Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

20) Chapter 73.2 ♬

Chapter 73 Part 2:

He clung to the bed firmly and said, “How about after a few days? I will move over after I’m in good health. I’m now a patient who has no strength to get out of bed, where there is strength to move place ah.” Anyway, he could drag it momentary, so he could think about what to do next. He didn’t want to do that things again in a short time.

Lian Cen frowned and no longer said anything. He directly reached out to pull away the quilt wrapped in Chu Ci.

Chu Ci used both hands to grasp the sheets and forgot the quilt on his body. When the quilt was lifted, his eyes widened. He trembled and said, “You…what are you doing? I’m not in good health now…”

Before his words fell, Lian Cen leaned down and directly carrying him up, “I will take you there.”


All the words that Chu Ci wanted to say were forced back into his stomach by Lian Cen’s sentence.

He inexplicably shouted in his mind, “System, why is Lian Cen doing this?”

The system said, “Obviously, princess-carried you to his room.”

Just after they went outside the room, someone passed by. When that person saw Sir Lian Cen and a human alpha so intimate, he startled into speechless.

Chu Ci was not struggling to be held by Lian Cen. When he was about to go to Lian Cen’s room, he still couldn’t help saying, “I’m not in good health yet. I refuse to do that things with you. I won’t do it!”

Lian Cen’s eyes that originally looked at the road ahead, suddenly looked down at him and said, “Are you thinking about that?”

Chu Ci stunned, he doesn’t understand the meaning of Lian Cen’s words. He frowned and said, “Otherwise?”

Lian Cen pursed his lips and said, “Rest assured, the estrus period has passed, we no need to do that in a short time. But, I can reluctantly accompany you if you want me.”

Chu Ci was originally still awkward. After hearing Lian Cen’s words, he instantly became active and quickly said, “No, no, no. I also don’t need it in a short time.” It was best to not need it later!”

Since they were not going to do that kind of thing, Chu Ci got curious and said, “Then, what am I going to do go to your place? Sleeping on the floor? I still feel comfortable sleeping in bed.”

Lian Cen pulled his forehead and gritted his teeth, “Sleep in bed!”

The two men returned to the main house under the surprised gaze of outsiders.

Lian Cen put the man directly on the big bed where he was sleeping and said, “Just continue to rest.”

Chu Ci was relieved, he rolled around on the bed a circle before satisfying, “Is my status promoted?”

“Yes.” Lian Cen told the truth generously.

Chu Ci looked at Lian Cen and said happily in his mind, “System, is this man fall in love with me?”

The system this time actually said somewhat lack in confidence, “You feel it yourself, I don’t understand the target, I can’t guess.”

“Hehehe.” It doesn’t matter for Chu Ci whether it was true or false, anyway, his relationship with Lian Cen was indeed escalating.

The two of them had just settled in the house, when someone knocked on the door, and then someone came in with Lian Cen’s dinner.

Chu Ci was hungry for two days and only had a bowl of porridge, his reaction to eat was relatively large. He looked at Lian Cen with a greedy look, “Did dinner have my share? I’m very hungry and I will die by eating only a bowl of porridge a night, okay? I want to eat meat.”

Lian Cen said, “You need to take it slowly.” After speaking, he took another bowl from the tray that had just brought in and walked to the bedside, “You eat this.”

Chu Ci glanced at another bowl of porridge.

He pouted his mouth and said, “If you want the horse to run, you have to let the horse eating the grass. This is the last bowl, I’m going to have a big meal tomorrow.”


After Chu Ci finished the porridge, Lian Cen threw a pouch to him and said, “You hold this.”

Chu Ci doubtfully looked at the delicate pouch in his hand and wondered, “What? Is this a token of love?”

Lian Cen said, “Grains.”


After dinner, Lian Cen was ready to go to bed early after the bath. His daily routine actually still the same as before.

When Chu Ci saw Lian Cen preparing to take off his clothes to go to bed, his eyes began to wander around.

He remembered that this man had always slept in clothes before, why he sleep naked today? Suddenly there was a kind of feeling that an immortal who placing oneself above the common populace became an ordinary folk after together with human.

Chu Ci’s heart suddenly startled: He doesn’t swindle me, right? Trick me to go here and then do that kind of thing?

He had dropped into a pit once, he would never fall a second time!

Chu Ci quietly pulled some distance with Lian Cen, always guarding against this person’s misbehavior. But, as he was listening to the breathing sounds of the man beside him to guard against him, he fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, Chu Ci felt that his face was poking by something. He opened his eyes confusedly.

His two eyes suddenly met a pair of small black eyes, followed by a bird’s beak, and a bunch of beautiful feathers on the head, like a crown.


Chu Ci stared blankly at the peacock that pecking on himself, his face was at a loss.

Is Lian Cen’s mysophobia gone? Or, is this the character distorted after estrus period? He actually secretly took the peacock to the bed?

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