Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

22) Chapter 12.1 ♬

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Chapter 12: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.12)


Translator: Mimi

It was another day of bedtime. Along with the recovery of his health, Xuan Lin’s life rules also changed a bit. Just like now, half an hour has passed from his usual bedtime, but the Little Wild-flower still occupied the body and refused to lie down.

When Chu Ci came out of the bathroom, he looked at him with very envious eyes.

Xuan Lin looked at Chu Ci who lying down beside him and covered in the quilt, he suddenly asked, “What conflict do you have with Yu Shuyao?”

The Little Wild-flower recently liked to chat before sleeping.

Chu Ci already closed his eyes and ready to sleep, he doesn’t open his eyes and said, “What conflict? I didn’t.” Since the last time’s affair, he hasn’t spoken to Yu Shuyao again, how could there be a conflict.

Xuan Lin touched his chin and said, “But yesterday Yu Shuyao suggested him to change the private doctor and told him not to tell you.”

Chu Ci frowned, he finally opened his eyes and looked at Xuan Lin to make sure he didn’t lie.

He absolutely didn’t expect that Yu Shuyao would complain first. You really can’t judge a person by appearance.

Don’t these two people throw him away after used him up?

Chu Ci said with some uncertainty, “So did he agree?”

When Xuan Lin saw Chu Ci nervous appearance, he smiled and said, “He didn’t respond. This matter is up to me to decide, and I didn’t agree.”

Chu Ci said sadly, “If you let your another personality to make a decision, he would definitely agree.” It was a bit sad to think of this.

“I don’t think he would.”

“Are you sure?”

“He likes you very much.”

“Come on, he only likes Yu Shuyao.”

“That’s not necessarily, except for Yu Shuyao this special factor, he would still be influence by me, and I likes you very much.”

Chu Ci held Xuan Lin’s hand and said gratefully, “I’m satisfied with this sentence of you.”

“So easy to move?”

“That’s not, you are special.”

“Hehe, you quite able to amuse people, but I’m very happy.”


Recently, Chu Ci was obsessed with stinky tofu. This thing was shared by an employee when he went to Xuan Lin Public Security. After eating it, he has not fully satisfied. However, Xuan Lin doesn’t like the smell of this food, neither Xuan Lin liked it! Chu Ci who constantly keep this thing in mind, finally got two hours of free time every day from Xuan Lin. During this time, he needn’t revolve around Xuan Lin’s side and could go anywhere he wanted to go.

Chu Ci would take this time to go out and buy stinky tofu. After finished eating, he would go back to Xuan family again. Because he was worried about the two time bombs in the house, he only spent more than half an hour back and forth.

Today, it was weekend. Xuan Lin was rested at home, and Chu Ci specially chose lunch break time to go out.

In front of the small shop to buy stinky tofu at the snack street, there were two men, one strong and one thin, sat at the side of public table with anticipation, couldn’t wait to eat.

Xuan Lin was very nice, as he didn’t have a car, he allowed him to borrow his car and driver. The only requirement was he couldn’t eat this thing in the car. In order not to let the driver waiting for a long time, he invited him to eat together. He didn’t expect that the driver also liked it, so there was scene above.

As always, Chu Ci and the driver wiped out clean two portions of stinky tofu, before walked into the entrance of Xuan family with their whole body relaxed.

The living room of the Xuan family was directly facing the entrance. After opened the door, you can see the sofa in the living room. At this time, Xuan Lin, He Wen and Yu Shuyao were sitting there.

Chu Ci looked at the time on the wall, only half an hour passed after Xuan Lin took a nap.

He changed his shoes and said happily, “Why did you wake up so early today?”

As soon as he spoke, He Wen and Yu Shuyao right away looked up.

There was silence in the living room.

Chu Ci felt it was strange, he walked to Xuan Lin’s side and glanced at him, only then he realized the strangeness.

At this time, Xuan Lin was clenching both of his hands into fists and lowered his head, his body was still trembling. These small details, he couldn’t see it in the distance.

Chu Ci wrinkled his eyebrows in surprise.

Could it be that he sick? Isn’t he much better?

But it was unlikely, if Xuan Lin was sick, Yu Shuyao and He Wen wouldn’t just sit there.

Just in case, Chu Ci still half-squatted down in front of Xuan Lin and put his both hands on Xuan Lin’s shoulders, “What’s wrong with you? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Xuan Lin didn’t raise his head and didn’t give response. His clenched hands suddenly held his head, while his body was still trembling.

“Xuan Lin, you are misunderstand, the thing just a moment ago is merely accident...” Yu Shuyao suddenly said at this time.

The content of Yu Shuyao’s words made Chu Ci felt suffocation. He prayed in his heart that it was not be what he thought. It was impossible for this kind of thing to happen after he walked away only for half an hour, right?

He raised his head and looked at the two people who sitting side by side opposite to Xuan Lin. He Wen was frowned, and Yu Shuyao was at a loss.

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