Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

21) Chapter 107.1 ♬

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Chapter 107: Marriage Falling from the Sky (6.11)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci looked up to Fu Zhi mechanically, he doesn’t understand what he was talking about.

He pondered over this sentence in his mind. While he was still thinking about the meaning of this sentence, Fu Zhi had straightened his body calmly, and then turned to enter the changing room.

Chu Ci watched the door of the changing room slowly closed, until he heard ‘kacha’ sound, only then he returned to his senses. At the same time, there was a sudden flash in his head, thinking about what had happened not long ago.

Was this man let him see that part of Si Yuan?

Fu Zhi was actually taken seriously the excuse that he temporary found when taking a peek?

Chu Ci stood on the original place, a big question mark flashed in his head.

Could it be this man come to the hot spring to satisfy what he lied to him before?

Chu Ci covered his face, this man seemed a little too nice at himself.

He thought about this, he was already certain the meaning of Fu Zhi’s words.


The door of the changing room opened again. Fu Zhi had put on his bathrobe, showing a large piece of his chest, which was not at all conservative like Si Yuan. When he saw Chu Ci, he said doubtfully, “What’s the matter?”

Chu Ci looked at him in a trance, and then realizing suddenly that he had completely forgotten the matter of soaking in the hot spring in order to interpret Fu Zhi’s sentence, and he still stood there dressed neatly.

He quickly rushed to the remain changing room and said, “I’ll change now, you go first.”

Chu Ci closed the door and quickly began to change clothes. Since Fu Zhi helped him so much, he couldn’t fail to live up to his good intention. He would follow his idea to look at it as the last struggle. Even if he didn’t see it, he decided to settle it tonight.

He quickly undressed, and then put on the bath towel and put on the bathrobe.

There was a mirror in the changing room. When Chu Ci saw the ring hanging on his chest, he thought for a while before took it down and put it in the cabinet.

At this time, Fu Zhi walked to edge of the hot spring pool. He looked at Si Yuan who was leaning on the side of the pool with his eyes closed and enjoying soaked in the water. He raised his eyebrows, then also took off his robe and entered the water.

When Si Yuan heard the sound of water, he opened his eyes and looked at him. After seeing Fu Zhi, he looked behind him.

After making sure that Ye Xin hadn’t come yet, he quickly called out to Fu Zhi, “Come here, I have something to tell you.”

Fu Zhi sat down on the opposite side, he leaned to the side with the appearance of completely didn’t want to move place and said, “If you have something to say, just say it directly.”

“Tsk!” Si Yuan saw that Fu Zhi doesn’t give him face, he used his trump card, saying, “It’s about Ye Xin.”

Sure enough, Fu Zhi who was originally going to close his eyes to enjoy the hot spring, immediately looked at him, looking very interesting.

Seeing Fu Zhi just like he expected, he raised the eyebrows and said, “Come here, I won’t say it when Ye Xin come in.”

Fu Zhi stood up, completely without resistance just a moment ago, and walked steadily to the side of Si Yuan.

Si Yuan whispered while paying attention to the entrance, “Don’t waste your feelings on him anymore, he wasn’t that person fourteen years ago.”

Fu Zhi pursed his lips and said, “You needn’t worry about this, I said that it’s just an ordinary classmate relationship with him.”

Just from Fu Zhi brought the person here, Si Yuan doesn’t believe Fu Zhi’s words.

The reason why this person doesn’t admit it was that his feelings were still vague.

Then he had to wipe it out while it was still vague.

Si Yuan whispered, “I think Ye Xin likes me.” His tone was faintly showing off.

However, Fu Zhi said straightforwardly, “Impossible.” After all, he already asked that person this question before he came to this place.

Si Yuan obviously knew that Fu Zhi wouldn’t believe it and said proudly, “How about made a bet? If I win, you have to stay away from him. It’s best to let him live in the attic after we returns.”

The mist on the surface of the hot spring water and the dim light made it difficult to see Fu Zhi’s expression clearly.

Only “En.” sound came through in the air.

Fu Zhi expressed self-confidence and Si Yuan heard compromise.

Da da da—

Chu Ci was wrapped in the bathrobe as he arrived slowly while dragging his wooden shoes. The outdoor was a little cold. However, this temperature was the most suitable for soaking in the hot spring.

Si Yuan beamingly looked at the person who finally appeared, and whispered to the man beside him, “Didn’t you see the look on his eyes as he looked on me before, Si Ying looked at you with the same expression in her eyes.”

Fu Zhi ignored Si Yuan and looked up at Chu Ci, waiting for the gambling that was said by Si Yuan.

Chu Ci looked strangely at the two people who were soaking side by side in the hot spring. When he came in, the two of them looked at him at the same time as if there was something.

Thinking of his purpose, he quickly tossed this thought aside and looked at the water, trying to see what he wanted to see through there.

He couldn’t fail to live up to Fu Zhi’s good intention.

However, the light was too dim, in addition of the steam and the night, he could only see the hazy area of water.

Chu Ci frowned, and sighed faintly.

Sure enough, it was not easy to see that thing.

Forget it, let’s take a bath first before thinking about the solution again.

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