Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

18) Chapter 35.1 ♬

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Chapter 35: I’m A Vegetative Person in Online Game (2.10)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci quite admired Chui Yan’s fast and accurate solution. He immediately pricked up his ears excitedly, deeply afraid of missing a word. In his heart, he hope that Bai Yimeng would see the reality, and give up such unreliable things in the game.

“Stop?” Bai Yimeng’s tone was obviously a little surprised. She paused and said doubtfully, “Isn’t it all good before? Why did you suddenly unwilling? What happened? Or someone told you something?”

Bai Yimeng’s heart thumped. She finally agreed to Intoxicated Heart’s request, but it was also quietly. Perhaps there was some rumor in the guild, but Lu Jiang wouldn’t believe this kind of groundless accusations things.

She looked at Chui Yan and wrinkled her eyebrows, “Is Enthrall’s member saying something in the World?”

Chu Ci silently sighed, even the girl herself has a guilty conscience.

Chui Yan calmly looked at his lover in front of him and said, “No, I just suddenly feel that I, as your true boyfriend, should have the right to ask you to do this much.”

Chu Ci applauded for Chui Yan in his heart. Why didn’t he think this man was strong before? If this attitude had not develop to this day, it surely need someone like him this kind of person to give directions.

Bai Yimeng has been together with Lu Jiang for a period of time, and she was still quite understand this man. Lu Jiang’s expression told her that the other party didn’t know anything, merely wanted to do this way, nothing more.

Seeing that her affairs didn’t expose, Bai Yimeng calmly said, “You suddenly made this request, I can’t immediately promise you. After all, I’m still Enthrall’s Vice Guild Master. If I’m broke up with Intoxicated Heart, I have to consider how to explain it to my friends. Therefore, can you give me time to think about how to deal with the follow-up?”

Chui Yan nodded his head and said, “Yes.”

Bai Yimeng raised her head to look at the World’s announcement, and then pointed out, “Enthrall guild is calling me. Since it’s okay, then can I go to guild battle first?”


Although it didn’t achieve the expected result, but Bai Yimeng obviously still cared about Chui Yan, then the days of her broke up with Intoxicated Heart would also soon.

Hearing the sound of Bai Yimeng’s footsteps became further and further away, Chu Ci also stood up from the corner and walked to the teleportation point, pretending that he had just come out of the guild territory.

He was just about to step out of the back hall, when he directly bumped into Chui Yan again.

Chu Ci stood back and pretended to look outside, he said, “Have you finished talking?”

Chui Yan lightly glanced at him and said, “Don’t squat in the corner.”

Chu Ci didn’t believe this person would know that he eavesdropped, reluctant to admit his mistake, he retorted, “I didn’t listen in the corner, I’ve always in the guild territory just a moment ago.”

Chui Yan just silently looked at him and didn’t speak.

“I know.” Chu Ci couldn’t help admit after being stared, and said, “How do you know?”

“My guess.”

Chu Ci glared at the calm Chui Yan, didn’t expect to be set up!

I will still squat next time! And right away go back to the guild territory after squatting.

As if not felt his line of sight, Chui Yan took out the two formulas and handed it to Chu Ci, “You learn these two things, and you will do this later.”

Chu Ci looked at the formula and found that it was the wedding clothes formula rewarded to him by the game system. After thinking about it, he learned all of it in the front of Chui Yan.

“Is Matchmaker Chui Yan still here?”

Suddenly, a man and a woman entered Bailu building while holding hands. Both of them were wearing the wedding clothes that had just come out today.

The groom smiled and said, “The wife went online, so directly pulls her here to hold marriage. To be the first marriage couple in Dream Back is also very memorable.”

Chui Yan immediately doing his duty and put on his matchmaker clothes.

After Chui Yan engraved the the two people’s names on the tokens, the first marriage couple in Dream Back was born.

[Game System] Congratulations to the lovers [Qing Sha] and [Han Yu] for become the marriage couple under the witness of Matchmaker. Wish this marriage couple to stay together forever!

[World] Little Pitiful: Envious, pick up the little hoe and digging fiercely.

[World] Long Pavilion Outside: Come a step late! Angry!

With such a stimulus, the popular craze of taking wife once again started in the World.

After the game system announced that the two people were together, on the body of the newlywed in Bailu building began to emitting little loves, seemingly to make people feel the couple emotions and love.

Qing Sha: “It’s fun.”

Han Yu: “How long will this exist?”

Chui Yan slowly said, “As long as the two people in marriage couple relationship, this effect would always appear when one near their partner.”

The first newlywed couple has just sent away, and another couple immediately came.

The drop rate of tokens was much higher than those of seven colored glass. Those who spend a lot of money to buy wedding clothes can’t wait to get married today.

In the World, the tokens have also been speculated up to 500.

Chu Ci was also thinking to go make a fortune, but thought of the two seven colored glass waist pendants in the bag. He has to give the staff member a little face.

It was almost 11 o’clock.

Obviously, Chui Yan doesn’t want to change his schedule for any game duties, and directly announced that he would stop receiving marriage couple.

Taking advantage of the gap when Chui Yan prepared to go offline, Chu Ci said curiously, “Would Master plan to marry the master lady in the game?”

Chui Yan pursed his lips and said, “I won’t object if she wants to.”

Chu Ci’s eyes brightened up and said in high spirits, “Then I will quickly make you the wedding clothes, reserve!”

“With you, I’m offline.”

[Your friend Chui Yan is offline.]

After received the notice, Chu Ci looked at the time, it was exactly 11 o’clock, and felt that the target might have obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Thinking of the task he just stopped, Chu Ci opened the wedding clothes materials list, and then went to the World to collect the corresponding materials.

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