Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

19) Chapter 35.2 ♬

Chapter 35 Part 2:

[World] Chu Ci: Collecting satin 20, silk thread 20, red thread 20.

[World] Borrow Wind: Hold into Ou Emperor in the front row, and firmly take a breath of lucky air.

[World] Blizzard: [Chu Ci] Isn’t your master collecting it? You certainly can ask him a lot.

[World] Chu Ci: Master is offline.

[World] Blizzard: The tokens have been speculated up to 500. Is Ou Emperor selling them? Pity the local tyrant who is going to marry, okay?

[World] Chu Ci: Matchmaker is offline. Even if there is token, it’s also useless.

[World] Red Moon: [Chu Ci] Little Beauty, let’s dating~

Seeing Red Moon’s words, Chu Ci chuckled twice in his heart.

[World] Chu Ci: I’m a man O(∩_∩)O

After send this sentence, someone private chat him, and Chu Ci immediately left the boring people in the World aside.

Waiting for the time of that person came to deliver the stuffs, he opened the forum again. This was the place he used as pastime after Chui Yan was offline everyday.

Today’s forum was much more lively than usual. Chu Ci was orderly reading down, one-third of the posts were doubting his identity, one-third was discussing new scenes and new interactions, and other one-third was looking for partner’s posts. The opening of new interaction excited a lot of single dogs, and all of them wanted to find someone to get married.

Chu Ci was not interested in his own matters, he opened his eyes wide and tried hard to find other interesting things in the posts.

He also didn’t interest in getting married, so he ignored them.

He was also in no mood to look for partner, and continued to ignore them.

Suddenly a familiar name appeared in his line of sight.

[Thrilling news. I’m afraid that Yi’s Dream first lady’s position unable to hold on for a long time!]

The things related to Bai Yimeng were the same as the things related to Chui Yan. Chu Ci was absolutely interesting in the target’s matter, especially such post that was helpful to the mission.

Just after Chu Ci clicked the post, his gaze was taken by a beautiful screenshot.

At the place where he took the photo of Intoxicated Heart and Bai Yimeng at that time, at the same position, Intoxicated Heart was swinging with another woman there. The action was quite intimate, one could see it was not ordinary relationship at first glance.

The woman’s face was photographed very clearly, she looked very beautiful. From Chu Ci’s point of view, she was more beautiful than Bai Yimeng.

The following reply unanimously affirmed that Yi’s Dream was being two-timing at.

[This new girl’s appearance is better than Yi’s Dream.]

[Unexpectedly, Intoxicated Heart is also a scumbag!]

[I feel a little sorry for Yi’s Dream. I heard that she is with Intoxicated Heart for guild battle recently. It seems that the bubble bursts as the reality becomes apparent, right?]

[Yi’s Dream didn’t see forum these two days might true.]

At the post, Chu Ci was actually happy in his heart!

Today, Chui Yan just mentioned to Bai Yimeng to clear her relationship with Intoxicated Heart, and now Intoxicated Heart was unexpectedly two-timing. Didn’t this the opportunity Heavens gave Bai Yimeng to retreat? After return to Chui Yan’s embrace, beat Intoxicated Heart’s face?

Sure enough my luck is very good! Heavens is helping me.

After reading the post, Chu Ci casually looked around the forum. When he saw that there was nothing else to see, he happily withdrew from the forum. At this time, he already collected the two sets of wedding clothes materials. He spent his own money. It was a gift for them.

Chu Ci immediately ran back to the guild territory to start making clothes.

This doesn’t need to be real. So long as one took out the needle and jab it on the cloth, it would moving by itself.

It didn’t take long for two sets of wedding clothes, a man and a woman to wear, was done. He put it in his bag.

Chu Ci waited for the whole day in the guild territory with his beautiful dream.

Chu Ci didn’t sleep deeply because he needn’t to sleep. As soon as Chui Yan talked, he was awake. He looked at Chui Yan with one hand supported his head and said happily, “How’s the master lady there?”

Chui Yan said calmly, “Didn’t know.”

Chu Ci immediately got up and said strangely, “Did she still not made a decision?” Every time he thought the matter, he doesn’t need for half a day, and now it was the whole day.

Chui Yan said, “I didn’t see her.”

“Oh my god!” Chu Ci looked at Chui Yan incredulously, “This is talking about your relationship ah!”

Chui Yan actually said unconcern, “Like this is very good.”

After listened, Chu Ci really wanted to beat someone!

“Chui Yan, come out. I want to discuss yesterday’s matter with you.”

Chu Ci who was still worry heard the voice of the person he was expecting above the guild territory.

For the first time, he thought Bai Yimeng’s voice was very good. But what made him even happier was that the person came to show that she had thought about it.

Chui Yan looked inexplicably at the person whose face was delighted by Bai Yimeng’s appearance, and then turned to go to the teleportation point. After he stepped on the teleportation entrance, he paused and looked sideways to Chu Ci, he said, “Don’t eavesdropping.”

Chu Ci immediately took out the last night’s remaining materials from his bag, he waved his hand and smiled, “I’m not eavesdropping, I’ll here to make the wedding clothes for you, and waiting for your good news!”

Chui Yan silently gave him a look and then turned his head into the teleportation circle.

Chu Ci pretended to start sewing clothes. After a few seconds, he immediately stopped, and then waiting for a while before got up and walked to the teleportation point.

It was impossible to not eavesdropping!

Chu Ci went to the back hall and hid quietly at the old place he eavesdropped before.

The two people seemed to just start talking.

Bai Yimeng’s voice has a little coquettish as she said.

“Lu Jiang~ I think if I get rid of my relationship with Intoxicated Heart, I won’t be able to stay in the Enthrall. Even if I tells the people in the guild that I’m together with him is fake, everyone will think that I’m cheating, it’s hard how to say it. The key is that my friends are almost all Enthrall’s members.”

Chu Ci who listened in the back hall was stunned. He doesn’t understand what Bai Yimeng was thinking. Intoxicated Heart already two-timing, she still want to stay there?

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