Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

12) Chapter 52.2 ♬

Chapter 52 Part 2:

The other people thought that it was the emperor’s dote on Moqi Sui, but Chu Ci who was kneeling at the side was very clear in his heart, that it must be the merits of his primordial spirit. It seemed that he had to always stand in the vicinity of this person, to avoid being noticed.

At this moment, Moqi Yan glanced at Moqi Shan and said, “Shan, if it’s nothing you can go back. I didn’t meet Sui’er for a long time and want to chat with him.”

“This son follow the orders.” Moqi Shan bowed respectfully and left.

After Moqi Shan left, Moqi Yan took Moqi Sui to the courtyard.

Chu Ci was still kneeling on the ground and was worried whether he should stand up. Moqi Sui who was pulled by his imperial father actually spoke first.

“A-Ci, quickly getting up. Let’s go in the room.”

Chu Ci suddenly felt a bit moved, it’s not in vain for me to like you.

“A-Ci?” Moqi Yan turned his head and looked at the little eunuch who was kneeling on the ground and said, “Since His Highness the crown prince let you up, just get up.”

“Yes.” Chu Ci got up from the ground and followed the boss and the second boss of the imperial palace into the courtyard.

After the two men sat properly in the room, Chu Ci seriously acted as a little servant and gave them tea that had just been brewed, and then he waited at the door.

Chu Ci was very satisfied with this position, he no need to see the emperor and could still eavesdropping on the two men. At the same time, Moqi Yan was still within the range of his primordial spirit.

Looking at the way of Moqi Yan treated Moqi Sui, Chu Ci could understand why Moqi Shan doesn’t dare to touch him even if Moqi Sui was a fool crown prince who was about to be abolish.

The emperor personally handed Moqi Sui to the empress who was the second prince’s mother to be take care of, and if he suddenly had mishap, the mother and son would carry the blame. Therefore, Moqi Shan could only start from the dark and slowly put the person to death. At that time, he could casually give a reason that this person was die of illness.

Chu Ci listened to the conversation between the two men inside, and found that they were all topics that he completely uninterested, most of them were boring things.

Because Moqi Sui still has the child’s nature now, the two men couldn’t talk any high-level words, just like a father was playing with his children. But even so, Moqi Yan could laugh heartily as he was chatting with Moqi Sui. Laughter resounded throughout the Bie Courtyard.

Gradually, Chu Ci changed from seriously eavesdropping into feeling drowsy.

“Is Sui’er still like that girl named Xiyue now?”

After Xiang Xiyue’s name mentioned, Chu Ci subconsciously pricked up his ears. When he heard clearly what Moqi Yan asked, his whole person immediately became awake.

“Like.” Moqi Sui said this words without hesitation.

Chu Ci heard clearly at the door and immediately exploded, but there were others outside, he could only suppress himself.

What a great Moqi Sui, even like that woman!

This unfaithful fool, you’re done!

Chu Ci was so angry that he needed to take a deep breath to ease his current emotions.

Moqi Yan in the room continued to probe, “Then, Sui’er still want this girl to be your empress.”

Moqi Sui shook his head and said, “No! I want A-Ci to be my empress.”

Chu Ci’s fluctuating emotions calmed down when he heard this sentence. At the same time, he began to feel nervous.

He actually forgot to tell Moqi Sui that he shouldn’t say this in front of outsiders. If Moqi Yan knew that he had lured his son, this world would probably end.

“Oh? Is A-Ci the little eunuch just now?” The emperor seemed didn’t angry and laughed instead.

Chu Ci felt puzzled. Could it be that the emperor of this world so generous? Or maybe Moqi Yan’s love for Moqi Sui has reached this point?

“Yes!” Moqi Sui smiled.

Moqi Yan extended his hand and patted his son’s shoulder and said, “Yes, Sui’er is all grown-up. If your mother is still alive, you might have long become a father now.”

The father and son in the room chatted for an afternoon.

Chu Ci’s legs felt numb after standing for a long time. From time to time, he secretly let one of his legs rest for a while.

“Your Majesty, it’s not early anymore. It’s time to go back to the palace.”

When the day started to get dark, the eunuch that Moqi Yan brought began to remind him.

Moqi Yan seemed want to continue and said, “Wait a minute! The government affairs are handed to Shan to deal with, it doesn’t matter even if I go back later.”

The eunuch persuaded, “It’s almost dinner time and your body is still recuperating. You shouldn’t save a little only to lose a lot.”

Moqi Yan suddenly said, “Sui’er, do you want to have dinner with Imperial Father?”

Moqi Sui hadn’t yet answered, when the eunuch couldn’t help reminding, “Your Majesty, His Highness the crown prince’s illness is to be recuperated. It’s better to listen to the imperial physician’s words and let him rest here.”

“Yes, Sui’er can getting better only by taking good care of his body.” Moqi Yan finally compromised. Before leaving, he touched Moqi Sui’s head and sighed, “Sui’er must live up to Imperial Father’s expectation. Otherwise, how can Imperial Father have a face to see your mother in the future.”

Moqi Sui didn’t know the meaning of Moqi Yan’s words, he smiled without any worries and said, “This son will definitely getting better and better.”

Chu Ci let out a sigh of relief when he heard the emperor was finally leaving. He was really hungry and tired now.

Moqi Yan walked out of the room and looked at the little eunuch standing at the side, “Sui’er even wants to give you the empress’ position, it show that you are really good to him. You have to take care of him more diligently in the future.”

Chu Ci quickly knelt down and said, “This servant will do his utmost to serve His Highness the crown prince.”

His heart finally calmed down. It seemed that Moqi Yan thought Moqi Sui was the kind of person who would make the person who kind to him to be his empress.

Chu Ci pricked up his ears, listening to a group of footsteps getting farther and farther away. He was intend to kneel until Moqi Yan left before getting up on his own.

However, as he listened to the footsteps, he was also hearing what Moqi Yan said to the eunuch.

“Sui’er should also be married. You go arrange it, take a look which minister’s family in the court has a suitable candidate. The higher the status, the better. If he has someone to depend on, then I can be assured to see his mother.”

“Okay, this servant will arrange it tomorrow.”

Chu Ci who accidentally heard this, slowly stood up from the ground and frowned.

Get married? It’s not so good.

At this moment, Moqi Sui came out of the room and hook his pinkie with his fingers.

Chu Ci turned his head and looked at Moqi Sui, “Your imperial father seems want to arrange marriage for you.” His words carried a sour smell.

Moqi Sui just blinked his eyes and said doubtfully, “What is marriage? Is it fun?”

Chu Ci thought about it and explained, “It’s to let you marry a wife as your empress.”

Moqi Sui said happily, “Am I going to marry A-Ci?”

Chu Ci drew the corner of his eyes but said nothing. It was inconvenience to speak clearly to this person.

He couldn’t let Moqi Sui go to tell Moqi Yan that he didn’t want to marry a girl, he wanted to marry an eunuch. Then he was court death.

Chu Ci thought of the thing that had almost caused him to die, and quickly said, “The matter of you want me to be your empress can only be a little secret between the two of us. You must not tell it to anyone in the future, otherwise I will be snatched.”

Moqi Sui was believe without any doubt of Chu Ci’s words, he immediately covered his mouth and shook his head.

Chu Ci nodded with satisfaction and said, “Are you hungry? I’ll go to the imperial kitchen to get your dinner.”

Moqi Sui quickly nodded and said, “Hungry! I want to eat with A-Ci.”

Chu Ci raised his hand and touched Moqi Sui’s beautiful face, before turned around to leave the Bie Courtyard.

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