Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

20) Chapter 55.2 ♬

Chapter 55 Part 2:

Since the target wanted him to eat, he was no longer worry about anything. Chu Ci picked up the chopsticks and very naturally started to eat. He was actually hungry himself, and the food on the table seemed much better and more luxurious than what he ate in the Bie Courtyard.

Moqi Sui looked at the eunuch named A-Ci start to eat, and suddenly felt that he should eat like this, and his appetite suddenly came back.

They were eating without speaking. One master and one servant sat at the same table and had a meal quietly.

After the meal, the table was cleaned up by others, and Chu Ci continued to be on duty at the door as if nothing had happened.

Moqi Sui was not the same as before, he doesn’t directly rest after eating, and also had to deal with government affairs.

The two people, one inside and one outside, staying until late at night.

Chu Ci’s mood was sometimes good and sometimes bad because of Moqi Sui’s affairs, so he scolded the other party from head to toe.

You have forgotten me, what are you unaccustomed to?

Chu Ci was still a little hurt now, and temporary had no mood to consider what to do next.

Anyway, waiting until his anger over before saying again.

“System?” He called the system boringly.

However, the system was still busy and didn’t pay attention to him.

In the sleeping quarters, Moqi Sui felt that it was about the time to go to bed to rest. He also felt a little tired. Most of the things on the bed were moved from the Bie Courtyard.

He was very naturally take off the outer garment himself. But when he lay down on the bed and closed his eyes, he realized that although he was sleepy, he couldn’t sleep at all. After turning around, he couldn’t help but sit up.

“A-Ci, come in.”

Moqi Sui shouted, and waiting for a while, but he found that there was no movement outside. He could only got up.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw the little eunuch was sitting at the side of the door. He seemed to have fallen asleep against the door frame.

Moqi Sui had to recall in his mind that there was really such an eunuch in the palace? Every time he looked at his appearance, there was a hint of forbearance. Even if the person had just entered the palace when he was teenager, he learned from Liu Quan that he was now in his thirties.

Thinking of this, Moqi Sui leaned in with full of interest and poked this man’s face with his finger, the age was quite old but looked still young.

Although Chu Ci was a person who assigned to be on all-night duty, but he had been living well since he was with Moqi Sui. Not to mention all-night duty, he even took a nap for a while at midday. Therefore, at the time when Moqi Sui usually slept, he couldn’t help but get sleepy, and fell asleep not long after leaning against the wall.

When he felt that someone was poking his face, he half-squinted his eyes and looked at the person in front of him. He unconsciously reached out his hand and touched Moqi Sui’s face, “Don’t make trouble, it’s not yet dawn.”

Moqi Sui was dazed by this sudden tone, he narrowed his eyes and seemed to be thinking about something.

After thinking for a while, he raised his hand and pinched this person’s face.

Chu Ci opened his eyes in pain. He just raised his hand to swat away the hand on his face, when he saw Moqi Sui’s half-smiled eyes, and his head instantly sobered.

Moqi Sui was no longer a fool. At the moment, he was facing a crown prince.

Chu Ci quickly withdrew his hand and pretended to wipe his face, and then stood up.

Moqi Sui didn’t overlook any of Chu Ci’s small movements. Seeing him woke up, he also retracted his teasing thoughts.

He raised his head and looked at outside, he said, “Come in and talk to me. I want to hear what happened during my illness.”

Chu Ci looked at Moqi Sui in puzzled. He said in his heart: Is this person sleep less time after his head recover? It’s so late and he actually not sleepy at all?

Although he thought this in his heart, he still obediently followed Moqi Sui into the room. The inside was much warmer.

Moqi Sui sat down on the seat, and he stood beside him.

Moqi Sui drank the tea and said, “Could I have insomnia in the Bie Courtyard?”

Chu Ci said, “Reply to His Highness, you have been sleeping until dawn in the Bie Courtyard.” Like a pig.

It seemed that this person had insomnia because of changed place?

Moqi Sui said doubtfully, “Do I have any sleeping habit? I finds that no matter how I am lying in bed, it’s a little difficult to fall asleep. I always feel that there is something missing.”

Chu Ci immediately understood after heard this, Moqi Sui was holding him to sleep in the Bie Courtyard every day. He secretly bite and said, “His Highness likes to hold pillow to sleep.”

“Oh~” Moqi Sui nodded his head and said, “Like what you said, I indeed feel there is something missing in the arms. But I just has a pillow, how can I hold it to fall asleep?”

Chu Ci said, “His Highness can also hold the quilt, it’s the same.” At this moment, Chu Ci’s heart was still a little proud. He didn’t expect this person to remember these small habits even if he had no memory when he was ill.

Moqi Sui nodded and said, “It seems that I should be married. Does Xiyue good to me during the illness?”

Haha. Chu Ci’s mood that just warmed up fell to the bottom again. He snorted coldly in his heart before saying, “This servant doesn’t know.”

“You don’t know?” Moqi Sui raised his eyebrows and looked at Chu Ci. Just now, this person seemed to be angry.

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