Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

17) Chapter 88.2 ♬

Chapter 88 Part 2:

Chu Ci frowned at this self-righteous man and said, “What’s the urgent matter?”

Although he asked so, he guessed it must be an excuse for him to make his subordinate bring him in. If there was anything urgent about the Ji family, the Ji family’s people who have been distributed outside had long been make a call. Where need an outsider to come personally.

He still had great faith in the Ji family’s ability.

Shi Cheng slowly walked towards Chu Ci, and then said with a smile on his face, “Seeing you is my most urgent matter.”

Chu Ci secretly drew the corner of his mouth, he wanted to swear.

However, the system seemed to know his mood, he comforted in his mind, “Don’t be angry, remember you are Ji He. Ji He won’t be angry for this kind of thing. Be calm, be calm!”

Chu Ci gritted his teeth to endure, his face was not thick and could only stabilize his momentum.

He looked at Shi Cheng coldly, but he madly roasted this man in his head.

“Is there something wrong with this Shi Cheng? How can he become the boss?”

“He is ruthless.”

Chu Ci looked at the man who were getting closer and closer to him and said, “Shi Cheng, I said we are over. I’m married now, unless my wife abandons me, I will always love him.”

“Tsk tsk!” Shi Cheng said with a chuckle, “It’s touching, but unfortunately I never believe in things like marriage. But since you said we’re over, then it’s over.”

Chu Ci looked at Shi Cheng suspiciously. This man changed a little quickly, he was agree so easily, maybe there was some conspiracy.

At this time, Shi Cheng had come to the front of Chu Ci. He announced, “Since it’s over, then I will start to pursue you again. The last time I could persevere for a year, this time I can still.”

Chu Ci spitted a turbid air repeatedly, lest he couldn’t help himself to hit.

He was made somewhat irritable by this man.

How could someone just not understand what people were saying?

Shi Cheng passed over the desk and walked to the side of his chair.

Chu Ci raised his head and looked at the person who walked to his position with disdain, preparing to retreat. But, Shi Cheng seemed to realize it as he quickly extended his right hand to pull the chair handle, and then used his left hand to hold another handle before Chu Ci escaped. At the same time, he leaned over, confining Chu Ci in the chair.

Chu Ci was really angry this time. He looked at this unpleasant man with a cold face and said, “I give you five seconds, stay away from me!”


At this time, the door of the office was suddenly opened.

Chu Ci and Shi Cheng kept this ambiguous posture while looking at the door.

Yu Yuan happily opened the door, saying, “What do you have to bring…” His words stopped when he saw the two men in the office.

Yu Yuan’s face immediately froze.

When Chu Ci saw Yu Yuan, his head immediately hurt. The things that had been explained in the morning were now being misunderstood again!

He had just prepared to explain, but Yu Yuan said first, “Sorry to interrupt you.” His tone was completely incomparable with the sentence. After speaking, he directly closed the door and left.

After the door closed again, Shi Cheng said took joy in other people’s misfortune, “Your little lover seems angry.”

Chu Ci withdrew his sight and gave him a cold look.

Then, he unknowingly took out a gun, and within a second, the gun pressed against Shi Cheng’s forehead.

Chu Ci said with a sneer, “Five seconds have passed.”

Shi Cheng finally released his confining and stood upright because of the gun in his forehead. However, he still had a playful smile on his face.

After Shi Cheng let go, Chu Ci slowly stood up and stared at Shi Cheng, he poked the other person’s head with the gun’s muzzle on his hand and said indifferently, “I will stop here today. I’m very busy, I suggest you can get away.”

Shi Cheng shrugged his shoulders and said, “I originally wanted to invite you to lunch. Now it seems impossible. I don’t like the taste of being pointed by the gun.”

After saying that, he turned around and walked to the door. When he opened the door and was about closed it, he suddenly looked at Chu Ci, saying, “I will come again next time, but my love for you will be delivered every day.”

It was not until the door closed that Chu Ci put the gun in his hand on the table with ‘dong’ sound, as if he wanted to cast all the anger on this gun.

This man is really sticky candy.

Chu Ci said angrily, “System, find a way to solve this man.”

The system said, “You should just shot him a moment ago.”

“Although I want to do it, but the target didn’t caught up, I had better knowing my place a bit.”


Shi Cheng stood at the door for a while after walking out of Chu Ci’s office, frowning slightly.

He recalled Ji He’s appearance when he pointed the gun at him just a moment ago. He couldn’t see the slightest emotions in his eyes. The indifferent look was exactly the same as when he had just pursued him.

No, it maybe colder. The most frightful was that even if Chu Ci indifference he actually didn’t even feeling of hate.

Shi Cheng said to himself, “Oh, could it be I play too much this time?”

However, the expression on his face immediately became confident.

Shi Cheng turned around and walked out. When he walked by the floor-to-ceiling window, he caught a glimpse of a beautiful man in a daze, and the the corner of his mouth immediately flashed a playful smile.

Judging from the situation in the office just now, this boy was much closer to Ji He than when he saw it a month ago. The person who was originally unthreatening now seemed to be gradually become threatening.

Snatching people from elders at a young age, it was really unpleasant.


Yu Yuan walked outside irritably after leaving the office, and unconsciously walked into the garden. At the moment, the sun really calmed his emotions a lot.

He then sat down on a chair in the garden.

Yu Yuan stayed for a while and then took out the marriage certificate from his bag.

He opened the small red book and looked at it.

This was the first time he looked at this photo after he got it. Only then did he find that the two men in the photo were like enemies.

Yu Yuan stared at Ji He in that photo for a long time, the more he looked the more chaotic his thoughts.

He had to put the book on the table in front of him, but his hand began to play with the ring that Ji He gave him at that time unconsciously. Recalling what had just happened, his thoughts began to diverge.

When did Shi Cheng come? Did the two do anything else before he entered the office?

Yu Yuan found that whenever he thought of the ambiguous posture of the two men, his heart seemed to fall into the ice cellar instantly. At the same time, he wanted to directly pick up the gun to kill this person named Shi Cheng.

This feeling caught him off guard. He never thought he would do this for a man.

No, he need to go for a walk and figure this out.


Chu Ci put the gun back in the drawer. He didn’t in the mood to deal with things anymore. Thinking of Yu Yuan’s tone, he decided to go find him.

He was already an experienced person, so this matter must be explained clearly, otherwise it would affect the emotional development of the two people.

This man should be in the room, right?

When Chu Ci returned to the room, he only saw half sorted out’s things placing on the bed, and Yu Yuan had long disappeared.

He seems to be really angry.

Chu Ci quickly walked out of the room, and when he saw a subordinate, he put away his emotions and asked, “Where is the madam?”

The other party immediately replied, “Madam said that he wanted to go out for a stroll just a moment ago, he probably already out now.”

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