Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

20) Chapter 11.1 ♬

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Chapter 11: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.11)


Translator: Mimi

Xuan Lin walked to the bedside and stared at the round quilt in the bed. He said with somewhat unbelievable, “It seems to be come from this quilt.”

Chu Ci’s heart was nervous, and his brain was rotated quickly. He moved the quilt to prevent Xuan Lin from touched it and then pretended to say with ridicule, “Yeah, do you not change the quilt for a long time? It’s smelly.”

The Little White-flower was so shy, he shouldn’t understand what this smell, right?

Xuan Lin wrinkled his eyebrows, and then took a few steps back with somewhat disgusted expression. He walked to the door again, seemed unable to accept that the bed he had just slept in would smell.

Seeing that he had escaped the disaster, Chu Ci looked at the person who had disappeared at the door and looked at the quilt on the bed again. After thinking about it, he quickly went out and pulled the curtains open even more when he passed the window.

Chu Ci had just walked out of the room, when He Wen and Yu Shuyao on the other side also left the room one after the other. The two of them have been properly tidied up, and from their appearance, it was as if nothing happened.

Chu Ci’s good impression because of Yu Shuyao’s appearance were completely worn away. At the moment, he felt rejection from the bottom of his heart toward these two people.

Yu Shuyao secretly looked at Chu Ci, and then focused her attention on Xuan Lin.

She smiled and walked to Xuan Lin’s side, “Why are you come back earlier today?”

Of course, the Little White-flower was in a good mood when he saw the person that he liked, and said gently, “An Hong urged me.”

Chu Ci turned his gaze to the ceiling, he doesn’t want to speak.

Yu Shuyao also roughly knew An Hong’s current thought and didn’t ask him, rather let out a proper smile and then took the initiative to help Xuan Lin went downstairs. Her natural appearance seemed to be completely unaffected by what had just happened, or she was acting again.

Chu Ci and He Wen walked behind the two of them. He Wen looked at him meaningfully without saying a word.

After he went downstairs, Chu Ci was looking for the housekeeper. He wanted to secretly let him clean Xuan Lin’s room, especially the bed. Anyway, he was disgusted. Sleeping there at night may be uncomfortable.

“Housekeeper, throw all the things on my bed. Then let someone clean every corner of the room.”

“Okay, Young Master.”

Before Chu Ci was able to open his mouth, Xuan Lin already ordered the housekeeper in front of everyone.

Yu Shuyao’s body was obviously stiff, before she pretended to say calmly, “What’s wrong?”

Xuan Lin sat down on his seat and calmly said, “It’s nothing, I just think the room hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, so I want the housekeeper to clean it up.”

After heard Xuan Lin’s answer, Yu Shuyao showed a relaxed expression on her face, while He Wen looked at Xuan Lin meaningfully.

Everyone eating this dinner with their own thoughts.

After dinner, Xuan Lin stayed in the living room for a while and then ready to go upstairs.

Chu Ci quickly followed.

“An Hong, I have something to ask you. Can you wait for a moment before go up?” Yu Shuyao suddenly said from behind him.

Chu Ci reluctantly looked at Yu Shuyao who suddenly called him and then looked at Xuan Lin who had stepped on the stairs. He didn’t want to talk to this person.

Xuan Lin doesn’t oppose it and said, “Then you can come up later.”

“Okay.” Chu Ci turned around and walked toward Yu Shuyao’s direction. This person called him to stay must be because of the matter just a moment ago.

When he near Yu Shuyao, she whispered, “Let’s speak outside.”

Chu Ci lightly let out a ‘en’ sound and then followed her to go outside. The tip of his nose smelt the perfume on the other person’s body, and felt a bit uncomfortable. This smell seemed to be sprayed on after left Xuan Lin’s room.

He Wen, the other main character of this affair, actually didn’t follow them out.

After confirmed the surrounding safety, Yu Shuyao stopped her footsteps and turned her head to look at An Hong.

“You are not allowed to tell Xuan Lin about what happened just now.” Her tone was very tough, Chu Ci completely couldn’t see her usual weak appearance.

Chu Ci felt somewhat uncomfortable with her tone while she ordered this, so he deliberately retorted, “What if I want to tell Xuan Lin?”

Yu Shuyao glared at Chu Ci and bit her lip. She was speechless for a moment, before her attitude suddenly changed as her soft eyes were covered by a layer of mist in an instant.

“I’m together with He Wen when I was in high school. A few days ago, the doctor diagnosed that Xuan Lin have one year to live at most, so I can’t be with him.”

Chu Ci looked at Yu Shuyao calmly, he was unmoved by the false tears in her eyes.

However, he didn’t expect Yu Shuyao to know this secret. Judging from the situation of the Little White-flower’s proposal last time, Yu Shuyao must be already knew Xuan Lin’s condition at that time.

When Yu Shuyao saw An Hong didn’t respond, she continued, “Even if you hate me, at least consider it for Xuan Lin. He is pretty good to you. Do you want him to spend his remain one year time unhappy because of this matter? You should know clearly how much he likes me, if he knows the truth, and his old illness recurs, can you take this responsibility?”

Chu Ci looked at the woman who was clearly already at her wit’s end in front of him and said with a cold face, “Since you know his physical condition, then why are you not knowing your place and do this? You keep on saying Xuan Lin is good, but you have been doing this kind of disgusting thing behind him, can’t you bear it even for a year? It’s really not good, then it couldn’t go outside?”

Yu Shuyao pursed up her lips and said, “As long as you don’t tell it, I swear that I will keep my distance from He Wen in the next one year.”

Chu Ci completely didn’t believe the woman in front of him. She even went to his boyfriend’s room to rolling in the sheets with other people. What he could trust in her words? However, his current position can only threatened verbally, he definitely can’t tell Xuan Lin. After all, it was still himself who suffer the most from it.

He pretended to sigh helplessly, “I hope this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.” He didn’t wait for Yu Shuyao to answer, before went back to the house.

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