Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

2) Chapter 1.2 ♬

Chapter 1 Part 2:

Chu Ci knew that he had entered the body of the mission, and his body kept shaking as if he was sitting in a car.

He opened his eyelids and finally saw a glimmer of light.

“This is the first world. I set up a program on your body, and every time you complete a mission, you will be automatically transferred to the next world. The target death is the trigger condition for you to leave this world and also determined whether your mission is qualified. The next is I will pass the target information to your mind.”

Chu Ci felt the pain as if needles pricked his brain, and then a large amount of information appeared in his mind.

The target of this world was named Xuan Lin. At the age of twenty-two, he was the head of the Xuan family. His parents died when he at the age of fifteen, and he inherited everything from the Xuan family. At a very young age, Xuan Lin was in charge of Xuan family’s company. However, the target has a fatal flaw. His body was very weak, and he has brought a variety of diseases from his mother’s womb, the heart disease was one of them. Because his body was too weak to undergo surgery, he would death at the age of twenty-three years old.

After he saw twenty-three, Chu Ci went back and looked at twenty-two, then said in surprise: “I will have a year of life? Are you sure to let my primordial spirit pass? Although I’m a radish, but I have also cultivated for a thousand years, and can not be worse than those thousand years ginseng. Even if there is only the primordial spirit left, my primordial spirit force would let me live for a hundred years.” He often used this method to help those poor people who were sick but have no money for the treatment.

“The target’s lifespan can’t be changed, you don’t have to worry.” The system urged: “Have you finished reading all the information?”

“Hey! Wait a minute!”

The person who the target like was Yu Shuyao, her original name was Yu Xiaofang. The target knew her when he was little and recuperate in the countryside for the time being, they can be regard as the childhood sweethearts. Moreover, she saved the target’s life once. Currently, Yu Shuyao was the target’s fiancée and the only person the target like. However, Yu Shuyao fell in love with Xuan Lin’s friend, He Wen. When the target found out that the two were together, he received a big shock. At the time the target die of illness, he was all alone.

Chu Ci disliked this kind of story, it was too melodramatic, not one-tenth as interesting as the story he witnessed personally.

The information was also contain the data about the body he was possess. At the same time, he also shared the memory of this body. This person was called An Hong. He was a classmate of the target and the female lead. He has no parents, and he was study medical. By coincidence, he was asked by Yu Shuyao to be Xuan Lin’s private doctor. Today was the day he moved to Xuan family to formally start work.

“Have you finished reading?”


“No matter what method you use, you must ensure that when the target die, he would together with the person who he like and want to follow the person he like to the next life or meet each other at the Yellow Springs.

“Is this the criterion for assessing whether the mission is completed?” Chu Ci suddenly wondered: “Since you can let me use someone else’s body, why not send me to the body of He Wen or Yu Shuyao, wouldn’t it be easier? Anyway, I wouldn’t mind used a female body temporary.”

“You don’t need to know this.”

Tsk, another secret.

“Okay, let me ask one more question: I’m just a mortal now. Will you help me if I’m encounter any problem?”

“It would depend on the situation.”

All right! It was better than refused directly.

“So what do I have to pay attention to for the first time as a person?”

“Don’t you have the memory of the original body? You certainly can learn to behave like a person. I still have the things to do. Fighting. If you have some matter, you can try to call me. I will respond to you if I’m not busy.”

“Hey hey hey! So casually I would think you are a swindler...Really walked away so fast?”

But there was only silence all around.

It seemed to be gone.

Chu Ci looked at the outside, it was the modern times that he liked. He was now sitting in the car to go to the target mansion. Afterwards, he would stay in the Xuan family.

To feel the process of doing a mission was also one kind of pleasure.

It didn’t take long for Chu Ci to stand in the hall of Xuan family with the luggage in his hand.

The housekeeper on the side looked at his wristwatch and said, “Dr. An’s room has been ready. Let the people to take the luggage up. The young master would be back soon, you can meet him first.”

Chu Ci handed over his luggage to the person who suddenly appeared, and then gazed outside, just to see a black car drove into the courtyard. When he saw the housekeeper went out to welcome the person inside, Chu Ci guess that the goal was back. He also went out followed the housekeeper.

The housekeeper walked to the side of car’s back door and opened it. A pair of long legs first stepped out of the car, and then the target whole person appeared in front of Chu Ci.

The moment Chu Ci saw Xuan Lin, the thought of a delicate Little White-flower suddenly appeared in his mind. This flower was the portrayal of the target.

Although the target only have one year left to live because of the various diseases, but it only made the target seemed to give a delicate feeling, nothing more. His exquisite face, those slightly curly hair and his pair of black bright eyes, were like a girl.

If the target was really a girl, then there was no matter of those men and men, and he can go to get the target himself.

After Xuan Lin got out of the car, he found that there was one more person in the house today. He swept his eyes over Chu Ci and then glanced at the housekeeper before lightly said to confirm: “This is the private doctor that Shuyao invited on my behalf?”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Chu Ci didn’t know whether Xuan Lin recognized him. But he knew from An Hong’s memory that although he and Xuan Lin were classmates, they had no contact after they left school, and they can practically regard as stranger.

Then, according to the way people often did in the original body memory, Chu Ci extended his hand to Xuan Lin and said, “Hello, I’m An Hong, and I will take care of your health in the future.”


Dimension world.

“Demon Envoy, wouldn’t it a little too reckless to give such an important matter to a radish?”

“You’re wrong, this person is the most likely to complete the mission.”

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