Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

10) Chapter 51.2 ♬

Chapter 51 Part 2:

Chu Ci’s sentence was exactly what Moqi Sui wish, he even said, “Will A-Ci accompany me to take a bath?”

The alarm bell in Chu Ci’s head suddenly rang, he looked at the target with a strange expression and said, “What do you want to do?”

Moqi Sui said with a pure face, “I just want to take a bath with A-Ci.”

Chu Ci has experienced too many routines in the previous two worlds, so he said to make sure with distrust across his whole face, “Just…take a bath?”

Moqi Sui asked excitedly, “Are there any fun thing?”

Chu Ci silently stuffed his mouth with food, thinking Moqi Sui should not understand that kind of thing between men and men. Although he said that he liked the target, he was not ready to do that thing so quickly.

He raised his head and looked at the target again. The purity of this man’s face was completely without defect.

Probably I think too much.

Chu Ci swallowed the food and said, “It didn’t fun, but if you want to take a bath, you have to help me fetch the water, I’ll prepare the rest.”

Moqi Sui has become accustomed to this kind of thing and doesn’t think it was inappropriate. He nodded his head and said, “Okay!”

After the two of them finished their meal, Chu Ci began to busy boil the water for Moqi Sui. After recovering from a serious illness, it was better to take a bath at the hottest time of midday.

Soon, a bucket of bath water was ready.

After Chu Ci tested the temperature of the water, he told Moqi Sui who had been following him to run around, “Hurriedly take off your clothes and go in, I will go to prepare other things for you.”


When Chu Ci appeared in the bathroom with changing clothes and bathing tools, the target had just taken off his clothes. He put the things on his hands and subconsciously glanced at the target’s naked body. When he saw the behemoth between Moqi Sui’s legs, he couldn’t help but tremble, at the same time, frowned in confusion.

Why Moqi Sui’s member also looked so much like what himself dreamed to have?

He kept staring at the target’s big guy until it disappeared from his line of sight when the target entered the bathtub. He couldn’t see clearly because of the mist of the water.

Chu Ci returned to his senses and suddenly wanted to confirm something.

He walked over to the side of bathtub and started rubbing Moqi Sui’s back.

Moqi Sui looked up at Chu Ci behind him and said, “Is A-Ci not take a bath together?”

Chu Ci said while wiping his body, “No, I just washed not long ago.”

“Oh!” Moqi Sui responded and began to enjoy Chu Ci’s service.

Chu Ci put his sleeves on his shoulders and doing his best to give Moqi Sui a bath.

Only now he found that bathed someone was also troublesome, and bathing him to clean point would probably last longer.

Sigh, I especially miss modern society.

Chu Ci’s hand slowly reached to Moqi Sui’s belly. The water was very clean, but he still couldn’t see the real appearance of the target’s member through the shaking water.

Or I can just touch it?

Chu Ci stretched his hand even lower, and finally held the target’s member, then he touched it up and down.

He had just compared it in his mind, when the soft guy in his hand suddenly jumped, and Moqi Sui who had closed his eyes to concentrate enjoy his service, also suddenly opened his eyes.

Chu Ci thought it was just because the effect of water and didn’t immediately let go of his hand. However, when he felt that it was rapidly become bigger, only then he noticed something was wrong, and immediately withdrew his hand. At this time, he met Moqi Sui’s confused eyes.

Chu Ci blinked his eyes, and doesn’t know what to say. The atmosphere seemed somewhat awkward.

Moqi Sui’s face was flushed. It was unknow whether it was because of the bath or because of a reaction somewhere. He looked at Chu Ci, then stretched his hand to pull Chu Ci’s hand into the water again, until Chu Ci met the thing that accidentally awakened by him.


Hard so fast.

Moqi Sui put Chu Ci’s hand on his hard member, and said pitifully, “A-Ci, I’m bitten by a bug here. Please help me touch it. It’s very uncomfortable, but I feel comfortable when you touch it.”

Chu Ci frowned. This child seemed to be really pure beyond imagination.

He didn’t forget what he just wanted to do.

Since the target took the initiative to invite, then he wouldn’t polite.

Chu Ci directly held the target’s treasure and started to move according to his memory. He was now familiar with this matter.

Moqi Sui was really a child, he surrendered within a few minutes.

This time, Chu Ci also counted in his heart. Moqi Sui, Xuan Lin, and Lu Jiang’s member all looked the same. This kind of thing, if it happened once, he could say it was accident, the second time was coincidence, but if there was the third time…

Then, he would look at the next world.

This bath, Moqi Sui soaked for an hour. This person was in the prime of his youth, and one time was definitely not enough. Chu Ci originally doesn’t want to bathe, but he was also wet in the end.

Chu Ci returned to his residence to change his clothes into a set of dry clothes, before hurried back to the Bie Courtyard.

When he saw the open gate, he was stunned.

Someone came again.

He walked to the gate and found that it was Moqi Shan who was chatting happily with Moqi Sui in the courtyard.

He afraid that this man came to see whether Moqi Sui has died?

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