Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

13) Chapter 52.3 ♬

Chapter 52 Part 3:

Although he didn’t tell Moqi Sui what the meaning of get married, but he kept thinking about how to prevent this marriage in his head.

It was easy to get rid of Xiang Xiyue who had a disloyal heart. But this officially wed’s wife would be a little troublesome.

Moqi Yan certainly wouldn’t let Moqi Sui married a fool. Under the attention of normal people, he certainly couldn’t do anything with Moqi Sui like they were now. Moreover, after this wife married over, so long as she was a bit good to Moqi Sui, according to Moqi Sui’s nature, he would soon had change of affection again.

Chu Ci gritted his teeth. He absolutely couldn’t let this thing happen. In any case, Moqi Sui this life was his.

“System? Are you there?”

Chu Ci subconsciously tried to find his old friend. He had to ask the system roughly when the target would recover, and when Moqi Yan would die.

However, until Chu Ci took out the meal box from the imperial kitchen, he still didn’t receive a response from the system.

Only then he remembered that the system said he would be very busy.

Sigh, then I’ll waiting.


Since the event of the emperor came, no one else came in the Bie Courtyard. The two of them living in the courtyard mutually dependent to one another.

Chu Ci had always been quite normal, on the contrary, Moqi Sui always looked at him with a smile, which seemed to be obscene smile in Chu Ci’s eyes.

He had never got up late since the bathroom incident.

Moqi Sui seemed to open the door to a new world, causing Chu Ci to be woken up by a certain thing every morning.

Then he would be pestered by Moqi Sui to help him solve it.

Chu Ci tried to teach him how he solved it himself, but when he learned, he became a real fool. He couldn’t learn anything, and he cried for himself to solve it. Chu Ci had no choice but to offer his right hand every morning.

Although Moqi Sui began to have a physiological reaction, but he was completely unaware of the matter between men and men, even the matter between men and women. He didn’t know why he like this.

Chu Ci was very happy that he didn’t need to hurt his butt for the time being.

With this hazy relationship, Chu Ci found that this person really depended on him now. He clearly didn’t have contact with other people, but he somehow learned the flirting words.

Today was another good weather.

After eating the meal, Chu Ci climbed to bed and was about to have a nap.

He didn’t allow Moqi Sui to say those corny words during the nap. This man doesn’t speak and quietly looked at him in high spirits on the side.

But Chu Ci was completely immune.

Just as he was about to fall asleep, he heard the sound of the door opened from outside, and Chu Ci quickly jumped out of bed.

Who is come this time?

Chu Ci had just wore his clothes properly and saw an old female servant came in with a palace maid. The palace maid was holding a book in her hands.

After seeing Moqi Sui, the old female servant gave a salute.

“This servant pay respects to His Highness the crown prince. This servant come to teach His Highness the crown prince the matter between men and women at the order of Empress.”

Moqi Sui looked at the two palace maids who suddenly appeared and said, “What is the matter between men and women? Is it fun?”

Chu Ci was also a person who had seen the world, he almost choked as soon as the old female servant said this.

He was just glad that Moqi Sui doesn’t understand this, and someone came to teach him this kind of thing. He a bit wanted to cry.

Chu Ci only hope that Moqi Sui wouldn’t be too clever. After all, the old female servant teached the matter between men and women. Even if he was an eunuch, he was half a man.

He slowly retreated and gave the place to the old female servant. When he walked to the side of the palace maid behind the old female servant, his eyes glanced at the book in her hands.

Oh…Erotic Picture’s Book…

The old female servant took the book from the palace maid’s hands and said with a smile, “The matter between men and women is the most fun thing in the world. If His Highness understand this matter, you will indulge in it if the willpower is not firm.”

Moqi Sui’s eyes immediately glistening as he looked at the old female servant and said firmly, “I want to learn the most fun thing in the world!”

The old female servant put the Erotic Picture’s Book into Moqi Sui’s hands with satisfaction and said, “His Highness turned the book first, and this servant will slowly explain it to you.”

Chu Ci who stood beside the little palace maid, looking at Moqi Sui seriously learned the contents of the book.

He knew from An Ning’s memory that learning about the matter between men and women was not so simple as reading the book and explaining. It seemed that he still need to practice on the spot until he could do it skillfully and easily. Why Moqi Sui here only reading to learn?

The most important thing was that this person still learn with relish.

Chu Ci secretly poked the palace maid next to him and said, “Why is His Highness only reading the book and not doing anything else?”

The palace maid glanced at him and said arrogantly, “This is what Empress instructed, you go ask the empress.”

Chu Ci immediately understood in his heart, this obviously she didn’t want to teach, right? How could an empress be so stingy? She doesn’t want other people to stay even afterwards. But thinking of they unwilling to let off even the foolish person, he also understood clearly.

But looking at Moqi Sui’s seriousness, Chu Ci suddenly felt that this person could learn this matter even if he just read the book.

But Chu Ci’s thoughts turned, thinking of how the target couldn’t learn how to solve it himself and need his help, he was afraid that this matter even more difficult.

Roughly after one burned incense stick of time, the old female servant said, “Your highness has understand, this servant ask to be excused. This book will be left to His Highness. In a few days, Empress has a nice surprise for His Highness.”

After saying this, the two people hurriedly left the Bie Courtyard. It seemed that they doesn’t want to stay for another minute.

Chu Ci ran to the door, he looked at the two people walking away and closed the door, then rushed back to the room.

He could finally free.

Chu Ci rolled to the bed like a handicapped person. He was prepare to take a nap and looked at Moqi Sui. This man’s posture had not changed since the old female servant left, he looked very serious.

He got up curiously and leaned in to look over.

Tsk tsk, this book was really not bad. Not only carefully using pictures to teach people how to do sexual intercourse, but it was also draw various kinds of postures.

Chu Ci lay down on the bed and said teasingly, “So beautiful? Have you learned it after looking for so long?”

Moqi Sui shifted his eyes away from the book. His glistening eyes looked at Chu Ci and said, “A-Ci, let’s do the things on the book?”

Chu Ci stunned for a moment and suddenly realized what Moqi Sui was saying. He quickly wrapped his body in the quilt and only exposed his head, before said, “Are you kidding me? All the pictures on this book are a man and a woman. I don’t have the woman’s thing.”

The light in Moqi Sui’s eyes dimmed down because of Chu Ci’s words. He suddenly looked depressed, and then angrily threw the book that he had just looked with keen interest to the floor and said, “Then they let me see this thing to do what!”

When Chu Ci saw the crisis was gone, he smiled and said, “Give you pastime, just look at it as a children’s picture story book.”

Moqi Sui doesn’t care about the book on the floor, he took off his shoes and went to bed. He hugged Chu Ci together with the quilt and said coquettishly, “A-Ci, I want it.”

Chu Ci could see this man’s current appearance every morning, he was in heat!

Chu Ci looked outside and suddenly thought: Is it midday now?

He unconvincingly reached out his hand from the quilt and touched the object between Moqi Sui’s legs. It was really hard.

Why is this person suddenly like this? Wasn’t he only has this state in the morning before?

Chu Ci thought for a while and his gaze couldn’t help but turn to the book on the floor.

He looked at Moqi Sui and said, “What are you thinking when you looks at that book?”

Moqi Sui seemed a little embarrassing and said, “I thought I can do this with A-Ci, so I’m thinking it as A-Ci.”

Chu Ci’s eyes flashed a sharp look, and said, “There is no such thing, you don’t think about it.” However, his hands skillfully peeled off the man’s pants and started their daily routine.

Wait until I burn that book!

Moqi Sui relaxed his body, he said while enjoying Chu Ci’s service, “Momo said it’s the happiest thing in the world. What a pity, we can’t do it together.”

Chu Ci pinched the thing in his hand and said fiercely, “Is this not comfortable? What momo said to you is similar to what you feel now, don’t think about it.”

“So it’s this thing?” Moqi Sui said with an understand face, “I just say, how can this world have something happier than A-Ci helps me touching it.”

After Moqi Sui knew that he had not missed the fun thing, he concentrated on enjoying Chu Ci’s service.

When he was satisfied, he immediately looked at Chu Ci who was tired and ready to sleep, and said in high spirits, “A-Ci, do you want to feel good? I can help you too.” Then he reached for that certain place of Chu Ci.”

Chu Ci immediately swat the hand that wanted to touch his body and said, “I can do it myself, don’t make noise, I want to rest.”


Moqi Sui withdrew his hand. He moved close to the front of Chu Ci and kissed his lips, before lay down honestly.

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