Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

10) Chapter 5.2 ♬

Chapter 5 Part 2:

When these aunts saw Yu Shuyao, they smiled and one of them said, “The brother and sister came out shopping together.”

Xuan Lin nodded and said, “Yes, Shuyao was on holiday and went home, so I accompanied her out to have fun.”

“Xiao Lin’s body seemed a lot better.”

“Thank you Aunt for your concern.”

“Okay, we don’t want to disturb you, and our movie is about to start.”

The two aunts walked away after a few words of concern.

Chu Ci at the side was constantly digesting the word brother and sister that the aunt said, obviously Xuan Lin and Yu Shuyao didn’t hate this title.

Chu Ci curiously asked, “Why do they call you brother and sister? Aren’t you boyfriend or girlfriend?”

Xuan Lin said unconcern, “Shuyao came to Xuan family at the age of fifteen. Because of her special status, we didn’t reveal our relationship to outsider to protect her. Everyone always thought that the two of us were brother and sister.”

“Is this okay?”

Xuan Lin happily said, “We will officially announce our relationship when we are engaged.”

Yu Shuyao held Xuan Lin’s arm, she leaned her head on his body and happily said, “I look forward to that day.”

Xuan Lin patted her tenderly and said, “That one in front is your favorite clothes brand, do you want to go and see?”

“Yes!” Yu Shuyao straightened her body, she immediately stepped forward in her high-heeled shoes and ran cheerfully to the specialty store that Xuan Lin pointed.

At the same time, while Yu Shuyao disappeared from their sight, Xuan Lin suddenly said, “Come with me.”

Chu Ci looked at Xuan Lin strangely, and saw him walked toward a jewelry counter.

This man knew that he would feel uncomfortable if he was too far away from him, so he would bring him along to wherever he wanted to go.

“Hello sir, is there anything I can do for you?”

As soon as they walked into the counter, the clerk immediately greeted them warmly, but Xuan Lin walked directly to the counter and pointed his finger at the ring inside, “I want this couple ring.”

“Do you want to try it on?”

“No need.”

Chu Ci looked at the ring and said teasingly, “Could it be that you plan to propose?”

Xuan Lin looked at the ring that carefully packaged by the clerk, when he heard Chu Ci’s question, there was a little shyness on his face.

Even if Xuan Lin doesn’t admit it, but Chu Ci was understand clearly when he saw this expression.

Xuan Lin apparently wanted to surprise Yu Shuyao, so he directly threw the bag and put the ring box in his pocket, before pretended as if nothing had happened.

When the two men returned to the next door again, Yu Shuyao had just changed a set clothes and came out.

Seeing Yu Shuyao looking left and right in front of the mirror, Chu Ci couldn’t help but sigh, good-looking person would look beautiful wearing anything.

Wait a minute! What was my appearance like?

Chu Ci suddenly remembered that when he succeed transform into human form, he only took a glance before died.

“Where have you been?”

While she looked at herself in the mirror, Yu Shuyao looked at the two men who had just returned from the reflection of the mirror.

Xuan Lin smiled and said, “Looking at the side shop.”

Yu Shuyao walked to Xuan Lin and said, “Are you tired? Do you want to go back?”

Xuan Lin shook his head, “It’s okay, I don’t walk like this for a long time, but I’m getting more and more vigor.”

Chu Ci didn’t expect Xuan Lin was unexpectedly able to accompany Yu Shuyao all day. He wondered if he was underestimated the power of his primordial spirit.

Xuan Lin and Yu Shuyao did everything that couple would do when on a date, shopping, eating, and watching movie. The only shortcoming was probably because of his existence, this big light bulb. Therefore, Chu Ci who followed them the whole time was certain that the two people didn’t do anything too intimate.

Finally, after watching a movie, the two decided to go back.

On the way, Chu Ci saw Yu Shuyao fall asleep while leaned against Xuan Lin’s shoulder, and Xuan Lin gently took out the ring he bought and looked at it.

Chu Ci glanced at him and curiously asked, “When are you going to propose?”

Xuan Lin didn’t answer, he just put the ring back in his pocket and then placed his index finger in the middle of his lips gestured him to be quiet.

Chu Ci curled his lips and moved his eyes to outside the window. It was really good to live in a lie.

When the car entered the Xuan family’s courtyard, Chu Ci found that there was an extra car parked next to Yu Shuyao’s car. Looking at the fancy appearance of the car, he knew that it was not Xuan Lin’s.

Xuan Lin frowned when he saw this car.

After the car was parked, Xuan Lin gently awakened Yu Shuyao, and when she got out of the car, she also found that extra car, and said in surprise, “This seems to be He Wen’s car, what is he doing here?”

At this time the housekeeper was also welcome them, with some worry on his face.

“Is Young Master’s body feel okay after play outside all day?”

Xuan Lin smiled and appeased, “I’m still feel vigor, is there a guest at home?”

The housekeeper nodded and said, “ Young Master He suddenly came half an hour ago.”

“Okay, I’ll go to take a look. You have someone move the Miss’s stuff into her room.”


Chu Ci followed Xuan Lin and saw He Wen was sitting on the sofa as soon as he entered the room. He Wen has easy-going appearance, as if this was his own home.

The alarm in Chu Ci’s head rang instantly.

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