Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

2) Chapter 64.2 ♬

Chapter 64 Part 2:

“Where’s feel uncomfortable? To be able to wake up with such serious injuries, your life is really big ah!”

Chu Ci grinned and said, “Nowhere.” His body had almost restored by his primordial spirit.

He had just finished speaking, when someone came in at the door. After the female doctor nodded at the man who came, the man stepped forward and said, “In that case, please tell us your residence, so I can arrange someone to send you home, and this is our compensation.”

A check was stuffed in Chu Ci’s hand.

Chu Ci blinked his eyes.

Are they plan to send me off like this? That won’t work!

Chu Ci returned the check to the other party’s hand and said with a gentle tone, “I’m fine, and I don’t need this thing, I just hope you can let me thanks the master of your family, such as a big person like him actually willing to care about the life and death of insignificant person like me.”

The other party just put the check on Chu Ci’s knee and then alienatingly stood aside, saying, “Sir tell me that if you’re okay, you can just leave, no need to express thanks. Moreover, Sir brought you back because he doesn’t want to invite trouble. Beastman who is in human territory, even if he accidentally hit an insignificant person to die, it will cause a bad influence if found by someone.” After finished speaking, the two big men beside the man walked to the front of the bed, seemed to be ready to rush him.

The man continued, “Please tell me your address, we will send people to take you home.”

Chu Ci learned from his memory that alpha was the strongest among human beings, but he came out short in front of the beastmans. In front of these big men, he seemed to be unable to fight back.

Chu Ci quickly began to think a way, he must stay! When he got up from the bed, his whole person suddenly shook, then he coughed violently.

The big mans who were about to take him away looked at each other and had to let him go. The person who was instructed them frowned and said, “Dr. Jiang, you diagnose and treat him again. Sir said to let him leave after he well. Since he is still not good, stay for the time being.” After speaking, the man soon left.

The woman called Dr. Jiang sized up Chu Ci and said, “Even if you are an alpha, you are very weak in front of beastmans, so if you plan to hook Sir Lian Cen, you had better save it.”

Chu Ci ignored her and lay back on the bed, but he secretly asked the system, “Am I very obvious?”

The system ridiculed, “The excuse of you want to see Lian Cen is really bad!”

Dr. Jiang saw him acting stupid there, and left with a scornful smile.

Chu Ci immediately sat up casually after he heard the person was gone.

“It seems that people in this world are not rejection to homosexual love.”

The system suddenly realized and said, “Why do I always feel that I come to chat with you every day.”

Chu Ci lay down on the bed again and said, “I had just come, there is no friend and can only find you for a pastime. If you want to have some personal time, tell me where Lian Cen is now, and how can I see him?”

This time, the system actually said without the slightest hesitation, “He is not at home now, he has gone out to handle affairs. I don’t know when he will come. If you want to see him, it may be possible at night.”

“Oh~” Chu Ci crossed his legs and said proudly, “Then I will secretly go out to find him at night.”

The system said, “I find you are getting more and more bad.”

Chu Ci said proudly, “It is necessary for people to grow.” Moreover, in order to pursue my future wife, there must be some change. The latter sentence could only be said in his heart, he couldn’t tell his findings before the system took the initiative to say this secret.

He thought for a while and said, “System, is there any way to make Lian Cen let me stay?”

The system was silent for a while and said, “I also don’t know. Since the fate has changed, we have been unable to predict what will happen in the future. Even the target’s mind is hard to guess.”

Seeing that he couldn’t dig anything out of the system, Chu Ci gave up.

“Okay, I’ll figure it out myself.”

The sky was getting dark. Chu Ci found that although that person said that he wouldn’t let him see Lian Cen, no one was standing at the door of his room. Under the guidance of the system, he arrived to the front of Lian Cen’s room.

Chu Ci found that the role of the system was probably to find a way.

He stood at the door, and took a deep breath before raising his hand. He doesn’t know why he was inexplicably nervous.

When he was about to knock the door, the door suddenly opened from the inside.

Lian Cen looked at the person standing at the door and then retracted his line of sight, he said indifferently, “Since you’re well, you can leave.”

Chu Ci drew the corner of his lips, and said with a smile on his face, “My name is Chu Ci, I specially came to thank Sir Lian Cen for save my life.”

Lian Cen didn’t care about what this person said. But, his hand that was about to close the door suddenly paused when he heard him introduce himself. He lifted his eyes and looked at the person at the door, his eyes flashed a trace of doubt.

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