Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

12) Chapter 32.1 ♬

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Chapter 32: I’m A Vegetative Person in Online Game (2.7)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci put his line of sight back on the furnace, he opened the lid to take out the thing that he refined. This was his first time in contact with the legendary seven colored glass bead, he couldn’t help but feel a little excitement in his heart.

Just after the lid of the furnace was opened, he could see a bead with colorful lights inside. From time to time, there were small butterflies flying out. The difference of it with the spiritual butterfly was that these small butterflies have different colors. It also looked really pretty. The young girls certainly liked it.

Chu Ci took the bead and handed it over to Chui Yan, “Master, are you going to make the waist pendant and give it to the master lady?”

Chui Yan said without hesitation, “No.”

Chu Ci said strangely, “You don’t give one, would she be happy?”

He always thought that the target made this to give Bai Yimeng, he didn’t expect that it was actually not. Is it really for sale?

Chui Yan put the bead into his bag and said, “She never wants these things.”

Chu Ci couldn’t help but wonder in his heart, I didn’t expect that Bai Yimeng who is pursuing the game first lady’s title, actually wouldn’t pursue this kind of thing that girl likes?

Tsk tsk, why do I feel something is wrong?

While Chu Ci was still thinking about this issue, a stack of silver banknotes was hand over to him.

Chui Yan said, “I’m going to offline. There are 2,000 yuan of game currency here. Someone made an appointment with me a few days ago and will come to trade spiritual butterfly with me at 11:30 o’clock today. Help me to deal with it. The price he bought was a bit low at that time. If he calls out higher, you will receive it as long as it doesn’t exceed 1,000.”

Chu Ci took the silver banknotes and nodded his head, “Leave it to me!”

When Chu Ci thought that this person would immediately go offline, the other party suddenly paused and said, “If you are boring, you can go out, and remember to take the Invisible Pellet. Don’t lie on the ground to sleep, it’s ugly.”

Chu Ci was stunned for a moment. After understand what Chui Yan said, he opened his mouth to retort, but he right away received a system notice.

[Your friend Chui Yan is offline.]

Hehe, care about my clothes, care about my laugh, and even care about whether or not I lay down on the ground? Why do I feel that the aloof Chui Yan is actually like a mother?

Not long after he went offline, Chu Ci saw Chui Yan’s name mentioned in the World.

[World] Xuan Jiu: Is the big shot Chui Yan online? I’m back from vacation!

[World] Wen Yu: Really unfortunately, he just went offline.

[World] Xuan Jiu: Huh? I made an appointment with him today. What should I do with my spiritual butterfly?

[World] Wen Yu: Do you want to sell spiritual butterfly to that guy?

[World] Xuan Jiu: Yes, at that time, he private chat me that he want to buy it. It’s embarrassing to let him wait so long.

[World] Wen Yu: How much did you sell it? I’ll pay double the price.

He didn’t expect that there was still someone who competed for it halfway. Chu Ci was anxious and promptly said in the World.

[World] Chu Ci: Xuan Jiu, you can come to Bailu building, Chui Yan let me trade with you.

[World] Wen Yu: How much did he buy it? I’ll pay double the price?

[World] Xuan Jiu: Uh...I said 500 at that time.

[World] Wen Yu: Then I will buy it 1,000.

[World] Chu Ci: Like this, isn’t it no good? This Big Brother Wen?

[World] Wen Yu: The current market price is originally like this ah.

[World] Chu Ci: You think everyone is money-grubbing?

Chu sat proudly in the Bailu building, waiting for Xuan Jiu to trade. Thinking about tell him that he would buy it 1,000 when the other party came. However, even after waiting for a hour, he still didn’t see the person. Chu Ci felt a little impatient, and could only private chat the other party.

[Private chat] Chu Ci: When are you come? Currently, I’m in Bailu building.

[Private chat] Xuan Jiu: I’m sorry...I sold it to Wen Yu.

Chu Ci frowned as he looked at Xuan Jiu’s reply and felt a little angry. His anger was not to Xuan Jiu, he was actually angry to Wen Yu. Moreover, the more he was thinking of it the more angry he was.

[World] Chu Ci: Wen Yu, you have guts. Waiting for me!

[World] Wen Yu: Just you? Even if it’s Chui Yan, he also couldn’t do anything about it. Unwilling to spend money is precisely this.

[World] Chu Ci: Hehehe.

Let me show you what is unwilling to spend money!

Chu Ci hurriedly ran to the guild territory and took the Invisible Pellet from the cabinet to put into his bag, and then directly went out of Bailu building. Then he ran to the coachman there and waved his hand, “Go to Novice Town.”


Followed the coachman’s shout, Chu Ci sat on the carriage that rushed to Novice Town.

A few minutes of sitting in the carriage didn’t made him calm down.

It didn’t take long for Chu Ci to stand inside the Novice Town, it was still full of people. He lowered his head to keep himself as low-key as possible. His goal was to run after digging.

One hoe.

Two hoes.

Three hoes.

[Game System] Player Chu Ci, congratulations for dig out a seven colored glass in the Novice Town. Everyone could quickly come over to watch.

After a flash of light, Chu Ci who want to be low-key hurriedly dug two more times.

[Game System] Player Chu Ci, congratulations for dig out a seven colored glass in the Novice Town. Everyone could quickly come over to watch.

[Game System] Player Chu Ci, congratulations for dig out a seven colored glass in the Novice Town. Everyone could quickly come over to watch.

Three should be enough. Chu Ci quickly picked up the items and ran towards the coachman outside the Novice Town.

[World] Feng Yue: There are no billows in my heart, even a little want to cry.

[World] Wen Yu: ……

[World] Red Moon: Old Wen, are you angry?

However, probably a few times digging just a moment ago was too consuming character, he momentarily couldn’t come back there. Chu Ci was almost ran in front of the coachman when the familiar masked man in black clothes suddenly appeared before his eyes.

Mysterious Person said, “Little beauty, we only want the items. The resurrection point of Novice Town is on the side. If you don’t cooperate well, then don’t blame me for bury you. I remember you are a swordsman, no equipment can stand the constant attacks of my blade.”

Chu Ci straightened his chest and said unmoved, “Not give.”

He was amenable to coaxing but not coercion. Anyway, his pain was adjusted to the lowest level, then just kill.

There were many people who just digging treasure, watching on the side, seemed want to use this to eliminate fatigue before continue digging. Of course, Chu Ci also doesn’t expect these people to help him.

When he wanted to be strong-willed for a while, he was suddenly strike on the back by something, and directly beaten to the ground.

Fortunately, he didn’t feel pain, and just lost one-fifth of his blood bar after being beaten.

[Mysterious Person]: “Chui Yan actually give you a golden thread clothes.”

Chu Ci retorted in his heart: What golden thread clothes? The clothes I wore is obviously emerald green short skirt!

He lay on the ground and took advantage of the black clothed man astonished, he secretly took the Invisible Pellet from his bag and put it in his mouth. After a split second, he couldn’t see his own hands.

Only then Chu Ci quietly moved to the coachman.

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