Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

22) Chapter 56.2 ♬

Chapter 56 Part 2:

Moqi Sui gradually walked in. Chu Ci and all other servants knelt down. They watched the feet of the two people passing before their eyes.

Chu Ci didn’t know how time passed, and it was lunch time in the blink of an eye. He dragged by Luo Mei to the dining room.

However, Chu Ci found that although he was hungry, but he had no appetite. He had to give the food to Luo Mei and then returned to the crown prince’s palace.

Just after he entered the gate, he was stopped by Liu Quan.

“An Ning, you are still on duty today. His Highness still like you more nowadays. You have work hard.”

After Liu Quan ordered down, Chu Ci had no choice but to stand at the door of the sleeping quarters. But he tried hard to empty his mind, without listening or watching.

The lunch had arranged in the room and Xiang Xiyue left in a good mood.

When she walked to the door and saw Chu Ci, she was stunned, but she didn’t say anything. Obviously, she was afraid of the person in the room would hear it.

“A-Ci, come in and accompany me to eat.”

Xiang Xiyue just walked away from the room here. Then this man called out his name.

Didn’t he just finish eating with that woman? Why did he want him to accompany his meal?

Chu Ci reluctantly entered the sleeping quarters and subconsciously glanced at the table, only to see that the dishes on the table didn’t seem to be touched.

Are these two people just eating air?

When Moqi Sui saw him came in, he pointed to the position where he sat yesterday and said, “Come, sit here.”

There were two stools beside the table, Moqi Sui sat on one and the other one must be where Xiang Xiyue sat just a moment ago.

Chu Ci sneered in his heart. He was now inexplicably want to drill him with all kinds of horns. But on the surface, he only said, “This servant has already eat lunch.”


Chu Ci’s stomach was extremely uncooperative, he just finished speaking and it began to issue a protest. This voice appeared particularly clear and long in the quiet sleeping quarters.

Moqi Sui was not deaf, of course he heard it. He looked at Chu Ci with a solemn face and said, “Are you lying to me?”

Yes, I just don’t want to eat with you. I don’t want to sit where that woman has been!

Chu Ci said a lot in his heart, but he could only be silent in reality.

Moqi Sui thought for a while, and suddenly said doubtfully, “Are you angry at me?”

Chu Ci continued to say nothing. But his heart was actually different from Moqi Sui’s observation ability, but he still couldn’t speak.

Because he was just a little eunuch now. When Moqi Sui saw the person in front of him had not spoken, he frowned. He was about to say something when Liu Quan suddenly came in.

“His Highness, the second prince is here.”

Moqi Sui looked at the table in front of him and said, “Put away these things, and then let him come in.”


After Liu Quan left, Moqi Sui waved his hand to Chu Ci and said, “You can go out.”

Although Chu Ci was stubborn on the surface, he was actually nervous and worried in his heart. After all, this life may be set in this. When he heard Moqi Sui’s words, he withdrew from the sleeping quarters as if got amnesty.

It didn’t take long for a group of people to come and took away all the food.

Then, Moqi Shan walked in unhurriedly.

When he passed Chu Ci, he said, “You are the little eunuch named An Ning, right?”

Chu Ci replied, “This servant is An Ning.”

Moqi Shan nodded his head and entered the sleeping quarters.

Chu Ci could hear the conversation between the two people inside.

“Congratulations to Imperial Big Brother. Imperial Big Brother can restore his health, it’s not waste Mother-empress’ abstaining from meat and praying to Buddha for you.”

When Chu Ci heard this from outside, he felt it was very hypocritical. Abstaining from meat and praying to Buddha also couldn’t stop this mother from harming the target.

Moqi Sui responded faintly, “Thank you, Second Brother. I heard that Second Brother also often visits me in the Bie Courtyard.”

“That’s what it should be.” Moqi Shan smiled and said, “Mother-empress also asks me to congratulate Imperial Big Brother on her behalf. By the way, I want to ask someone from Imperial Big Brother.”


“The little eunuch named An Ning at the door.”

Chu Ci was still wondering why the second prince asked him that before. Now he understood. He didn’t expect that the empress would fix her attention on him even if he kept his own duty. But after careful consideration, he had thought in his mind.

If he guessed right, he might be summoned by the empress because of the last time drug’s matter. The empress must have known that the drug was unsuccessful. He knew too much, but he was just a little eunuch. The empress must be want to silence him?

Moqi Sui didn’t immediately agree, he said doubtfully, “What did An Ning do?”

Moqi Shan frowned, he thought for a while before saying, “The affairs in the harem are all managed by Mother-empress. I think he must be done something that made Mother-empress angry.”

Although Chu Ci had always been angry with Moqi Sui, but now he couldn’t help but hope that he wouldn’t hand him over easily. Otherwise, this was a way of no return for him.

However Moqi Sui once again disappointed him. Moqi Sui didn’t ask more and directly said, “Okay, Second Brother can take him.”

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