Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

16) Chapter 53.2 ♬

Chapter 53 Part 2:

Chu Ci looked helplessly at the person in front of him. How could this man come up with such words? Is this man really self-taught?

Chu Ci moved his body and didn’t want to get up at all. He thought of this cry piteously for food person at the bedside and discussed, “If you are hungry today, endure it first.”

“Okay!” Moqi Sui said with a depended expression.

Chu Ci laid back naturally on the bed and blocked his face with the quilt, “You can play by yourself, and waiting for me to rest well, then I will find you something to eat.”

He doesn’t know how long he was lying down, and Moqi Sui didn’t say anything about his stomach, but his belly began to protest first.

He forgot that he was the same as Moqi Sui who wanted to eat three meals. Even Moqi Sui didn’t say that he was hungry, but his stomach forced him to get up to find food.

Chu Ci opened the quilt and saw a certain person who still propped up at the bedside and stared at him. He gritted his teeth.

The above stipulated that this man couldn’t leave the Bie Courtyard, so it was impossible for him to help him get a meal.

Chu Ci wobblingly sat up from the bed. Sure enough, he still had to do his own clothes and food.

When he was about to get up, he suddenly met Moqi Sui’s eyes, and this man looked at his crotch with two fiery eyes.

Chu Ci lifted his leg and stepped on this man’s face, “Don’t look at it.” He had a sense of inferiority about his incomplete body.

Moqi Sui was not angry, he raised his hand to take away the feet on his face and praised, “A-Ci looks so beautiful.”

Chu Ci glared at him and said, “Bring my clothes and pants.”

Moqi Sui immediately and obediently took the clothes that he picked up and set aside in the morning to the bed.

Chu Ci quickly put on his pants and cut off the line of sight of this little scoundrel.

He put on his clothes and got out of bed. He said while walking towards the door, “I’m going to get lunch, don’t run around and wait for me!”

Moqi Sui nodded obediently and kept watching Chu Ci walked out until he closed the gate and his line of sight disconnected.

After he couldn’t see the person that he liked, Moqi Sui’s face was melancholy, and he walked slowly into the room.

He suddenly frowned when he was about to go up the steps. Then he stretched out his hand and hitting his head.


Chu Ci’s injury was serious and not serious, all the pain was weakened under the influence of his primordial spirit, so it was not difficult to get a lunch.

He met Luo Mei who hadn’t been seen for a long time just after he stepped out of the Bie Courtyard’s range.

This girl was even less concerned about the matter of the Bie Courtyard since he came. He only saw her shadow in three or five days.

Luo Mei was a girl who liked to talk. After seeing an acquaintance, she greeted him first.

“Oh, isn’t this An Ning gonggong of the Bie Courtyard? I see your look is not so good today.”

Chu Ci smiled and nodded his head, “I didn’t sleep well last night.”

Luo Mei immediately said curiously, “Are you going to the dining room? I will go there too. Let’s go together.”

Chu Ci shook his head and said, “No, I will go to the imperial kitchen to get His Highness’ lunch.”

Luo Mei astonished, “Are you still waiting for that fool?”

Chu Ci smiled and said, “This is my job.”

Luo Mei said with an expression of hate iron for not becoming steel, “Isn’t our job as servants precisely to curry favor with the powerful master ah!”

Chu Ci was so hungry now, he could only shake his head and said, “Everyone has their own pursuits. I will leave first, His Highness didn’t eat breakfast and must be hungry.”

However, Luo Mei seemed to be in a special mood. She took out a certain amount of money while following Chu Ci, “Do you know how I get this?”

Chu Ci said as he hurried on the road, “After you speak, I’ll know it.”

Luo Mei patted the uninteresting Chu Ci and said, “You have been in the Bie Courtyard for a long time, and getting less and less news. I heard that the emperor is agree to re-establish the crown prince at the request of the officials in the court hall today. I’m afraid that the imperial decree is going to be announced tomorrow morning, and the new crown prince is undoubtedly the second prince. Today, the second prince is happy, and he rewards the people. I happen to get one. Sigh, you really don’t have this blessing.”

After Luo Mei said her own thing, she no longer walked happily with Chu Ci, and said, “You hurriedly spend some money and let the chief in charge of eunuchs to transfer you to a new master, I will go to the second prince’s palace tomorrow.”

Luo Mei’s words shocked Chu Ci.

The crown prince would be abolish tomorrow. According to the system’s words, Moqi Sui maybe back to normal today.

He doesn’t know what method would be used.

Thinking of this, Chu Ci speed up his pace of going to the imperial kitchen regardless of his physical discomfort. He had to go early and return early.

Chu Ci hurriedly walked to the Bie Courtyard with the meal box in his hands.

He was inexplicably uneasy when he saw the wide open door of the Bie Courtyard from far away. In the past, when someone came to see Moqi Sui, they usually opened a small gap, seemed to be worried that the fool inside would run out. Today’s door was completely open, as if telling the people outside that it was free, and that there was no one being locked and couldn’t come out.

Chu Ci frowned and quickly run into the Bie Courtyard. He immediately called out after entered the door, “His Highness? Moqi Sui?”

However, the courtyard was extremely quiet, there was only his shouting, but no one answered.

Chu Ci put the meal box on the table and looked around the room. The room was still the same as when he had just left.

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