Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

21) Chapter 36.2 ♬

Chapter 36 Part 2:

The topic of photos in the World has always remain high.

Chu Ci quickly glanced at the time. It was almost time for Chui Yan to go online. Hopefully, there was no any accident.

It was not easy for him to get these two people settled, but the matter was still critical.

But he maybe used up a lot of luck before, and currently has not yet fully recovered.

Chu Ci prayed for the target to not go online, and then he received a notice here.

[Your friend Chui Yan is online.]


Chu Ci hurriedly got up and ran to the teleportation point. Chui Yan went offline at Bailu building yesterday, he had to block him.

However, just after Chu Ci rushed out of the back hall, he saw Chui Yan looked up at the things discussed in the World. Bai Yimeng’s photos were also appeared from time to time. He afraid that it was out of the question for him wanted Chui Yan overlooked such huge photo.

Chu Ci quickly went up and said angrily, “Master, you are here. I will tell you, these people took this photo and said that it’s the master lady. It has been post all night, I’m infuriate!”

Then Chu Ci said in expectation, “How is Master discuss with the master lady?”

Chui Yan withdrew his line of sight after heard Chu Ci speaking, “No need explanation, she broke up with me.”

Chu Ci was frozen for a moment, his face was as if being struck by a bolt from clear sky.

“What’s the reason? Master, you just agree?”

Chui Yan looked at the World and said, “She told me that she likes Intoxicated Heart and plan to be together with him, so she propose to break up.”

Chu Ci’s whole person felt messy.

He looked up at the satirize sentences in the World, and said doubtfully, “Could it be that she doesn’t know that Intoxicated Heart has likes other person?”

Chui Yan frowned and said, “This is her own business, she could go with him if she likes.”

This is not okay, what should I do if you break up?

Chu Ci quickly said, “Master, didn’t you want to save it?”

Chui Yan said calmly, “Not necessary.”

Chu Ci looked at Chui Yan with bitter face and said faintly, “Then, are you sad?”

Chui Yan didn’t answer but just changed the subject, he said, “Come with me for a stroll.”

It seemed that he still felt sad. It maybe just in a fit of anger?

Chu Ci thought for a while and then nodded his head, “Okay! Where are you going?” He stabilized his emotions before saying that.

Chui Yan didn’t say the specific location, just directly walked outside Bailu building.

Since he doesn’t say, Chu Ci also didn’t ask, he has long been used to this person’s temperament.

Chu Ci has been following Chui Yan outside of Yangzhou City. The target didn’t go to the coachman there, but just walking along a little road.

Chu Ci looked at the back of the person in front of him and suddenly felt a little sorry for him.

If missed this, then he would be alone for a lifetime.

Thinking of this, Chu Ci felt sorry for himself. If Chui Yan and Bai Yimeng’s relationship  was end, in fact, he would follow him as the fellow sufferers.

Chui Yan slowly bypassed a small hillside, and suddenly a large area of water appeared in front of them, as if at the beach.

Chu Ci has been tangled around Chui Yan ever since he entered the game. He never knew there was such a scenery here, and he couldn’t help look distractedly at it.

The two men walked unhurriedly along the shore.

Chu Ci has no experience in breaking up, this kind of thing, and could only silently follow while thinking of various opportunities to make two people reconciled in his mind.

Bai Yimeng requested to break up was definitely because she doesn’t know Intoxicated Heart’s affair.

Sigh, why is this person so anxious?

He only hope that Bai Yimeng’s real contact with the game partner didn’t touch Chui Yan’s bottom line, otherwise he could only cherish the remain decades of his life in this world.

Sigh, why is the mission so hard?

“Do you have someone you likes?” Chui Yan suddenly asked.

Chu Ci quickly shook his head, “Yes, I likes many people.”

I likes beautiful people anyway.

Chui Yan stopped his footsteps and looked at Chu Ci, and finally chose silence.

Chu Ci quickly ran to Chui Yan’s side and patted his shoulder as comfort, “The master lady is just confused by the game and would soon wake up. Don’t be too sad, I think you still have a chance.”

Chui Yan only looked at Chu Ci and didn’t answer.

Suddenly, the World channel jumped out a big photo in the air.

The photo was very artistic: At the beach sunset, a beautiful girl dressed in an emerald green short skirt took large strides and finally pulled the arm of the man waiting for him in front. The two people looked at each other with ‘deep feeling’.

Chu Ci drew the corner of his eyes: This is what he just did.

[World] Gossip Team Leader: I accidentally bumped into Chui Yan and his little disciple’s date. It seems that our big shot Chui Yan’s mundane heart is moved!

[World] Blizzard: This is a powerful combination, I’m support this cp.

[World] Wen Yu: I just said why Ou Emperor didn’t come out to snatch the drop rate recently. It turned out dating with the big shot.

[World] Lady Dushi: A single man and a single woman together, I just say something will happen.

Chu Ci embarrassedly smiled at Chui Yan, “These people really make the repeated rumor becomes a fact.” After speaking, he seemed to think of something and said, “You said that these pictures of the master lady can be fake? The master lady broke up with you can also fake. She probably want you to chase her, then you directly agree.”

“Master, tell me about the situation at that time. I will help you analyze it.”

Chui Yan didn’t reply to him, he took out a pile of materials and put it in Chu Ci’s hands, “Go back and properly make the wedding clothes!”

Then the person disappeared, and it didn’t take long for the system notice to come out.

[Your friend Chui Yan is offline.]

Why is this person so uncooperative!

Missing the peach blossom indeed inflict harm to oneself ah!

Chu Ci hatefully stuffed the wedding clothes materials into the bag, and then used the scroll to return to the city, he was also not happy and didn’t bother to walk back!

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