Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

2) Chapter 140.2 ♬

Chapter 140 Part 2:

Since the system was so sure, Chu Ci obediently followed the guards to the room that the man said belonged to him, and then the guards retreated, leaving him with that gorgeously dressed man.

He could know from Zhuang Nan’s memory that this man was the brothel keeper of the South Wind Building.

The brothel keeper sized Chu Ci up and said, “Since you’re quiet down, it means that you accept the facts. In the future, you just forget your original name and change your name to Qiu Shui.”

· *‘Qiu Shui’ -- limpid autumn waters.

Qiu Shui?

Chu Ci was a bit dislike it.

Since he had to change the name, it was better to change it to his original name.

Chu Ci smiled at the person before him and said, “I want to be called Chu Ci.”

“Hehe.” The brothel keeper raised his eyebrows and chuckled, “Worthy of a cultured person. Chu Ci just Chu Ci then, it sounds good.”

After deciding his name, the brothel keeper said while pointing to the direction of the bed, “There are clothes on the bed that you are going to wear today, you can change into it yourself. After a while, I will let someone to put on your makeup. Today is the day to auction your first night.” Then he smiled widely and stepped forward to hold Chu Ci’s face, saying, “This face will definitely be the top place in here. If you do a good job, I promise that I will never treat you badly. The people here are eating and drinking well. It’s much better than your family broken house, am I right?”

Chu Ci was not Zhuang Nan, so he obediently nodded and said, “Yes.”

The brothel keeper looked at him with satisfaction, “This way, only then charming.”

After the brothel keeper left, Chu Ci immediately walked to the bedside and looked at the clothes on the bed.

“Tsk!” Chu Ci stretched out two fingers to pick up the clothes and said, “Even transparent, what kind of clothes is this?”

Chu Ci thought of his man and immediately asked the system, “Did he find me come to this world? Can he rush over to the auction of my first night?”

The system hesitated and said, “Not yet, I just found out that he has been in a Closed Door Training for a year. But rest assured, he will go out tonight. Moreover, every time he goes out, he will first determine whether you have come, so rest assured, he will definitely meet you tonight.”

Chu Ci quickly changed his clothes and looked at his legs under the yarn clothes, saying with a smile, “He has better come earlier.”

“Young Master? I’ve come to put on your makeup.”

At this moment, the door was knocked, and of course the boy’s voice rang outside.

Chu Ci replied, “Come in.”

He directly sat in front of the dressing table.

After sitting down, Chu Ci saw what he looked like in the bronze mirror.

Growing up to this appearance, no wonder you will be sold to pay off the debt, the best quality.

Chu Ci looked at himself from left to right, letting the person behind him doing his hair and then his face.

After about an incense stick of time, Chu Ci looked at the mirror again. His original fairy-like face was painted into a seductive demoness, even he himself a bit dazzling after seeing it.

“Young Master looks really good, there will certainly be a lot of high official and noble persons fighting over you tonight.”

Chu Ci drew the corner of his mouth, reluctantly accepting the compliment of the person behind him.

The time very quickly came to night.

Chu Ci stayed alone in the room, looking out of the room window from time to time.

The outside was getting more and more lively, there were more and more people staying around the South Wind Building, and many people still come by sedan chair.

“This world’s customs are really open.”

Chu Ci had nothing to do, he turned around in the room and then lay down on the bed, lifting one leg over the other.

“System, is the auction of my first night about to start?”

“Yeah, there’s roughly half an incense stick of time left before it starting.”

Chu Ci couldn’t help saying, “Is my darling here?”

“No, he just came out of the Closed Door Training, there’s still time.”

Chu Ci shook his legs, thinking in his head that if Zi Yan just happened to see him at the auction, would he buy himself? Would he have money?

If he had been taken away, would this person snatched him?

Of course, if it was possible, it would be better for him to handle it today. Wasn’t it a pity not to make good use of it after he dressed like this?

“Chu Ci? Are you ready? It will be your turn on stage soon.” It was the brothel keeper’s voice.

Chu Ci grunted and got up from the bed. He straightened his clothes and said, “Okay, I will immediately come.”

After he skillfully threw a coquettish glance at the mirror, he twisted his waist and went out.

Chu Ci followed the brothel keeper to the stage in the hall. There were soft yarns hanging around the stage, no one outside could see clearly the appearance of the people inside.


Just after he came out of the Closed Door Training, Zi Yan saw the disciples of the Clear Mountain waiting outside.

“Congratulations to the elder for coming out of the Closed Door Training.” A group of people waiting outside said.

However, Zi Yan only nodded at them and hurriedly left. Somehow he had a strong feeling: that person had already come.

When he stepped into the room and saw the situation in the room, he was suddenly relieved.

The mark belonging to that person in the array was finally shining. At the same time, a beam of golden light was produced, pointing towards distant place.

Zi Yan immediately put the mark in his palm and left the Clear Mountain to follow the direction of the light beam.

When Zi Yan stood in front of the South Wind Building’s entrance, the expression on his face was a little unsightly. He had traveled through the human world and knew what this place was.

At this moment, he heard a familiar name came from the building.

“Guests, this is the new young man of the South Wind Building, Chu Ci. One of you sitting tonight will be fortunate to be favored by Chu Ci.”

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