Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

19) Chapter 10.2 ♬

Chapter 10 Part 2:

With computer game, the time passed very quickly.

It was night in the blink of an eye.

Xuan Lin was busy for a whole day, and he could clearly see the tiredness on his face.

On their way back home, it was quiet inside the car. Chu Ci’s line of sight was wander everywhere, before glanced at Xuan Lin and found that he apparently fell asleep.

He has always been sleep on the floor while Xuan Lin slept on the bed at home, so he never saw this person’s sleeping face. Now at first glance, he felt his little heart skipped a beat.

How can there be such a good-looking man in this world. If he had met him earlier, he would transform his human form according to his appearance, and it would be perfect everywhere.

Chu Ci stared at Xuan Lin, somewhat reluctance to move away his eyes.

The other party’s tightly closed eyes, suddenly opened slowly, and their gaze met head-on.

Looking at this expression, it seemed to be the Little White-flower that he hasn’t seen in a day.

Chu Ci smiled and greeted him, “I haven’t seen you in a day, how are you feeling today?”

“It’s all right.” The Little White-flower gave a simple respond. Then he opened and closed his mouth thoughtfully, but didn’t say anything else in the end.

Chu Ci didn’t miss the Little White-flower’s subtle expression. When he saw the other party don’t speak, he took the initiative to ask.

“You suddenly appear, what’s the matter?”

Xuan Lin turned his head to look outside the car window, and slowly said, “You be careful with him.”

“Him?” Chu Ci asked doubtedly, “You mean your another personality?”

Before Xuan Lin was able to answer, Chi Ci’s stomach suddenly felt painful.

He don’t know if it was because he ate too much today, he always wanted to go to the toilet.

“Driver, hurry up! I want to go to the toilet.”

At the urging of Xuan Lin, the car finally entered the Xuan family’s courtyard.

“I’m in a hurry, your body won’t be able to keep up with my pace. Wait for me in the car, I’ll back right away!” After dropped this sentence, Chu Ci rushed out of the car and ran inside the home.

Xuan Lin sighed. He had friendly reminded Chu Ci, and then he could only look after himself.

An Hong’s sudden departure made him felt somewhat uncomfortable, but it was not as uncomfortable as before. He didn’t immediately get off, and sitting in the car quietly.

“Does Young Master need me to help you go in?”

Xuan Lin waved his hand and said, “No need, I will sit for a while.”

Chu Ci rushed into the living room just to see the housekeeper and he quickly shouted, “Your young master is back, please go help him, I’m in a hurry, my stomach hurts.” After finished speaking, he went upstairs.

These days he had been walking in and out of the escalator with Xuan Lin. After he got off the escalator, Chu Ci habitually rushed to Xuan Lin’s bedroom.

When he was standing in front of the bedroom’s door, Chu Ci suddenly heard a strange voice came out from inside the room. Chu Ci stared at the closed door in front of him. Xuan Lin was still outside and the housekeeper was downstairs. Who would be in the room?

It was better to take a look directly, rather than thinking too much.

Chu Ci raised his hand and grabbed the door handle.


The door was slowly opened. It was dark inside, and there was a strange smell, which was not there in the morning.

Chu Ci stretched out his hand and turned on the light in the room.

The situation in the room was clearly displayed in front of him in an instant.

Chu Ci felt that if he was a cat, he whole furs would right away standing up.

On the bed of Xuan Lin, He Wen’s upper body was naked and his pants was half shed, he was entangled with half-naked Yu Shuyao. Chu Ci sudden rushed in made the people in the room stopped their action.

He Wen stood up calmly and began to fix his clothes. He said to Chu Ci, “You came back a little early today ah?”

Yu Shuyao on the bed was obviously arranged her clothes in a panic.

Chu Ci gritted his teeth and coldly said: “Xuan Lin is about to enter the house. If you doesn’t want him to know this, quickly go back to your room.”

After hearing Chu Ci’s reminder, Yu Shuyao immediately collected her belongings and hurriedly walked to the door. When she passed Chu Ci's side, she had an expression of want to say something but then hesitate, and finally went out first.

The strange smell in the room was probably caused by these two people. Chu Ci roughly understood what the smell was. He immediately pulled open the window curtains and opened the balcony door of the room to allow fresh air to circulate. Then he quickly walked to the bedside and began to shaking out the bed quilt.

He also looked closely at the traces on the quilt.

Chu Ci gritted his teeth while rolled the quilt into a ball and ready to take it to wash. He didn’t understand what these two people were thinking in their minds.

The door of the room was open, Chu Ci heard a conversation sound between Xuan Lin and the housekeeper downstairs.

“I’ll go upstairs to get something. You don’t need to accompany me, I can do it myself.”

Chu Ci was startled, he sniffed around to detect if there was still any strange smell in the room.

When Xuan Lin entered the room, he saw Chu Ci, and said doubtedly, “Aren’t you going to the toilet? What are you do with quilt?”

Chu Ci looked at the other party and said nervously, “When I ran in, my stomach didn’t hurt anymore. Then I saw the bed is a little messy, so I sorted it out.”

Xuan Lin entered the room and slowly walked in the wardrobe’s direction, but he suddenly stopped and frowned.

“What’s this smell?”

He was still able to smell it out?

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