Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

16) Chapter 9.1 ♬

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Chapter 9: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.9)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci has been staying inseparably with Xuan Lin these days. Xuan Lin’s original sickly body was recovered at a rapid rate. The target can have the healthy body and eat the food that he desirous of in one or two months.

At downstairs, the housekeeper prepared breakfast as usual.

At this time, He Wen and Yu Shuyao haven’t got up yet.

Xuan Lin walked to the front of dining table. When he saw the food on the table, he paused and wrinkled his eyebrows.

“Housekeeper, asked the chef to cook a bowl of pork porridge for me.”

Chu Ci stepped forward and looked at the table. The breakfast above was the same as the previous two days, all was the food that Yu Shuyao liked to eat.

In order to accompany Yu Shuyao, the Little White-flower specially ordered the housekeeper to do this, and Chu Ci has been accompanied him eating it for two days.

Chu Ci never picky about food, he sat down and then began to eat. The Little Wild-flower Xuan Lin sat there waiting for his porridge.

While he was eating, Chu Ci’s eyes didn’t stop for a moment. His gaze constantly drifted to Xuan Lin who calmly looked at the food on the table without touch even a bite.

Chu Ci swallowed the food in his mouth and asked, “Do your tastes the same as him?”


“But he had eaten these things on the table very happily with Yu Shuyao these past two days.”

Xuan Lin snorted coldly, “He is stupid.”

Chu Ci curled his lips and said, “Both are you. Are you scolding yourself?”

Xuan Lin raised his eyebrows and said, “Don’t want to eat?”

Tsk, even threatened people to not eat meal. Chu Ci turned his head to make himself not look at the other person’s face.

Half an hour later, the housekeeper brought up the pork porridge that Xuan Lin wanted. Chu Ci also turned around when he heard the movement, he looked at that bowl of light porridge with green onions sprinkled on the surface.

Chu Ci glanced at the greasy or sweet breakfast in front of him, and suddenly a bit coveted the porridge in Xuan Lin’s hand. While chewing the pancake in his mouth, his gaze flickered to the front of Xuan Lin. He only had sweet soy milk and sweet potato porridge here, he doesn’t very fond of sweet.

“Want to eat?”

Chu Ci blinked his eyes and said, “What?”

Xuan Lin didn’t immediately answer, but asked, “Do you like my breakfast or breakfast on the table?”

Chu Ci looked at the food on the table and then looked at the food in front of Xuan Lin, he liked all. But he certainly couldn’t say that at this time.

He pushed the bowl in front of him to the side, and said while smiled, “Your breakfast!”

Xuan Lin suddenly smiled helplessly, “You lied.”

Seeing his flatter was hopeless, Chu Ci had to pick up his sweet soy milk and take a sip.

“Housekeeper, give Doctor An a bowl of porridge.”

A minute after Xuan Lin’s words fell, the housekeeper came out with a bowl of porridge the same as Xuan Lin.

Chu Ci looked at the pork porridge in front of him, and his opinion about the black-belly Xuan Lin changed instantly. He had a few contact with him before, and now he found that he was still quite humane.

After took a mouthful of porridge, Chu Ci finally solved the greasy and sweet taste in his mouth.

Until they finished have breakfast, Chu Ci and Xuan Lin didn’t see the other two addition people in the home got up. The two of them stood up and then directly went to the company.

“What should I do?”

“I’ll let you do whatever you want.”

“That’s simple.”

This was the first time Chu Ci went to Xuan Lin’s company. When he stood in front of the company and looked up at the building that was piercing into the sky, he was somewhat stunned, and stopped his footsteps directly.

He can finally enter this kind of building! Excited, excited!

As he stunned by the building in front of him, Chu Ci completely forgot to move his feet.

Xuan Lin waited for him to move, and when he see him motionless, he pulled his wrist and walked inside the building.

Chu Ci was still completely unaware and pulled by Xuan Lin.

At this time, it was the rush hour of work, and the interaction between the two of them fell into the eyes of passing employees.

Xuan Lin said while pulled Chu Ci, “Secretary An, can you stop drooling at my company building?”

Chu Ci returned to his senses, and touched the corner of his mouth, there was nothing at all.

“This building is so spectacular!”

After Xuan Lin pulled Chu Ci into his private elevator, he smiled lightly and said, “Where are you from, Secretary An?”

Chu Ci immediately searched the memory of the original owner and said, “C City.”

Xuan Lin looked helplessly at the person in front of him, he couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and touch his head.

The elevator soon arrived at Xuan Lin’s office, which was twice as large as Xuan family’s study room, and the French window overlooking the whole city.

As soon as Xuan Lin entered the office, he pulled Chu Ci to the sofa at the side and pointed his finger to the notebook on the table, “I have a lot of things to deal with. You can play here. I will give you that computer, and you can play games to pass the time. You can also move freely inside office.”

Chu Ci looked at the computer with great interesting. He saw Xuan Lin used it at home, he didn’t expect Xuan Lin would take the initiative to give him one to play.

Because it was his first time in contact with a computer, Chu Ci can only look at the memory of the original owner.

Seeing in An Hong’s memory he often played card games, Chu Ci clicked the place where the card games were located according to his memory. However, when he opened the corresponding folder of the computer in front of him, he found that it was empty......

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