Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

17) Chapter 54.1 ♬

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Chapter 54: I Became Eunuch (3.8)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci looked around. There was no place to hide in the Bie Courtyard, which mean Moqi Sui was not here.

After thinking of this, he rushed out of the courtyard again and chose a path that Moqi Sui was most likely to take.

Chu Ci kept walking along the path until he arrived at the pond where An Ning drowned. He stopped on the stone bridge and subconsciously looked inside.

Fortunately, it was nothing like he imagined. He worried that Moqi Sui would use the same way as he had lost his memory to restore his memory. Thinking of this Chu Ci suddenly had a bottom in his heart.

Moqi Sui has always been very obedient. This time leaving, he maybe restored his memory. After all, the system told him in advance that the target was probably recover within two days, and the most likely time was today. If Moqi Sui still doesn’t recover today, he may became an abolish crown prince tomorrow. It would be difficult for him to get the throne by then. The most important thing was that the information given by the system about this process wouldn’t take the place.

Chu Ci contemplated at the side of the pond for a while, and then started to walk back along the original path. He was still hurt, he also tired and hungry now.

Since Moqi Sui’s memory had restored, he must have his own things to deal with when he went out alone, so he would wait for him to come back in the Bie Courtyard. Anyway, his life was bound to Moqi Sui. So long as he was still living in this world, then Moqi Sui was certainly well.

Chu Ci returned to the Bie Courtyard and couldn’t wait to take the food out of the meal box. Of course, he didn’t forget to leave a ration for Moqi Sui while he was wolfing down the food to fill his stomach.

After eating and drinking, Chu Ci sat on the chair and touched his stomach. After a while, he got up and put Moqi Sui’s food into the meal box. He lazily went to the bed and lay down, prepared to take a daily nap.

His body hadn’t recovered yet, coupled with the lack of sleep last night, he could just take advantage of Moqi Sui’s absence to get a proper sleep to raise his spirit and recuperate. If Moqi Sui came back later, he might going to serve until late.

Chu Ci heard that Moqi Sui had been smart since childhood, so he won the favor of the emperor. Even if he was establish as a crown prince at a young age, everyone accepted it wholeheartedly. Once this person had returned to normal, the lies that he said before might not able to control him, and by then he would suffer.

While he was rejoicing for his new life that was about to come, Chu Ci also worried about the attitude of Moqi Sui at that time, and he unconsciously sank into a dream.

At this moment, a little eunuch ran into the empress’ palace in a hurry. He soon ran out again, and then rushed into the empress’ palace with the second prince. Not long after the second prince entered, there were the sound of things breaking inside, and the entire empress’ palace suddenly became lively. Chu Ci who was far away in the remote Bie Courtyard, didn’t know anything about it.

Chu Ci slept for two hours, and then woken up by the hazy female voice in his ears.

“An Ning gonggong…An Ning gonggong, His Highness the crown prince is come!”

Chu Ci felt it was so noisy that he had to open his eyes and looked at it, only to see Luo Mei who said that she would change master not long ago was standing by the bedside and looking at him.

After Luo Mei saw An Ning woke up, she immediately ridiculed, “It seems that I was misjudge you. It turned out that An Ning gonggong is also a person who will enjoy. You even dare to sleep on His Highness’ bed.”

Chu Ci sat up from the bed and wiped his face to make himself clear-headed. He looked at Luo Mei without panic of being caught in the act, and said unhurriedly, “The two of us are no better than each other.”

Luo Mei was obviously not here to catch some information to be used against him. She also knew that what she had done was not better, so she waved his hand to An Ning and said, “Don’t worry, I’m just kidding with you.”

Chu Ci slowly went out of bed and said, “Then what’s the matter?”

He doesn’t think this woman had nothing to do and came back to make fun of him, a man without authority and power.

Luo Mei didn’t care about Chu Ci’s indifference. She suddenly said flatteringly, “An Ning gonggong, I has already said to momo that I don’t plan to go to the second prince. Let’s get along well in the future.”

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows and felt that Luo Mei’s attitude seemed to be very questionable. While put on his clothes, he said, “Luo Mei, what happened for you suddenly said this? It’s okay to go to the second prince, I’ll take care of His Highness.”

After speaking, Chu Ci’s hands that arranged the clothes suddenly paused. He thought of Moqi Sui who had not returned yet until now.

Could it be Luo Mei heard some news there?

Chu Ci looked at Luo Mei and said in probe, “Have you heard any gossip?”

Luo Mei patted Chu Ci and rebuked, “Is this still unspeakable news? It’s spread widely in the entire palace now, and anyone in the palace know that the crown prince has regained his wisdom. I see not long ago that the whole world already know the matter of abolishing the crown prince has been dropped.” Then she whispered in Chu Ci’s ear as if afraid of being heard, “I heard that the second prince was furious in the empress’ palace and breaking many things.”

Chu Ci was a little relieved after he determined that Moqi Sui had recovered, he said, “Where is the crown prince now?”

Luo Mei said in surprise, “Don’t tell me you don’t know about it yet?”

Chu Ci didn’t conceal it, he felt a little ashamed and touched his head, before said with a smile, “Isn’t I going to the imperial kitchen to take the crown prince’s lunch at noon. When I came back, I found him gone. I’m looking for him everywhere, but I didn’t find him. Then I have a short rest up until now because I was too tired.”

Luo Mei smiled, “It’s okay. Anyway, I’m now a maidservant of the Bie Courtyard. If I’m not guess wrong, we will go to the crown prince’s palace to serve His Highness the crown prince.”

Just after Luo Mei’s words fell, a lot of people’s voices came from outside the Bie Courtyard, and soon a row of eunuchs and palace maids appeared in their sight.

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