Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

15) Chapter 53.1 ♬

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Chapter 53: I Became Eunuch (3.7)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci frowned.

He glanced at the incense burner that had burned out on the table. He didn’t expect it to work so well.

“Oh, you have reach this stage after several days not meet? Really congratulations.”

The system’s voice appeared in Chu Ci’s mind without warning.

It was rare to meet the system, Chu Ci put his attention on Moqi Sui aside first.

“Are you still really busy today?”

System: “Yes, what’s the matter for you to leave me a message?”

Thinking of his own question, Chu Ci quickly said, “I just want to ask you when the target will return to normal?” Chu Chu paused for a while and he seemed gnashing his teeth as he said, “Or has he recovered?”

“Wait for me to check.” After finished speaking, the system was quiet for a while before saying, “His recovery is within these two days. Because you are involved in many things, there will be subtle change, so I can’t determine the time. As for your doubts, it must be just the first sign of Moqi Sui almost recover. He is now more better every second than the last one.”

After listening to the system’s explanation, only then Chu Ci understood clearly and said, “That’s good.” It seemed that he had to pay more attention in these two days.

Chu Ci returned to his senses and glanced at Moqi Sui. He found that this man was pulling his clothes. He quickly reached out and stopped him as he said in alert, “What are you doing?”

Moqi Sui saw that the clothes were pulled away by Chu Ci, then suddenly raised his hand and pushed Chu Ci to the door. After fixing the person, he leaned down and rubbed against Chu Ci’s cheek, “A-Ci’s body is so cool and comfortable.”

Moqi Sui rubbed against the side of Chu Ci’s neck non-stop like a puppy. Chu Ci’s brows began to wrinkle and tighten more and more.

The situation now seemed somewhat bad!

He quickly asked the system for help, “System, are you still there? Help me find a way of how to solve this drug.”

The system actually doesn’t leave but he happily gloated, “Isn’t this what you always hoping for? You just solve it yourself.”

The person who was rubbing his cheek started to feel restless. Chu Ci said anxiously, “System, don’t joking, I’m really anxious! Help me find a way.”

If it was possible, Chu Ci also hope that he could help him personally. However, although the time and the place favorable, people were not in harmony. What could an eunuch do?

The system said helplessly, “I also didn’t have a way. The incense that they used is specially made in the palace. I can’t do anything about it. You can either do this indescribable thing yourself or go find him a palace maid.”

At this moment, Moqi Sui couldn’t help but begin to pull down his clothes again. Chu Ci said with somewhat unbelievable, “Didn’t my primordial spirit able to cure all diseases? Is it also useless?”

The system smiled and said mercilessly, “If your primordial spirit is useful in this regard, I’m afraid that the targets of the previous two worlds had become incompetent. Not only it didn’t useful, there is also promotion effect. For example…doing it the whole night until dawn~”

As the system said this, he floated the final sound of his words.

“Oh, I have something to do again. I think you should choose to do it yourself.” The system went silence after it finished speaking.

Chu Ci felt goosebumps at the last words of the system. He looked at his clothes that were about to be pulled down with tangled in his heart, at the same time, he still doubted.

Isn’t the drug property that needs to be solved a little too mysterious?

It must have been exaggerated, I didn’t believe it!

Chu Ci gritted his teeth and pulled Moqi Sui to the bedside, “You bear it, I’ll immediately help you settle it.”

Moqi Sui nodded obediently.

Chu Ci rolled up his sleeves and tried to use a simple way to help this man removed the drug property.

Because he liked the lower temperature of Chu Ci’s body, Moqi Sui happily put his both hands on Chu Ci’s neck and rubbing against him.

Chu Ci tried for a while and found that his simple method doesn’t seem to work.

At the same time, Chu Ci found that his body also had the strange reaction, which never happened before.

Chu Ci was surprised. Although the contents of the incense burner had burned out, its smell in the room had not dispersed. He might also been poisoned by staying here for so long.

However, it was too late when he felt something was wrong.

He gave up struggling. He stood up and sat next to Moqi Sui at the bedside.

Moqi Sui opened his eyes because of Chu Ci’s strike.

“I’ll teach you something fun.” Chu Ci said.


The next day. Chu Ci still lay on the bed. He was tossed to half a life by Moqi Sui this novice and fool last night. The only advantage was that he was not awakened by him again this morning, until he woke up naturally. However, because of tossing last night, his body had not yet fully recovered.

When Chu Ci opened his eyes, Moqi Sui had already got up and dressed well, and his face was refreshing.

He lay on the bedside as usual and looked at Chu Ci. The smile on his face never disappeared, suggested that he was in a good mood.

After Moqi Sui saw Chu Ci woke up, he said, “A-Ci, yesterday’s things are so comfortable, and it’s more comfortable than before. Let’s play every day in the future?”

Chu Ci immediately rewarded him with a sharp look and said, “No next time!”

Moqi Sui was not scared at all, he looked at Chu Ci with a smile and said, “A-Ci, I love you.”

Chu Ci looked at Moqi Sui calmly, he complete doesn’t believe a child’s words, but he was more curious about where he learned these three words. Could it be self-taught to a superb artistic achievement? Or has he recovered after a night?

He concentratedly looked at Moqi Sui, wanting to see something peculiar in his face, but there was really nothing exception besides the smirk that had no intention.

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