Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

18) Chapter 10.1 ♬

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Chapter 10: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.10)


Translator: Mimi

“Your game name is pretty good, it’s quite in line with the style of the game.” Xuan Lin faintly added a sentence.

Chu Ci looked at the name above the head of his game character on the game interface, and then breathed a sigh of relief.

He was a radish, he originally didn’t have the name. This name that he used was the name that he heard when he secretly went outside the human private school. He felt it sounded good and used it as his own name. This game character was built by him as the substitute for him in the computer world, therefore he used his real name.

Chu Ci moved his eyes away from the computer and looked up at the person beside him, he said in concern, “Have you finished your work?”

Xuan Lin smiled, he shook his head and pointed to his watch, “It’s midday, let’s go to have lunch together.”

Upon hearing lunch, Chu Ci's two eyes instantly brighten up, “Go home?”

Xuan Lin shook his head and said, “The accumulated work is a little much. We will go to the dining hall of the company’s employee, and tried something fresh.”

“Okay okay!” Chu Ci nodded violently. It was most interesting to change the pattern to eat.

“Let’s go.”

At the moment, it was the peak period of lunch. Fortunately, Xuan Lin has his own private elevator. As a result, Chu Ci also occupied the light.

Inside the elevator, Chu Ci thought of the Little White-flower who hadn’t appeared for a half-day, and curiously asked, “Do you and him have a task assignment? I feel that he had never appeared in the company, and you also didn’t appear much at home.”

“Do you want to see him?”

“Uh...Why do you ask this?” Chu Ci felt that his and the Little Wild-flower Xuan Lin’s brain circuit seemed to be always not on the same line. He often couldn’t figure out what the next sentence this person would jump out.

Xuan Lin raised his eyes and looked at the descending floor, “With his manner, he can’t have prestige and talk in the company.” After speaking until here, he glanced at the person next to him, before said lightly, “If you want to see him, I can let him out immediately.”

“That’s no need.” Chu Ci didn’t expect that the Little Wild-flower who didn’t seem easy to get along with, would take the initiative to tell these himself. He quickly said, “The company is better in your hand, and I just ask casually.” The Little White-flower’s character was indeed unsuitable here.

When the two of them arrived at the employee dining hall, there were already a lot of people inside, and the whole dining hall was filled with various food fragrances.

Their sudden appearance made everyone’s attention that originally on today’s dishes were totally shifted to the two of them.

Chu Ci looked at Xuan Lin’s appearance, he seemed to enjoy this feeling of being gazed at.

At this time, Chu Ci’s ears heard the whispering conversation of people around him.

“Chief Xuan actually came to the cafeteria for lunch? Previously, it’s either he returned home or let someone from his home brought it to the company, which made me doubt my taste for a long time.”

“Also bring the madam!”

“Oh my god. I get it!”

“It’s too much. This single dog decided to turn grief into appetite today.”

Chu Ci was eavesdropped on the others whispering, when his hand suddenly pulled by a hand with distinct joints, not the kind of holding the wrist, but the kind of wrapping one hand with the other.

He looked at his held hand and looked up at Xuan Lin who walked in front of him strangely, “Why are you holding my hand?”

Xuan Lin didn’t look back, and then bent the corner of his mouth at the angle where Chu Ci couldn’t see, “There are many people, I’m afraid that you can’t keep up.”

“I haven’t seen it, with just that smile of Chief Xuan, I feel that I have been fed full by dog food.”

When Chu Ci heard this new discussion topic in his ear, he turned his head curiously to see how Xuan Lin smiled but could only see the back of his head.

He always felt that something was wrong today. Chu Chi turned around to search for the clues, but the food suddenly appeared in front of him, which messed up everything in an instant. Anyway, it can be determined that it was not the two issues that he most concerned about. Since it was so, he would first put it aside. The food in front of him was too fragrant, and he also never seen some of the dishes before, he would eat first.

Although the food here was pretty good, it was not as good as the food cooked by the chef at home. Fortunately, Chu Ci was a person who doesn’t refuse anything that come. As long as the food was not particularly unpalatable, he would feel it was delicious.

After quickly wiped out his food, Chu Ci raised his head and saw that the food on Xuan Lin’s plate was still more than half remain, he said in concern, “You can’t eat any more?”

“En, it’s still delicious at home.”

As a vegetable, Chu Ci felt a little sympathetic when he saw his same kind was wasted. He thought for a moment, before said, “If you don’t eat it, I will help you. If you waste it, these dishes that sacrifice their life will die with a remaining grievance.”

“Die with a remaining grievance?” Xuan Lin pursed up his lips and tried hard to not laugh too obviously, “Then help me eat it.”

“Okay!” Chu Ci placed his empty plate in front of Xuan Lin, and took the other party’s plate over, then without even changed the tableware, he directly picked up the food and started eating. He said while eating, “You have to eat more, a bit fat is good-looking, only then you can attract the person that you likes.” Just like the radish, the plump radish was definitely look better than the small radish.

Xuan Lin didn’t speak, he crossed his hands, and his thumb kept rubbing his fingertips, as he looked at Chu Ci who eating with the spoon he used, before the corner of his mouth raised again.

“You seems to getting more and more familiar with me.”

Chu Ci swallowed the food in his mouth and said, “I think you’re very good. Furthermore, after we return home, go have a meal. Don’t get hungry.” Eat more and grow the meat back.

“I’m only able to eat this much at the midday, and I still have something to deal with in the afternoon.”

“Oh, okay, just eat more after you go back at night.”

The full Chu Ci came out of the employee dining hall with Xuan Lin. After they were back to the office, he continued to accompany Xuan Lin working.

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