matter. I need to go to make up for my afternoon nap.” After finished speaking, he pulled Chu Ci into his room.

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