Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

15) Chapter 71.1 ♬

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Chapter 71: Marked by Beastman (4.8)


Translator: Mimi

The woman at the gate shouted in disregard of her image because no one pay attention to her. She seemed to notice that someone came when Chu Ci was about to reach the gate, only then she stopped. The surroundings were instantly quiet.

Chu Ci raised his hand and pressed the button to open the door. The big iron gate slowly opened from both sides.

Suddenly, a strange smell was blown in along the opening of the gate. Chu Ci didn’t know what the smell was, as it right away disappeared. He inhaled, the air was very fresh, as if it was just an illusion.

He wondered whether he had smelled something strange when he came out to take things before.

The gate was almost fully opened, Chu Ci came out from the side and saw a woman as tall as him standing at the doorway.

This was the original female lead. Although Lian Cen encountered rotten peach blossoms in very world, most peach blossoms do look like peach blossoms.

Although the woman in front of him was a beastman as tall as him, her figure was still based on the proportion of beautiful women, so she doesn’t feel abrupt, but Chu Ci stood in front of her felt pressure because of her height.

When Hong Ming saw the gate open, she was surprised at first, but when she saw who opened the gate, her surprise immediately fleeting.

She sized up the human alpha in front of her and said, “It turns out he want to get through the estrus period this way?”

Chu Ci looked at Hong Ming who was not far away. Although she looked pretty, but when he thought that she came to snatch his man, he immediately filled with scorn. He pretended to say calmly, “Sir Lian Cen said to let you leave, he won’t see you.”

Hong Ming touched her long hair and said, “You let him come out to meet me. I won’t leave unless he tells me face to face. You said these can be completely fabricated, I don’t believe that he will be this heartless to me.”

Chu Ci frowned, he didn’t expect that this woman actually belong to the difficult type. He remembered that the woman was refused by Lian Cen because she was two-timing before marriage, but she actually still dare to come to their door in such easy-mannered.

Thinking of Lian Cen encountered the scum woman in every world, Chu Ci suddenly wondered what he was and why he had to experience this kind of thing in each world. He believed that this probability was definitely not accidental, there must be some inside story, and the system certainly knew this. But think about it, he knew that the system wouldn’t say it.

Lian Cen was in rut at the moment, he certainly couldn’t come out to meet this woman. Women was a big taboo.

When Chu Ci was trying to figure out how to drive away the woman in front of him, the strange smell that he smelled just a moment ago suddenly once again smelled by him.

Chu Ci doesn’t like this smell and couldn’t help frowning. As he was thinking about where it came from, he suddenly remembered what happened yesterday. He seemed to have experienced the same scene yesterday.

He immediately understood what happened and violently looking at the person in front of him. He quickly shouted in his mind, “System! This Hong Ming also has a strange smell on her body, but the smell is different from Lian Cen’s, is she in heat!”

The system didn’t answer immediately. After being quiet for a while, the system suddenly said seriously, “I just checked, this woman is indeed in heat, so she will try her best to approach Lian Cen, because no matter whether Lian Cen in rut or not, she can also make him enter the estrus period with her pheromone.” The system said ironically, “This woman was originally the kind of person who didn’t look back regardless of the target’s infatuation after two-timing. At the moment, she actually want to turn back and even want to use the estrus period to tie Lian Cen. As expected, the things that you can’t get is the best.”

“It turns out the pheromone that men and women emitting during the estrus period are different. Fortunately, I realize it and ask you first. Then I can’t let her meet Lian Cen.” After speaking to the system, Chu Ci began to step back slowly. At the same time, he reassured, “Then, you wait for a while, I will call out Sir Lian Cen.”

Qin An’s memory told him that beastmans had strong fighting strength regardless of men or women, and human alpha was rarely able to fight with bare hands. Therefore, he was ready to deceive this woman and lock the gate after entering.

Chu Ci believed that the reason why this courtyard had such a high wall was definitely useful, and the iron gate was obviously very strong.

He pretended to walk inside the gate calmly, and then walked to the side switch and pressed the close button.

The system advised in his mind, “I think let this woman go up in this world is actually also good for this woman, much easier than you go. You can consider take a look.”

Chu Ci looked at the iron gate that slowly closing, resolutely said, “No, I will never give the person I like to others!”

The system persuaded, “Are you forgot Moqi Sui? You are a fickle radish like this.”

Chu Ci paused undetectably and said, “Fickle radish just fickle radish, I think clearly. I’m confused in the previous world, it’s still questionable whether I can live until final, so I decided to cherish the present. Anyway, each one is a beauty.”

He looked at the iron gate that slowly closing and urged in his heart, “Hurry up, hurry up.” He now wished he could push it with his hands.

Seeing that the iron gate was about to close, suddenly a hand stretched in. The iron gate belonged to the intelligent type, and when it was blocked like this, it immediately opened again.

The woman who was originally waiting outside took the initiative to go forward, she looked at him and said, “After thinking, I feel that it’s better for me to go in and find him myself. After all, I’m the one in the wrong first, I should take the initiative.” As she was speaking, she lifted her feet and want to go inside.

Chu Ci looked at the woman, as she was about to come in, he immediately walked over and reached out to block her body that wanted to move forward.

Hong Ming paused and looked at the hand that obstructing her, “Are you stopping me?”

Chu Ci pretended to be respectful and said, “I’m sorry, I was instructed that no one can be allowed to enter during this time, especially women. If you go in, I won’t be able to get the job done. Please wait a moment here.”

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