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11) Chapter 52.1 ♬

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Chapter 52: I Became Eunuch (3.6)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci sat down at the door. When there was outsider, he had to be a servant. He couldn’t enter without the master’s summon.

He was sitting for a while and thought of what Moqi Shan had done before, and immediately felt a little uneasy. He got up and secretly stick to the door, listening to the people inside. He has to take precaution in case something bad happened.

Fortunately, the Bie Courtyard was remote place. Even if it was daytime, there were only the sound of birds. Therefore, although the voice of the people inside the room transmitted much smaller at the door, he could still hear it clearly.

“Is Imperial Big Brother’s body well today?” This was Moqi Shan’s fake concern.

“I’m well. Does Imperial Younger Brother come with anything delicious today?” Moqi Sui said warmly as always.

Moqi Shan sized up the person in front of him and really couldn’t see anything abnormal. He said to change the topic, “Imperial Big Brother, how can you as the grand crown prince only know to eat and play all day long? Imperial Father is now seriously ill, do you remember to care about him?”

Moqi Sui doesn’t hear Moqi Shan’s blame. Hearing his father was seriously ill, he quickly said in concern, “Imperial Father is sick? How did Imperial Father get sick?”

Moqi Shan didn’t answer Moqi Sui’s question, instead asked, “Imperial Big Brother, since you like to play, don’t be a crown prince, okay?”

Moqi Sui looked doubtfully at his Imperial Younger Brother, as if thinking about what he meant.

At this time, Moqi Shan laughed and said, “I’m just joking. Imperial Father’s body is unwell today, and I have to serve by his side. I will go back first. Imperial Big Brother, please take care of yourself.” After speaking, he turned around and walked outside.

Moqi Sui immediately chased after him and said, “Shan, can you take me to see Imperial Father? I’m very worried about him.”

Moqi Shan turned his head and pretended to look at Moqi Sui with a surprised look, “Sigh, don’t tell me Imperial Big Brother unaware that Imperial Father’s illness is caused by worrying about you? If you meet him, I’m afraid that it will only get worse. Imperial Father will certainly receive Imperial Big Brother’s intention, you can quietly recuperate here.”

He looked at Moqi Sui’s surprised expression and a trace of proud flashed on his face, then he pulled out his sleeve that Moqi Sui grabbed and turned away.

Chu Ci who stayed outside the door heard the sound of footsteps getting closer.

He quietly ran down the steps and stood straight, then bowed his head respectfully. He originally wanted to hide, but thought Moqi Shan had just turned the topic after asked about Moqi Sui’s physical condition, it was certainly because of the grape’s matter. He couldn’t ignore this matter so easily. Rather than being called by the second prince to his palace for interrogation, it was better to be asked directly here. If there was unexpected accident, he could hold to the target without letting go.

Sure enough, he saw Moqi Shan’s shoes stopped in front of him.

“Does His Highness the crown prince eaten all the fruits that I send yesterday?”

Chu Ci heard Moqi Shan’s questioning voice above his head. The tone revealed “you’re done”. If it was an ordinary eunuch who listened, he certainly thought himself did something wrong.

Fortunately, he was not an ordinary person.

Chu Ci could only try his luck and said, “Reply to the second prince, after you left, His Highness the crown prince ate all the tribute fruits that you gave.”

Moqi Shan sneered at the little eunuch in front of him, he waited for a while before saying, “I will give you another chance to tell the truth.”

Chu Ci was stunned, he didn’t expect this person to doubt himself.

He pretended to be panic and hurriedly knelt down on the ground, “His Highness the crown prince really ate the tribute that you gave.” Whether Moqi Shan believed it or not, he could only say so, because this was the only way out. If he admitted that he threw the rotten fruit, he was afraid that his life would be gone.

Chu Ci couldn’t help but say with some disdain in his heart, the eunuch’s life is really cheap.

Moqi Shan looked at the servant who knelt at the side of his feet with a deep gaze, then said with a calculated smile, “What are you afraid of, I just care about Imperial Big Brother, whether he will not be able to bear the uncommon things and cause his body to be no good. Did he sleep well last night?”

Chu Ci immediately understood what the second prince’s words meant.

That medical apprentice maybe didn’t tell anyone about the matter of him came to seek medical treatment in the imperial physician institution. After all, the man was secretly given the medicine. Naturally, the news of Moqi Sui’s discomfort last night became his own knew.

But since you gave me the step, of course I’m going to give myself the next step. Chu Ci quickly said, “The crown prince didn’t sleep well last night. This servant heard a movement inside the courtyard in the middle of the night and quickly went in to take a look. I found that His Highness seemed to be unwell and was vomiting. Afterwards, he has a high fever in the middle of the night. This servant has no choice but to put on a few more quilts for His Highness to let out sweat. Therefore, His Highness is all right when he get up this morning.”

Moqi Shan frowned and said, “You are very know to meddling in other people’s business.” His words were gloomy and cold.

Chu Ci’s body shook and he explained tremblingly, “This servant is just doing his job.”

Although he looked terrifying in outside, but the little person in his mind had beaten Moqi Shan.

Dare to threaten me, wait for my backer to sober and see that I will not let him kill you!

Moqi Shan was unaware of the thought of the little eunuch in front of him, but he was really moved to kill.

“Huh? Shan, you’re still here?”

Just when Chu Ci felt that he needed Moqi Sui, a head came out from behind the half-open door.

When Moqi Sui saw Chu Ci was kneeling on the ground as his body trembling, he immediately rushed out of the door and supported the person up.

“Why did A-Ci kneel? Shan, are you bullying A-Ci? Don’t bully him!”

He had seen the same situation before, the eunuch and palace maid were shaking in fear because of being bullied.

Chu Ci made a victory gesture in his heart. But the acting has to be a full set, so even if he stood up, he still kept his head down.

Moqi Shan didn’t expect this fool would come out on his own, he quickly smiled and said, “I’m not bully him like Imperial Big Brother said, it’s this little eunuch who is timid. I just asked him if you lack anything, but it scared him like this.”

Moqi Sui obviously doesn’t believe Moqi Shan, he looked at Chu Ci and said, “A-Ci, is Shan speak the true?”

Chu Ci nodded and said, “Yes, His Highness.”

“Oh~” Only then Moqi Sui put down his vigilance and smiled at Moqi Shan, “I’m sorry, I blame Shan wrongly.”

Moqi Shan also smiled and said, “Still blame me, the tone just a moment ago should be a little better.”

He said, “Then I will go back. If there is something lacked, let this little manservant pick it up, I have instruct each room.”

When Chu Ci thought that he would be free, the two princes beside him suddenly stopped chatting.

Moqi Sui suddenly said excitedly, “Imperial Father is here!”

When Chu Ci heard it, he secretly looked outside and saw that there was a group of people came over. Moqi Sui’s father was sitting in the emperor’s carriage, surrounded by a bunch of people, as they went to the Bie Courtyard. Obviously, he came to see Moqi Sui.

Sigh, here come another trouble.

Chu Ci could only resign to his fate and continued to kneel down.

The emperor’s carriage soon reached the door of the courtyard.

Moqi Shan took the lead to give a salute, “This son pay respects to Imperial Father. Is Imperial Father’s body better?”

Moqi Sui actually didn’t follow the rules as Moqi Shan, just like the child that saw his father come back, he walked a few steps and said happily, “Imperial Father, I miss you today!”

“Shan, you come to see your imperial big brother too.” The emperor left the carriage at the door and nodded to Moqi Shan. Then he turned his head to look at his beloved son, and said with some excitement, “Sui now remember Imperial Father?”

Moqi Sui nodded his head earnestly and said, “Of course, this son remember Imperial Father. Shan said that Imperial Father is not in good health, is it all right now?”

On the side, Moqi Shan quickly said, “Imperial Big Brother’s condition suddenly improved in these two days. This son has planned to observe for two more days to confirm before report it to Imperial Father.”

Chu Ci who knelt on the ground secretly laughed in his heart.

“I know you’re filial.” Moqi Yan nodded to Moqi Shan and then turned his head to look at his beloved son and said, “Somehow, your imperial father’s body immediately much better after seeing you.”

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