Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

17) Chapter 9.2 ♬

Chapter 9 Part 2:

Xuan Lin was working on the side while listened to the sound of someone clicking the mouse. But the original even click suddenly gone. He looked up subconsciously. This man was like a wooden pestle, as he quietly sat there. Thinking of this person’s appearance when he saw the big and tall building, he had a vague guess in his mind that he was just like someone who just entered the city, but he also felt it was impossible.

Seeing Chu Ci hadn’t moved and frowned, Xuan Lin couldn’t help but leave his seat.

When he walked behind Chu Ci, he found that this man was stared at the empty attachment folder in a daze, which used to be the place where a small game of spider solitaire located.

Xuan Lin narrowed his eyes and said, “The game in this folder is not fun. I will teach you to play something else.” After he finished speaking, Xuan Lin reached out his hand and directly held on Chu Ci’s right hand. He led him to open an online game client, and applied for an account.


After the knock sound on the door, a female employee came in. When she saw the two people who were stick close together on the sofa, the female employee paused, before summoned her courage and said, “Chief Xuan, I’m here to report the work situation on these two days.”

After Xuan Lin heard someone called his name, he calmly walked to his desk.


“This bidding failure is the result from a low-level mistake that I personally made, and I’m willing to accept any punishment!”

Chu Ci seemed to hear something serious, he moved away his line of sight from the desktop, and looked in the direction of Xuan Lin.

Xuan Lin meaningfully looked at the person who bowed her head to admit her mistake, and suddenly glimpsed at Chu Ci’s curious gaze, he silenced for a moment before saying, “This time I will just give you a slight reprimand, but I hope that there will be no next time.”

The employee looked at her boss in surprise. After realized that she had escaped the punishment, she quickly nodded her head and said, “There would be never the next time!”

“Okay, you can go back to work.”


Xuan Lin once again turned his attention to a certain person, and said while smiled, “Can you play? I can teach you to play the game for half an hour before I officially go to work.”

Chu Ci looked at the desktop in front of him, and then shook his head, “I can play by myself.”

Xuan Lin raised his eyebrows and said nothing.

Chu Ci manipulated his game character that he named Chu Ci to wander around in the game, looking at the scenery. He didn’t do any tasks but felt very magical.

It was really good to be human.

Just as he played happily, Chu Ci’s stomach suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

The uncomfortable feeling became more and more obvious as he shifted his position several times, and he finally couldn’t help but tell Xuan Lin.

“I’m want to go to the toilet!”

Xuan Lin froze for a moment, before said, “Okay, after you go out of the door, walked straight and turn left.”

Chu Ci ran out with a swish.

The location of the toilet was easy to find, and Chu Ci directly rushed into the toilet with a bit hurried.

“Hey hey hey, how did Chief Xuan punish the bidding matter?”

“A slight reprimand, and probably a deduction of bonuses.”

A certain person who was solving physiology problem immediately pricked up his ears when he heard the voice outside. Eavesdropping was his favorite thing to do when he was a radish.

“It is said that Chief Xuan brought someone to the company today, do you see that man?”

“I saw him, they are holding hands at the company’s entrance!”

Chief Xuan should be Xuan Lin. Then, could it be that it was me who holding hands?

Chu Ci looked at his hand and said in his heart, ‘Is there?’

“Just a moment ago, I went to Chief Xuan’s office and saw him and that man very close together. I think this must be Chief Xuan’s madam! Chief Xuan’s mood is super good today, so the punishment this time is so light.”

Madam? Chu Ci knew that madam was how they called Xuan Lin’s wife. How did he become the madam?

“Really envious ah. Even Chief Xuan is not single anymore. Only after two days do not see, there is boyfriend, and he looks different...”

The voice outside was getting farther and farther away. When Chu Ci came out from inside, the people who discussed already gone.

Chu Ci quietly returned to the office. Xuan Lin has been wholeheartedly engrossed himself to the work, this person seemed no longer need him to be around.

Thinking of his game, Chu Ci immediately ran to the front of notebook.

This thing was very fun.

Chu Ci originally wanted to search for information about the game from An Hong’s memory, but there was nothing related to it after searching around.

An Hong’s memory about game was only the small game on the desktop.

How can this person live more boring than when he was a radish?

Chu Ci curled his lips, he sat on the sofa and controlled his game character to walk around. Looking at the scenery was also good.

It was midday in the blink of an eye.

Xuan Lin finally withdrew from his work. He raised his head and looked at the person who had been quiet for a whole morning, and couldn’t help but feel better.

He got up and walked behind a certain person who was completely unaware of it, seemed to be engrossed to the game.

Chu Ci doesn’t very good at playing game, but he found more and more interesting places while looking around.

The grass on the ground can be picked, the characters inside can talk, killed the bad guys and get the items.

“Chu Ci?”

A voice suddenly sounded above his head, scared Chu Ci as his hands shook. The crucial point was this person called his real name.

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