My Pet Is a Holy Maiden

19 - Awakening

Just before Morganeich’s horizontal slash reached Calcedonia,

Tatsumi immediately moved forward and pushed away Calcedonia.

Calcedonia, who was suddenly pushed aside from the flank lost her balance and fell down.

But Tatsumi didn’t have the composure to care about that.

Tatsumi who switched placed with Calcedonia was now hit by the <<Freedom Knight’s>> sword.

He felt a scorching heat running straight through his chest. At the same time, he felt his own blood gushing out.

As the blood flowed out from his body, he felt his strength leaving him. Hell fell to his knees and just like that he slowly slumped down forward.

Morganeich, who was taken over by madness, looked over the boy lying in a pool of blood with his remaining conscious.

This man is an insect. He’s a harmful insect who is always after his precious flowers. If left alone, he’ll ruin the precious flower.

But, it’s over now. He finally managed to exterminate the foolish insect who wanted to pollute his flower.

And the flower herself should be delighted as the insect was exterminated.

While thinking that, he looked at his precious flower who was lying on the ground with a triumphant face.

But, he suddenly felt uneasy.

The flower was looking at him who had a smile plastered on his face. While he did expect that, for some reason his precious was staring at the insect lying in a pool of blood with eyes wide open.

“Ah, so that’s it.” He consented.

After seeing the corpse of the insect, his precious flower is feeling unwell. Because without doubt for a dainty flower, the corpse of the wicked insect is something unpleasant.

But it’s alright. Because he will soon clean it up.

So he looked around to get someone to clean up the corpse. But there wasn’t anyone present in the courtyard except for himself and his precious.
But then, he suddenly remembered.

He ordered his companions not to enter the courtyard. For someone— It was in order to protect one of his close friend’s honor that he forbade anyone from entering.

But, he no longer remember who that someone was. Even though it should be someone he knew from way back, someone who looked after him quite a bit.

But in the end, that was something trivial. Because what was truly important was to protect his precious.


Suddenly, his precious raised a shrill scream. Then she came near the corpse of the insect without minding the fact that her white clothes were getting stained and extended her hands.

“P-Please hold on!! I-I’ll heal….!!”

His precious started to recite an aria. As he looked carefully, he could see the insect’s chest lightly moving up and down.

As expected of a wicked insect, he’s got the vigor at least. While thinking that he approached his precious who was currently holding the insect in his arms.

As he got near, his precious kept on reciting the spell while glaring at him.
That glare, was as if he was her sworn enemy. Because he thought she would be thankful, he was kind of disappointed.

With her gaze, she told him not to get close.

At that attitude, he was gradually beginning to feel irritation.

Why? Why would you look at me with that gaze? I exterminated that bug because I thought of you, I was worried about you, so why?

His irritation gradually got bigger.

He suddenly felt that there was someone sinisterly laughing in his ears but he immediately forgot about it.

With his irritation gradually rising up, he suddenly strongly grabbed the flowers hands and pulled her towards himself.

*Baam* A soft and warm thing pushed onto his chest. Of course, it was the flower’s body.

At the same time, a thud sound was also heard. Because he suddenly pulled the flower, the bug’s body must’ve fallen to the ground.

“Let me go!! I-If I don;t hurry up and heal him, M-Master will…!!!”

The flower desperately tried to set herself free. And then, without even glancing at him, she was looking at the bug with a heartbreaking expression.

Why? Even though she was looking at me with such hate! Why is she so desperate for a mere bug!?”

His questions further accelerated his irritation.

—That’s right! Make her understand your feelings. You should just make her understand by force.

Once again, a voice whispered near his ears. And he agreed with the voice. He then, realized.

A few moments ago, he tried to go against that voice. But the current him tried no longer. Rather, he had no reason to. Because it was as the voice said, all he had to do was to make the flower’s body his by force.

The red glow in his eyes increased even more.

With one hand he tightly grasped both of the flower’s hand, and with the other he reached for the flower’s bosom. He wanted to rip it open, the place where her deep cleavage was peeking from.
So after grabbing her already ripped uniform, he tore it up.

Once again, the flower raised a scream.

And 2 white, big and round fruits spilled out. The 2 fruits which were wrapped in a light white cloth were exposed under the sunlight.

As he further ripped up her uniform, her upper body was now almost completely naked.

But she, who was now almost naked, didn’t even try to cover up her body, she only wanted to dash towards her most beloved.

If it was the usual her, then she might’ve been able to stay calm and start casting offensive spells.

But now, because her most beloved was almost dying, she lost her calm.

If she doesn’t heal him with magic soon then… At this rate he will soon cease to breathe.

This was all she was thinking about at the moment, so she failed to realize the simple fact that she could attack the <<Freedom Knight>>, enticed by the devil with magic.

She didn’t even realize that her delicate cheeks were wet with her own tears.

Her already ripped up clothes ripped open even more as she struggled.

Maybe that was what ticked it off. Or maybe it was it’s ever stimulated lust. The <<Freedom Knight>> reached for the bottom half of her clothes with his free hand.

But she didn’t even notice that. Because the only thing reflected in her eyes right now was the figure of the boy whom she yearned to meet even in her dreams for a long time.

And so, the Knight’s hand gradually reached her clothes. But just as the <<Freedom Knight>> grabbed her clothes, she for some reason stopped struggling.

She who was frantically struggling till now was only looking at one thing right now.

Of course, because the flower who was struggling till now suddenly stopped, the <<Freedom Knight>’s scantly left sense of reason raised a doubt.

Did she finally give up? As he thought that, he looked at the flower’s face.

What was present there was not despair, but shock.

As he followed her gaze wondering what happened, it reached the bug who should have been half dead.

“N-No….!! I-If you…Suddenly move now the the injury will…!!”

A weak voice full of concern escaped from the flower’s lips.

Right now.

The bug which was lying in a pool of blood was trying to get up sluggishly.

He heard a voice.

It was the voice of his precious family member, a screaming voice. That voice managed to halt his consciousness, which was continuously sinking into the abyss.

Even now, blood was gushing out of the wound in his chest, and the pool around him was getting bigger and bigger.

But even so, he wanted to stand up in order to respond to his family’s voice.

Subconsciously, he touched the short spear that was lying on the ground. He grabbed that and wanted to use that as a cane to stand up but—- Once again he fell down on the floor.
Time and time again.

He fell down every time he tried to stand up; he collapsed every time he tried to rise.

After trying time and time again, he managed to finally stand up.

As he looked around with a disoriented vision, he managed to see the figure of his most precious family within the hazy world.

But, the upper half of her uniform was cruelly teared up, and her beautifully round assets wrapped in a thin underwear were completely exposed.

And after he saw that, what he felt was not lust but anger. But that anger was not directed towards the <<Freedom Knight>> standing behind her, but towards himself.

Because of his own weakness, she had bitter experience.

Even if she was wearing a thin underclothes, for someone of her age being made to expose her breasts open like that should be something unbearable.

—-Sorry. Because I am so weak, you had to go through all that.

While apologizing to her in his heart, he took a step forward towards her.

It was as if he was walking on top of a sponge, wobbling, he looked like he could collapse any moment.

But even so he concentrated his heart and soul into walking forward so that hh could reach her.

—No more. I absolutely hate it. I don’t want to lose anyone precious to me any more.

He suddenly remember the time when he lost his parents and younger sister.

On top of the hospital bed, when he finally regained his consciousness, the police told him the harsh truth as someone who was involved in the accident.

The sense of lose he felt at that time, it was as if the world around him was collapsing in despair.

But even so the only reason why he could live on was because of her, who was but a small bird back then.

She was him last remaining family. His little, but most important family.

So he decided to live on along his small family. But even his last remaining family had to pass away.

Because she lived up her natural lifespan. He who was finally left all alone, even considered commiting suicide.

But then, once again  she cast a light of hope on him.

His little family who had reincarnated as a beautiful maiden in another world summoned him there.

And he was once again reunited with her in another  world. Even though her figure had changed, she was still his family.

That’s why.

That’s he, he decided.

He decided to live on in this world alongside his family. And that this time, no matter what happened, he would protect them.

Certainly, being summoned to another world abruptly shocked him. He also felt a bit uneasy.

Still, she was always next to him. And as long as his family was beside hi, he could live on.

But that is, as long as his family stayed by his side.

Right now, his precious family member was in a peril. So, it wouldn’t be okay if all he did was sleep on the floor. There’s no way he could do that.

—Certainly I am weak. Let alone the <<Freedom Knight>>, I am sure I’m weaker than anyone else. But even so I will protect you no matter what. I don’t want to lose anyone ever again—-

One step. And  then again While walking like that a step at a time sluggishly, he was slowly but surely getting close to her.

Finally, he managed to reach her.


A small small voice. Certainly befitting a bug.

The bug who managed to get up was walking forward with unsteady steps.

A damn dotard. But this is perfect. I’ll Cleanly finish you off this time.

After pushing away the flower hand he was holding, he once again took out his beloved sword from it’s scabbard.

right now, the bug was getting close to him completely defenseless with unsteady steps. He wanted to chop the bug in to two vertically, so he raised the sword above his head high.

The bug entered the range of his sword. And aiming for that moment, he chopped down with his sword.

Just as his sword was about to touch the bug’s head, here was a sudden explosion of light and the bug’s figure dissipated.

And Calcedonia who had been pushed away watched that scene without even minding to hide her exposed breasts.

Because her most precious person was coming towards her, sluggishly. But the possessed <<Freedom Knight>> raised his sword overhead to cut him down.

For an instant, she saw the illusion of the boy being vertically cut into two.

But just as the knight’s sword was about to reach the boy,

Something began to overflow from the boy’s body.

“N-No way….!”

Instantly, her eyes, her eyes as a magician could perceive it. What was gushing out from the boy’s body was the vivid light of Mana.

“M-Master has mana…..A-And this quantity is….!!”

She understood. Because she herself was an expert magician, she knew just how large the amount of mana was.

It was an amount that made her’s seem scanty. And furthermore, that wasn’t the only reason she was surprised.

“…..G-Golden colored mana radiance….? I-It can’t be….!?”

While she muttered in surprise, the figure of the boy clad in light disappeared from before the <<Freedom Knight’s>> sword, causing it to hit nothing but air.

The <<Freedom Knight>> Lost his stance because his full powered blow suddenly hit nothing. And then, the boy’s figure appeared once more.

The sound of his shoes hitting the ground could be heard.

The boy who appeared behind the <<Freedom Knight>> grasped the short spear in his hands tightly and swung down the rear section of the spear on the Knight’s head with all his might.

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