Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

2) Chapter 82.2 ♬

Chapter 82 Part 2:

When the bullet pierced Ji He’s heart, Luo Fu thought that Ji He was dead this time. However, the man who had been struggle on whilst at death’s door for two days in the ward was not only woke up, but it didn’t look like he was fatally injured.

Luo Fu was taken aback for a moment, and his arrogance just a moment ago immediately disappeared. At the same time, he said be a yes-man, “Are you all right?”

Chu Ci said calmly, “I’m fine. What’s the matter for you so urgently find me?”

Luo Fu’s brains turned and he immediately remembered a matter that could be report back, “I just received the news that Yu Xiangming died. He was shot.”

Chu Ci frowned slightly, the moment he heard Yu Xiangming’s name, the memories of him flooded up. He was Yu Yuan’s father.

When Luo Fu saw the boss’s attention shifted, he continued, “Now the Yu family has become a mess. It’s said that his only successor, Yu Yuan, that is his son, also missing inexplicably after his death. The Shi family and the Long family have started to act now, want to take advantage of the chaos to divide the power of Yu family. Shall we also do something?”

All the information about the Yu family in Chu Ci’s mind came out, he quickly scanned it.

Ji He seemed to be very optimistic about the Yu family, not only because of Yu Xiangming, but also his subordinates, all of them were very sincere. And he had long anticipated that Yu Xiangming would be killed. Chu Ci said directly based on Ji He’s judgment, “Don’t participate.”

Luo Fu saw Ji He vetoed, he didn’t object and directly agreed, “Okay.”

Chu Ci watched with satisfaction as he took a group of people away again.

After this incident, Chu Ci was full of admiration for Ji He, and he could be an idol. At the Ji family, there was no objection to anything he saying, and everyone had completely confidence in his judgments and decisions.

After Chu Ci saw Luo Fu left, he quickly asked the system, “System, Yu Yuan is really missing? You should be able to find out where he is, right?”

The system had just determined the target’s movement and then directly said, “The Long family didn’t want the Yu family stable, so after killing Yu Xiangming, they ordered the other party to take the target away. Now the target is in the Yang Market.”

Every time Chu Ci heard an unfamiliar word, the memories of Ji He related to it would automatically emerge.

The black market in this world was of course indispensable. The Yang Market was a part of the black market and was a place specialist to buying and selling people.

Chu Ci frowned, he didn’t expect Lian Cen of this world to fall to that end. He said doubtfully, “Is this okay? He is the successor of the Yu family, why the black market dare to trade him?”

The system said, “Yu Yuan is well protected by his father, so no one has seen him. Therefore, even if he is sold in the black market, most people won’t recognize him, unless the Yu family comes. However, the Yu family is busy to fix their people feelings now. How can they come here?”

Chu Ci touched his chin and said, “It seems that this time’s target should be really good-looking.”

The system reminded, “The target will be auctioned tonight, I suggest you to go quickly. His original life trajectory was to be bought by the Long family tonight, and then fell in love with the head of the Long family, Long Ling. Only after being exploited by Long Ling, he learned the truth about his father’s death. He was killed afterwards, which can be said to be very miserable.”

Chu Ci originally wanted to take a rest. After hearing the system’s words, he immediately got out of the bed.

“You said that there was no female lead, as it turns out because the female lead has not yet appeared, which made me happy for nothing.”

The system quickly defended, “More than this ah, originally the target should be secretly in love with the female lead in his childhood. The current development has become that although he has seen the female lead when he was a child, he is completely not interested in that woman. But, I can’t guarantee that the target won’t be moved after he was saved by the female lead. Therefore, I kindly reminds you.”

Chu Ci had no choice but to give him face and said, “Thanks. When I go to the Demon Realm, I will certainly let my partner properly thanks you.”

The system froze for a moment, thinking of a certain person, he said subconsciously, “I can’t accept it.”

The subordinates and the doctor at the door saw the deadly wounded Ji He came out of the ward with a refreshing look. They were shocked but afraid to say anything.

Chu Ci glanced at them and said calmly, “Get the car ready, I’m going to the black market.”

“Yes!” The other party ran out and prepared immediately.

Chu Ci returned to his master bedroom according to the memories.

He stood in front of the mirror and looked at his appearance while wearing clothes. There was only one scar left at the gunshot wound in his chest. The appearance of this body was completely different style from the previous world. Although the 32 years old was a bit old, but his face didn’t leave any traces. This cold face had a special distinctive flavor.

Chu Ci walked out of the room in the eyes of his amazement subordinates, and then stepped on the prepared car.

With this kind of identity, he certainly couldn’t go out alone, especially since he just experienced the attack.

Chu Ci was surrounded by several big men, all dressed up reservedly.


Since it was called the black market, it was certainly not a place that appeared on the bright side. It was below the largest shopping mall in the B province.

At the entrance of the black market, Chu Ci immediately enjoyed the convenience brought by this body identity.

Since Ji He was one of the four major forces in the B City, the relationship with the black market was definitely not shallow. He was invited into a special passage just after entering the entrance, and used a single-person elevator.

The elevator went directly to the lowest floor of the black market: Negative sixth floor.

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