Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

11) Chapter 31.2 ♬

Chapter 31 Part 2:

After got Chu Ci’s consent, the name of Chui Yan appeared in the World.

[World] Chui Yan: out of Invisible Pellet, private chat, paid to mail, no upper limit.

[World] Wen Yu: Is this buying materials to poor and starting to sell Invisible Pellets? I said you might as well sell the rest of the materials to me. After collecting so many things, I’m afraid that your rank in the wealth list will fall down at next week update.

[World] Chui Yan: My disciple practiced it in passing, and the warehouse doesn’t have room to put it.

[World] Wen Yu: Are you making me laugh? You just accept a disciple two days ago, and today she made so many Invisible Pellet? The success rate of this thing is only 10%, let me calculate how long she has to do to make so much?

[World] Peaceful: Why do I think the tone of the big shot is like speaking of his own wife?

[World] Butterfly Thousand Lily: I have also found that. The big shot Chui Yan, you should not really bring your girlfriend to play, right? Even if I don’t see that girl’s appearance, she may be able to hook people.

[World] Chui Yan: Illusion.

Chu Ci was now able to go to the World, but he didn’t interesting in what these people were discussing. He thought of what he saw after Chui Yan went offline last night, and wanted to heave deep sigh. In his head, he was thinking of how to let Chui Yan watched closely his own wife. It was best the two people don’t play the game at all. If they were insist on playing, he has to persuade Chui Yan to marry Yi’s Dream openly in Dream Back.

He pondered for a while before he said to probe, “Master, I went to the forum when I was bored last night, and found a couple who very loving each other in reality came to play Dream Back together, but then the woman ran away with the character in the game. It’s truly a pity that a good pair of lovers is broken up.”

Chui Yan glanced at Chu Ci and said, “What do you want to say?”

Seeing the other party asked, Chu Ci strengthened his courage and said, “Master, I know you really don’t worry about the relationship between master lady and Intoxicated Heart. But it’s not my exaggeration ah. I spent all night on the forum and found that many couples were obviously playing together in the game, but in the end it was either the man ran away with others or the women ran away with others. This game called Dream Back is too realistic. Not everyone is as sober as Master.”

Chui Yan was busy selling things, but he still seriously said, “Your master lady is different, she is just a friend with Intoxicated Heart, nothing more. Because Intoxicated Heart’s reputation is famous, so in order to prevent harassment, she become his game’s partner. She reported this to me personally.”

Chu Ci didn’t expect Bai Yimeng to dare to do this? No wonder the target believed her so much.

But the system said that in the end she was indeed hooked up.

Chu Ci said, “It’s fake, why do they still throw petals rain from time to time? To get that thing, other players have to facing the ground to dig treasure for a long time ah.”

Chui Yan still meticulously explained, “For these, your master lady explained to me that as long as Intoxicated Heart throw petals rain, it shows that she is not a girl to provoke.”

Chu Ci had to admire Bai Yimeng this time, all reasons were suit.

Chu Ci suddenly changed his manner and said, “Master, do you like master lady.”

Chui Yan stunned before said, “Like.”

“How much do you like her?”

Chui Yan didn’t immediately answer, he merely turned his head to look at his high-grade furnace and said, “Come here.”

Chu Ci obediently got up from the ground and walked to Chui Yan’s direction, at the same time a doubt flashed through his heart.

Don’t you like Bai Yimeng? Otherwise, how is the difference between what I see now and what I have learned before so much?

It won’t do, I have to find a time to ask the system to see if I can have more detailed information.

After Chu Ci walked in front of him, Chui Yan handed over all the seven colored glass, spiritual butterfly, and ten thousand years stone marrow that he had collected to him, then he also handed over the formula to refining the seven colored glass bead and said while pointing at the high-grade furnace, “You are refining this seven colored glass bead.”

Chu Ci returned to his senses and said in surprise, “I’m refining it? Master, are you sure?” He has seen in the forum that the success rate of seven colored glass bead is 50%, which is quite high, but the materials are a bit expensive. To rely on the luck, this kind of thing, he was still a bit hesitated.

Chui Yan actually at ease, he stood to Chu Ci’s side and said, “Go on.”

Since the target was so reassuring, then he would do it.

The target believed in him, and he believed in the system.

Chu Ci turned the formula into his mind, he put all the materials into the furnace and closed the furnace’s lid, and proceeded carefully according to the steps.

After a few minutes, the furnace suddenly ceased fire and glowed with golden light.

[Game System] Player Chu Ci passed 7749 days of refining to obtain a seven colored glass bead.

Chu Ci looked at the furnace and then looked at Chui Yan beside him, he said, “Is this the so-called 7749 days?”

He had prepared for a long time battle, but he didn’t expect that it to be so fast.

[World] Rotten Ink: Suck in a breathe...

[World] Butterfly Thousand Lily: The big shot Chui Yan even handed the colored glass bead to his little disciple to practice. I don’t believe that they didn’t have any romantic feeling!

[World] Blizzard: I feel my heart stopped beating.

Chu Ci turned his head, seeing someone with a very strong ability accepted him, he laughed.

Chui Yan gave him a look and said, “The laugh is too ugly.”

Chu Ci stopped laughing and pouted.

Really treat me as a woman, even want me to laugh like flower?

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