Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

21) Chapter 56.1 ♬

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Chapter 56: I Became Eunuch (3.10)


Translator: Mimi

After all, Moqi Sui was not the fool now, even if he said these words calmly, there was a feeling of anger and majesty.

Chu Ci’s arrogance was immediately wiped out by the other party. The previous temperament disappeared without a trace. He immediately recognized his identity, then said calmly and respectfully, “This servant is only a gatekeeper in the Bie Courtyard. Every time Xiyue guniang come to see you, she enter inside the room. This servant not dare to eavesdrop or peep at the master’s words.”

The little eunuch’s temperament was sometimes rampant and sometimes vanished, it was all seen by Moqi Sui. The other party’s reason had no flaw, Moqi Sui had no choice but to believe it. He was no longer doubt, and said with a smile, “Probably it’s the effect because of forgetting the memory during that time. I seems to have a kind of unknown trust in you. It seems that you are really good to me before.”

Chu Ci said with a little fear, “His Highness is serious, this thing is this servant’s duty.” However, he had already shouting in his heart.

You guess that I’m good to you, why can’t you be a bit good to me? All kinds of things to help you, I give you whatever you want. After you put on your pants, you don’t recognize people, completely an ungrateful guy.

Moqi Sui could distinguish a person’s expression but couldn’t hear others’ heart. He got up and said, “The weather is so cold, you can go back to sleep. I should also rest.”

“This servant ask to be excused.” Chu Ci slowly withdrew from the sleeping quarters. After he closed the door, he immediately jumped up and ran into his residence. He wouldn’t concern about Moqi Sui first, he just wanted to hide in the quilt to have a good sleep. Only in this way he could in a good mood.

After Chu Ci left, Moqi Sui went to the bedside and looked at the quilt, and then looked at his pillow.

He lay down on the bed first, then held the quilt in his arms according to Chu Ci’s method. However, he still felt something was wrong. The quilt seemed too soft.

Moqi Sui pushed the quilt aside, he pulled out the pillow from under his head and held it into his arms. But he found that it was too small.

He silently returned the pillow to its original position and chose the quilt.

Although the quilt was not particularly to his liking, but it was much better than nothing. Moqi Sui soon fell asleep, but he always felt that the little eunuch named A-Ci concealed something, but there was no evidence.

After a night passed, the news of the crown prince’s recovery had spread throughout the capital city.

Moqi Sui went to the morning court early in the morning.

When Chu Ci woke up, there was no one around. He was at the all-night duty so nobody called him.

He just strolled around the courtyard a circle, before he suddenly patted from behind.

Chu Ci was frighten into trembling, and then turned his head to see.

It was Luo Mei.

“Your courage is quite small.” Luo Mei looked at Chu Ci with a smile, “But you have two tricks. His Highness just forgot all your doing here, and you are freeload at others’ dining table over there. You said that you are like that girl Xiang Xiyue, I also recognize, but you are still an eunuch. When will you freeload on that bed? I tell you that the bed of the crown prince sleeping quarters is larger than that of the Bie Courtyard, and also more comfortable.” After saying this, Luo Mei gave him a ‘you know’ expression.

Chu Ci waved his hand and said, “Either eat or hit by plank, which one will you choose?”

“Won’t, right? I think the crown prince has always been a very good person. How can you say such a thing?”

Chu Ci said helplessly, “Then what reason do you think I have to sit on that table?”

The envy on Luo Mei’s face slowly turned into sympathy. She patted Chu Ci’s shoulder and comforted, “You have working hard.” When she was about to turn her head away to leave, she suddenly thought of something and looked around before saying, “I heard that the emperor’s condition seems to be getting worse, I’m afraid that it won’t be long before…” After speaking until here, she didn’t continue and just vaguely gestured.

In the early morning, Chu Ci’s mood was still good. He couldn’t help but remind, “You’re gossiping like this, it’s going to kill yourself sooner or later.”

Luo Mei actually said as it should be, “You take a look at the others, who don’t gossiping in the palace? I’m belong to a normal person. You who not like gossip is unusual.”

“Don’t chat anymore. His Highness the crown prince has leave the court. Hurriedly go to welcome him.”

A little eunuch suddenly came out and interrupted the chat between the two of them.

Chu Ci tidied up his clothes and rushed to the door of the sleeping quarters with Luo Mei.

Because they came a little late, Chu Ci and Luo Mei stood at the end again. He was happy to be idle, he doesn’t want to see this person for the time being.

Luo Mei actually couldn’t idle for one-quarter of an hour, before whispered, “Tsk tsk, the crown prince actually come back together with that Xiang Xiyue. This woman’s attitude is worse than mine when His Highness was ill.” Then she lowered her voice even more and said, “I heard that she climbed on the second prince. I didn’t expect that she is just a person who goes whichever way the wind blows. This woman want to be an empress? But with her family background, no matter who she is with, she has no opportunity to get the empress position. Sigh, it’s good to look beautiful. You can directly turn from servant into master.”

After hearing Luo Mei’s words, Chu Ci immediately raised his head and looked at the distance. Sure enough, the women who talking and laughing with Moqi Sui was precisely Xiang Xiyue.

Chu Ci originally just had a grudge about the matter of himself being forgotten. Now he saw Moqi Sui was talking and laughing with his true love rival, his eyes were red in an instant.

This scoundrel can forget me, but he ran back with this woman, talked and laughed with her, what’s going on?

Moreover, it looks like a little couple in love are chatting to each other!

Chu Ci was just angry before, and now it turned into a wound. He personally saw Moqi Sui smiled at Xiang Xiyue. It made his heart cold down.

He suddenly wanted to give up. He doesn’t know if it would be too late to give up and matchmaked these two people.

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