Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

14) Chapter 8.1 ♬

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Chapter 8: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.8)


Translator: Mimi

At this critical moment, Chu Ci’s gaze constantly switched between the three people.

Xuan Lin was obviously entangled, Chu Ci startled and said in his mind: Oh no, another personality is going to come out.

In a matter of moment, Xuan Lin’s original hesitant expression and movement were all gone. He smiled and got up, before lifted his hand to take away the brocade box in Yu Shuyao’s hand, with a “pa” sound he closed the box.

“I was too anxious, I’ll take this back today.” There was no emotion in his words.

The emergence of this Little Wild-flower Xuan Lin was the best solution. When Chu Ci saw Yu Shuyao’s expression as if she received amnesty, the idea to change the female lead appeared in his heart for the first time, but it soon dissipated.

Gamble with his life that Xuan Lin would fall in love with other person within a year, he can’t afford it.

After he withdrew the ring, Xuan Lin sat back to his position without burden and smiled, “Just forget it, and continue to eat if you still not full.”

After such frighten and worry, Chu Ci couldn’t eat any more. He turned his head and looked at Yu Shuyao and He Wen, one with a smug face, the other obviously has a load on his mind.

The lunch ended hastily.

“I’m going out!” He Wen said seemed to be alright and ran out after eating.

One less. Chu Ci let out a sigh of relief.

When Yu Shuyao saw He Wen went out, she hurriedly walked to Xuan Lin’s side. Yu Shuyao mischievously moved close in front of him and said, “Is Xuan Lin not happy because the proposal matter?”

Chu Ci looked at Yu Shuyao anxiously. The current Xuan Lin doesn’t like this woman. Wouldn’t he lose his temper with her?

“No.” Xuan Lin unexpectedly changed back to the Little White-flower.

Chu Ci clearly felt that the Little Wild-flower Xuan Lin really not like Yu Shuyao very much. Except for the time to take back the ring from the dining table, he almost didn’t have any direct contact with her. If the Little White-flower really succeeded together with Yu Shuyao, he don’t know what expression this person would has.

Chu Ci put his thought aside and looked at Yu Shuyao who comforted Xuan Lin, unknown whether it was sincere or false. As she was speaking, Yu Shuyao placed her two hands around Xuan Lin’s neck.Chu Ci felt she was going to kiss him. In order to ensure that the target’s love was go on the right path, Chu Ci has no choice but to eat this bowl of poisonous dog food, listened to the two people’s whisperings.

But they didn’t kiss. When Yu Shuyao wanted to kiss him, Xuan Lin shyly pushed her away!

Chu Ci secretly shook his head, according to his experience, this time Xuan Lin should be a little stronger.

However, Yu Shuyao was not surprised that she was being pushed away. She looked at the blushing Xuan Lin, and said with a smile, “Not angry anymore? Xuan Lin, you should properly take care of your healthy first. Now you are in such a good state, just properly take care of your healthy for a year before we fulfill the agreement. A year later, you give me this ring again, okay? Don’t worry about what He Wen said. We don’t need any extravagance. I think the most romantic time is when you promised to let me be your wife.”

Xuan Lin who has always very easy to coax, seemed felt a bit lose regarding this request of Yu Shuyao. He was silent for a while, before said, “What if I can’t live until next year?”

Yu Shuyao quickly covered his mouth and rebuked, “Don’t say such unlucky words. You have hold on for so many years. Moreover, you are getting better and better now. You are so good, the God wouldn’t take you away...”

Chu Ci has no choice but to admire Yu Shuyao for set the agreement too timely, she really didn’t have to marry Xuan Lin if she waiting for another year.

When the atmosphere of the two people was quiet because of Yu Shuyao’s words, her cellphone suddenly rang.

The three people in the living room immediately pulled back to reality.

Yu Shuyao looked at her cellphone and didn’t immediately pick it up. Instead, she walked upstairs while said, “I’m go to answer the phone.”

Chu Ci curled his lips, such a secret phone call most likely from He Wen.

Xuan Lin was a bit lose as he looked at the distant Yu Shuyao, before went to the garden to take a walk.

Chu Ci was quickly catch up with him, he had to give the Little White-flower a little heart motivation, otherwise he would wither.

“Are you still unhappy?”

Xuan Lin didn’t look back and continued to walk forward, “I always feel that Shuyao doesn’t like me.”

Chu Ci was surprised, how did this person find out?

He pretended to ask calmly: “Why do you say that?”

“I like her and I’m wish that I can marry her immediately, but she doesn’t have such an idea at all.” There was a bit unconfident in Xuan Lin’s tone.

“Yu Shuyao is a woman with ideal, she certainly doesn’t want to be supported by you all her life. Moreover, she is an actress. Marriage may not be very good for a person who is not yet famous. Just let her work hard for her career for a year.” Although Chu Ci knew well the truth in his heart, but he has no choice but to make excuse for her.

Xuan Lin was suddenly no longer speak, and seemed to be considering the authenticity of Chu Ci’s words. After a long silence, he slowly said, “I’m afraid that I won’t live until next year.”

How does he know the number of his lifespan?

Chu Ci pretended to be surprise, “How is it possible?”

Xuan Lin sighed, “I went to the hospital the day before you came. The doctor said that I have one year of time at most. That is the best situation, it maybe less than a year. Therefore, I want to take advantage of my good healthy now to complete the agreement of that year, so that I will be able to give her the fairness before I left. Only then she has confidence when she enters the entertainment circle. It seems that there is no chance now.”

Chu Ci didn’t expect Xuan Lin to actually think so far, but he couldn’t help but feel somewhat angry when he saw his body so depressed, “It’s when I don’t exist. You are now obviously became better and better. You like Yu Shuyao. Just being bold and at ease to like her!”

Chu Ci spoke generously and bluntly, hope Xuan Lin could understand that his body was really getting better.

“I don’t like Yu Shuyao.” Xuan Lin’s voice suddenly became cold.

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