Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

11) Chapter 102.1 ♬

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Chapter 102: Marriage Falling from the Sky (6.6)


Translator: Mimi

“Come with me.”

Chu Ci’s self-doubt was finally interrupted by the headmaster’s reminder.

His attention immediately back to outside and then followed him to the student dormitory, but he still couldn’t help but refute to the system in his mind, “Not everyone is only looking at the appearance, I feel my heart is quite beautiful.”

“Yes yes yes, it’s good to have confidence.” The system obviously answered him half-heartedly.

Chu Ci was too lazy to argue and focused his attention on the new things that kept appearing around him.

The plants on both sides of the road had consciousness, and he could hear them whispering as he followed the headmaster.

Many things in the magic world made people unable to remove their eyes, it was even more high-tech than the high-tech world he had passed over.

Chu Ci thought it was also good to come here to live later, as long as he could do magic.

He followed the headmaster into the academy building. The two of them walked to the front of a wall engraved with arrays, and then the wall immediately separated from both sides like an automatic door.

Behind the wall was a small transparent room.

After Chu Ci entered the small room with the headmaster, the door behind him slowly closed.

“New Student Dormitory.”

After the headmaster’s words rang in his ears, Chu Ci felt that the room was moving.

This seems to be the same as the elevator of modern society.

But it was much higher, not only could move up and down but also move left and right.

Because the walls were transparent, Chu Ci found that he was only separate by a wall from the people in the corridor, but they couldn’t see him.

He found that there were really only male students in the academy.

This place really suits him.

The small room finally stopped after turning around several times.

The headmaster seemed to be a very serious person. He didn’t speak all the way except for the words of ‘New Student Dormitory’ when they just entered the small room.

After the two got off the small room, there were many students outside who looked about the same age as him, and some were wearing their own clothes.

Chu Ci guessed that these people must have just entered the academy just like him.

He suddenly thought of that person who had also come to register to the academy today, his heart immediately excited.

This means that he may be here.

Chu Ci immediately stretched his neck to sweep over the faces of each fellow student, trying to find the person he was looking for from these students, but unfortunately he didn’t find him.

He could only take the initiative to ask, “Mr. Headmaster, are the new students who I’m stay with already here?”

“Yes.” The headmaster led him straight forward and explained without looking back, “The two people belong to nobles, they are quite cared about the status. The probability of them accommodating you is very low, I hope you don’t be depressed, the attic is actually not as bad as imagined.”

Chu Ci nodded and said, “I know.” Actually, it doesn’t matter if he stayed at that place or not. When he was still radish, he lived in the open soil.

The headmaster was known by everyone and he attracted everyone’s attention as soon as he appeared.

Chu Ci who followed the headmaster was of course also within their watching range.

“From his clothes, he seems also the new student.”

“I remember that all the new students had already arrived.”

“Maybe newly added, I remember that there is one empty position in the academy.”

“Then wouldn’t he going to stay with those two people?”

“That would be miserable. Looking at his appearance, he should be a commoner. Those two are nobles. I heard that the noble looking very importantly at the identity, how can they get along with the commoner.”

Chu Ci listened to all the whispered discussions on both sides, his originally indifferent mood immediately turned into want to live in the attic.

He followed the headmaster along the long corridor to the most end.

Every room here was no different from others, there is no difference in treatment.

Chu Ci stood behind the headmaster and watched him knock at the door of a room.

The door opened quickly. It was a beautiful boy opened the door.

When Chu Ci saw this person, he subconsciously felt that such a boy must be very cute when he was a child, and if the old man Meng Chen saw it, he would definitely like him.

But when he met this man’s indifferent eyes, he immediately waved these messy things out of his mind.

He seems to have been seen this expression of looking at people somewhere, a little disliking.

Fu Zhi quickly swept the people at the door. He had seen the headmaster. The boy next to the headmaster, he also remembered that he had taken the initiative to chat with Si Yuan on the street just recently.

After the headmaster saw the door open, he directly pointed at Chu Ci and said, “He is the last student of this year. Because the bed of Shengge Academy is just right every time, he can only live with you.”

Chu Ci listened at the side, and suddenly became more favorable in the headmaster, this serious old man.

The headmaster was worthy of the headmaster. At this time, he wouldn’t ask whether he can, but directly say his intention. But he had already told him the most likely to happen before he came.

Whether he could stay in the dormitory depended on the mood of the two young masters living here.

Thinking of staying with the two young masters, the refusal in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

The children of noble family must have the habit of let people serving them. Unless for the mission, he doesn’t like to serve people.

Chu Ci said secretly in his heart, “Reject it, I think the attic is suitable for me.”

After Fu Zhi heard the headmaster’s words, he glanced at Chu Ci’s body and said, “I don’t care, as long as the other roommate agree.”

“What agree?” There was another voice in the room.

Chu Ci immediately caught it, and his heart was startled.

Isn’t it so coincident?

Chu Ci frowned, and suddenly remembered the headmaster and Meng Chen mentioned the young master of Si family, as well as the stall’s owner also mentioned surname Si with him at that time. He actually didn’t link the two together.

Soon the owner of the voice appeared.

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