My Pet Is a Holy Maiden

15 - Deprived By a Devil


”Yes, what?”

Tatsumi pulled up a bucket filled with water from the well and poured it in the bucket he brought with him.

Then he threw the water well bucket back into the well. After confirming that the bucket completely sank down, he once again began to draw it up.

Verse, who was standing behind Tatsumi waiting for his turn finally asked Tatsumi who was busy repeating the same actions over and over again.

“Why are you, of all people working as a temple assistant?”

“Why? Well….This is our job right?”

The job that was assigned to Verse and him today was to transport the water drawn from the well.

Just like yesterday after Tatsumi went to Bogart’s place Bogart simply grinned at him for a while and then gave him the water transportation job.

“From what I saw yesterday, you won’t mind if I give you some heavy lifting works right?”

After Bogart explained the procedures to Tatsumi, he collected the water bucket meant for transportation and the shoulder carrying pole. After that he headed for the back garden where the well was.

He met up with Verse on his way. It seems like he too was assigned the same job today.

“No I mean, Your wife…Well, the person who’s going to become your wife earns quite a lot right? So even if you don’t work as an assistant like this….rather, even if you didn’t work at all wouldn’t it be enough for you to live a good life?”

“Err. For me to let only Chiiko work while I do nothing…I, I really don’t have the intention to become a gigolo you know.”


“Ah right. In this wor-….I mean, In this country do they not call men who don’t work pushing all the work on the women’s shoulder ‘Gigolo’?”

“Nope, there is no such term. Certainly people look down on men who don’t work making their wife do all the earning, but that’s not the case if the wife is a magician. Magician’s are special after all.”

According to Verse, a Magician won’t be troubled financially with just that.

Even if it was only a small magic that could only be used to light candles or a stove. The townsfolk would employ it in exchange for money, daily necessities, or foodstuff.

Unlike Tatsumi’s world this world didn’t have things like lighters so if that work could be done with magic then of course it would be convenient. Moreover, if one could use the spell [Light Orb] then at night they could sell those light orbs as ‘Lamps’ to people. One can earn quite a bit over night.

While listening to the standpoint of magicians in this country Tatsumi continued to draw water from the well and pour it in the water bucket.

“Well yeah, I guess the amount of things I can do is very limited but…but even if I can help Chiiko out just a little, I’ll still do it.”

“Is that so. Well I don’t hate that kind of mindset ya know? Do what you can and help out your wife.”


After responding to Verse’s encouragement, Tatsumi was fired up as he carried the poles on his shoulder.

The pole which had two large water buckets suspended on both sides was of course very heavy. But just like yesterday’s case, it didn’t feel that heavy at all.

While being a bit confused about his own body, Tatsumi concentrated on his work.

After seeing off Tatsumi, it was now Verse’s turn to draw up the water but then he realized something.

“Now that I think about it, why does that guy call the <<Holy Maiden>> ‘Chiiko’?”


The pole with two suspended buckets filled with water was supposed to be heavy.

Nevertheless, Tatsumi did not feel it. As if the buckets were empty, Tatsumi continued to transport the water.

The destinations were the Kitchen and the Bath. Because the bath was quite large and it needed a huge amount of water, he had to make quite a few round trips.

Though the other Junior Priests who had the same duty as Tatsumi and Verse were already on their last breaths after a few round trips, they looked at Tatsumi in wonder as he continued on quite easily.

Tatsumi himself couldn’t help but be bewildered at his own body just like yesterday.

And it was the same when he thought about the violent feeling of exhaustion he felt after work the day before. As Calcedonia said it, the symptoms were like when a novice magician completely depletes his mana, but of course, Tatsumi has no recollection of using any magic. Moreover, Tatsumi didn’t know how to use magic in the first place.

At first he thought it was a body correction he acquired after crossing over worlds but now that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Even though he thought of many possibilities, after Tatsumi judged that none seemed appropriate, he turned his mind towards another topic.

“I’ll be living with Chiiko from now…..T-Together….”

Even though no one asked him, he muttered.

In his mind the visage of a wonderful maiden with white hair floated up.

A slim figure. But with a soft plump body. Extremely beautiful and well ordered looks. A clear voice like ringing chimes.

And the thing that was etched into his mind the most were the pair of –by no means too large but still on a level where it could be called as ‘huge’– voluptuous breasts, which of course were totally to his tastes.

The reason why that was the most memorable was of course for someone going through puberty like him it’s the thing that keenly interests him.

Even though Tatsumi would be living together under the same room with her in the near future. Tatsumi himself agreed to this. Though a part of him just went along with the flow– it would be a lie if he claimed he truly wasn’t nervous at all.

He was a bit mindful of the fact that a few high standing people starting with Giuseppe, wanted him to marry Calcedonia.

Of course it wasn’t like he disliked Calcedonia.

There’s the fact that Calcedonia claims she’s the reincarnation of Chiiko, which shouldn’t be false. But most importantly, when someone shows that much devotion and goodwill towards you there’s no way you could hate them.

Furthermore, her appearance hit the bull’s eyes for Tatsumi’s personal tastes. As a man, there’s no way his heart wouldn’t flutter in this sort of situation.

But the reason why he feels nervous after all of that, would in the end be because of the sudden reality of marriage bashed into him right from the beginning.

Just a few days ago, Tatsumi almost got tired of living. Then suddenly telling Tatsumi to get married, it’s like telling him a pun he didn’t get.

All the more so when that marriage partner of his is someone whom he met only a few days ago.

Anyone’s mental state would become like Tatsumi’s if they were suddenly extorted into an arranged marriage meeting and then suddenly learns their marriage has been decided.

Well, Tatsumi already thought of Calcedonia as family.

The last remaining family of Tatsumi, the small and adorable Chiiko. Even if Calcedonia is simply Chiiko’s reincarnation, and her actions and air only matches with Chiiko’s from his past world, and even if her figure has changed. She’s still Tatsumi’s family Chiiko.

And that’s not the only thing that bugs him.

That is, if one had to say it in modern terms, Calcedonia was something sort of a Top Idol for the people of this world.

She’s the Holy Maiden who’s name spread far and wide, not limited to this city alone. If that idol suddenly married someone they’d never even heard of before, a lot of random speculations and crazy rumors would certainly begin to spread.

Tatsumi is worried that their marriage might negatively effect her standing and image in the future.

“….Well, for now I don’t really have any other means of living other than to rely on Chiiko……”

Though he had finally obtained a bit of standing in this world, it’s not like he could live on with just that. Then, the status he obtained was because of Giuseppe’s kindness.

“………….Well in the end it seems Chiiko herself is delighted so….It’s okay right?”

When he was in the city yesterday with Calcedonia, she looked really happy while buying their living-wares.

If, by any chance that was all an act, without a single doubt Tatsumi would never trust another woman in his whole life.

It would be a different story if Calcedonia herself was against the marriage, but it seems like she herself couldn’t look more forward to it.

Then without thinking too much, let’s just happily live under the same roof with Chiiko, in times with me supporting her, and in times with her supporting me. [Marriage] is also a form of being family.

And this time, no matter what happens, Tatsumi swore to protect his family.

As Tatsumi was thinking all that, he adjusted the pole on his shoulder and headed for the bath.

He didn’t notice at all that he was being watched by a sharp, malicious glare.


Calcedonia was walking through the temple hallway calmly with her usual stern expression.

But she stopped and turned around when her name was called suddenly by a familiar voice.

After she turned around, a familiar figure stood in front of her.

Seeing that person, her stern expression softened.

“I want to ask you something….Do you have some free time now?”

“Yes. I don’t mind.”

It was kind of awkward to talk while standing, so they headed for the courtyard of the temple.

The courtyard of the temple is a place where believers gather for meets. There were people gathered together in group here and there and they were chatting on various everyday matters.

If someone famous like the <<Holy Maiden>> Calcedonia suddenly appeared there, then obviously their attention would shift to her.

Moreover, she was walking together with a man. Seeing that, the believers began to whisper various speculations to each other.

Of course, there were some among them who were gazing at Calcedonia enchantingly.

As if she was used to all these whispers and gazes, Calcedonia threw her chest out and continued on.

After spotting some empty stools in one corner of the courtyard, Calcedonia and the person with her sat down.

“Then, what would you like to ask?”

“….You’ve recently gone out of the temple to prepare a house right?”

The person asked the question as if it was something very hard to ask, but Calcedonia softly smiled and replied

“Yes. That’s correct. Did you hear it from grandfather?”

“No, I didn’t directly hear it from his holiness though……”

“Well what you have heard is correct. And I am going to live together with a certain gentleman.”

Thinking of the person who she will live together, she showed a truly delighted expression while visibly being bashful.

And when the person beside her saw that glamorous smile, his heart churned in anguish, and he certainly felt something dark being born in his depth.

“T-The man you’ll be living together is him right…..? The boy that came to the temple together with you a few days ago and started working as a Junior priest yesterday…..”

“Yes, that’s right. You have also met him right? That person…It is precisely that person who I have always been yearning for.”

And She radiantly smiled once again. And his heart also creaked again.

“……Are you…serious…….?”


“A person…of your status, someone who is even called the <<Holy Maiden>> of our temple, for you to be together with a mere Junior Priest like him….Do you really think you can obtain happiness like that!?”

He said it with an expression not like his usual kind self. While Calcedonia noticed he wasn’t acting like himself, she didn’t remove the smile nor the happy expression from her face and clearly said to him

“No, it’s a bit different than that. Well, actually it might not be different at all. That person isn’t the one who is going to make me happy, It’s the opposite. I am the one who is going to make that person happy. And…..And if that person can become happy, than that in itself for me will be the highest level of happiness I can ever obtain.”

Tatsumi, he’s someone who experienced a bitter past. And Calcedonia summoned him to this world in order to guide that person to happiness.

If Tatsumi could have led a happy life in his past world, then she wouldn’t have been able to summon him. Certainly reuniting with Tatsumi once more was her dearest wish, but it wasn’t something she should be fulfilling even if it meant completely destroying Tatsumi’s everyday life in his previous world.

“Living side by side with that person is the greatest happiness for me.”

“Is that so….that decision…You aren’t going to change it huh….”

Compared to Calcedonia who had a smile like the blossom of hundreds of flowers, the man had his head lowered and used both his hands to cover his face.

Crestfallen, both his shoulders…No, his entire body began to tremble violently.

“W-What’s wrong…?”

Calcedonia instinctively frowned after sensing his strange atmosphere.

The first time she met him was when Giuseppe adopted her. After that, she’s known him for a long time. And the man in her memories always had a calm personality with a kind smile.

And that kind person was emitting such a bizarre aura. Calcedonia sensed an abnormal sight, and was about to reach out for his trembling shoulders.

It was at that moment that she suddenly realized the man was grumbling something in a small voice while facing the ground.


An ominous voice as if it was coming from the pit of abyss. Calcedonia immediately retracted her hands and reflexively stood up.

“…..You….It can’t be….”

A trembling voice escaped from Calcedonia’s beautiful lips.

As if responding to her voice, the man finally lifted up his head and looked at her with eyes filled with madness. He floated a sickening grin.

“Calcedonia…..I won’t hand you over to anyone…You are….You are mine alone…..”

His motionless eyes which were staring at Calcedonia glowed in an inhuman Red colour.

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