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11) Chapter 6.1 ♬

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Chapter 6: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.6)


Translator: Mimi

There was a choking smell of smoke in the room.

When He Wen saw the owner come back, he sat up straight and extinguished the half-burning cigarette in his hand, before showed a casual smile on his face.

“When the housekeeper said that Xuan Lin is accompany Shuyao to go shopping, I still don’t believe it. Now I saw Xuan Lin’s body has improved a lot. I presume the Heavens had opened it’s eye.”

Because Chi Ci knew the improper relationship between He Wen and Yu Shuyao, although this man looked good manner, Chu Ci couldn’t help but feel disgusted. After seeing the real person, Chu Ci confirmed that the only thing this person has above Xuan Lin was his healthy body, he was incomparable in other respects.

Chu Ci’s presence also didn’t escape He Wen’s eyes.

“An Hong? I didn’t expect to see you here?”

Although Chu Ci didn’t like this person, but he still introduced himself, “I’m now Xuan Lin’s private doctor.”

“Hehe.” He Wen smiled and said, “It’s really creative to take along doctor on a date.”

Chu Ci looked at Yu Shuyao and found that she also slightly frowned, on the contrary Xuan Lin’s face was calm.

He Wen saw that no one joined or paid attention to himself, only then he put away the smile on his face and said, “I’m joking, don’t pull a long face one by one.”

Because no one wanted to speak out, Yu Shuyao has no choice but asked to show courtesy, “What are you doing come to Xuan family so late?”

“Don’t welcome me?” He Wen looked at Yu Shuyao and then looked at the owner of the house, “Do you have a vacant room? I want to stay here for a while.”

Refuse, refuse, refuse!

Chu Ci silently prayed in his heart, it would certainly troublesome if He Wen stayed at Xuan family.

However, it was hopeless that Xuan Lin still the Little White-flower. He only innocently wrinkled his eyebrows and asked, “Why?”

He Wen spread his hand and said with a bitter face, “I just came home, when the family suddenly began to persuade me to get along with Xue Yin, saying that Xue Yin liked me very much. Didn’t this is precisely wanted to let me marry her? At what decade are we living in for there still forced marriage?” Then he said to Yu Shuyao meaningfully, “I really envy you ah, you can control your own life. And you can be together with the person that you like.”

Xuan Lin slowly sat down on the sofa and said unhurriedly, “Xuan family has plenty of room, if you want to stay here, just stay. Anyway, there is already An Hong. It’s no difference if there is one more person.”

Heard Xuan Lin’s words, Chu Ci sighed with resigned look, his heart was rejected, he felt that he was much more advanced than this He Wen. If it was another personality of Xuan Lin, after a bit thinking, he was afraid that this two-timing matter wouldn’t unknown for so long.

He Wen didn’t look like a hard-to-handle person, it was not because Chu Ci biased, he felt that the outcome would be different if the black-belly Xuan Lin showed up, but that person was not captivated by Yu Shuyao’s beauty!

Looking at the two people in front of him, Chu Ci felt a burst of headache. Yu Shuyao had just come home and He Wen suddenly came to stay at Xuan family. The purpose was definitely impure.

Chu Ci gritted his teeth in anger. He Wen has complacent face because he got permission. He looked at An Hong and Xuan Lin, suddenly said, “It’s rare for old classmates get together, how about sleep together tonight? And have a conversation between men?”

“No!” Chu Ci refused without thinking.

When he discovered what he had said, he immediately explained, “It’s not good for Xuan Lin’s body to stay up late. Moreover, the smell of smoke is too heavy on your body. You better considered this unhealthy request.”

“Just once, it shouldn’t matter. Moreover, Xuan Lin’s healthy is very good now.” He Wen was still unyielding.

Chu Ci glanced at Xuan Lin, and sure enough this man hesitated.

He retracted his gaze and silently let out a sigh, the Little White-flower seemed to have no opinion of his own.

“No, it would affect my sleep if there is a second person in the room.”

Xuan Lin’s tone suddenly became cold and alienated.

Chu Ci was very happy when he heard this way of speaking, he knew that the black-belly Xuan Lin was come out. However, this excuse was too perfunctory, do I have to secretly go to his room tonight?

At the same time as the surprise, Chu Ci suddenly felt that he had discovered a rule for Xuan Lin’s personality switch. It seemed that every time the Little White-flower hesitated, another personality would appear and make a decision.

He Wen didn’t feel embarrassed because of Xuan Lin’s refusal, on the contrary he said teasingly, “After married Shuyao, do you going to sleep in separate rooms?”

Chu Ci wished he could sew up this person’s mouth. Since they entered the house, He Wen hasn’t said a single decent word.

“Of course, Shuyao is different.” Xuan Lin’s tone became gentle again. Obviously, another personality didn’t like to deal with this kind of interpersonal relationship, and let the Little White-flower come out.

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