Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

10) Chapter 31.1 ♬

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Chapter 31: I’m A Vegetative Person in Online Game (2.6)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci turned his head and looked at Chui Yan with surprise, and found that he was not joking. Suddenly he changed his out of luck appearance and straightened his chest, he confidently said, “I said I was lucky, are you believe me now? You won’t suffer losses for accept me as a disciple.”

Chui Yan didn’t say any compliment’s words, and just looked at Chu Ci a little bit strangely, and then turned around and walked to his own furnace.

Chu Ci shrugged his shoulders, he didn’t hope the other party would speak, but that expression in the target’s eyes, he doesn’t think that he used some dishonest means, right?

Even so Chu Ci still praised the good luck that system gave him ten thousand times in his heart. This luck was too full, so good luck, still afraid the mission of this world would fail?

Despite the joy in his heart, the movement of Chu Ci’s hands didn’t stop. He had to practice the life skills to full-level as soon as possible to consolidate his position at the target’s side.

He skillfully went to the storage rack. This time he took twenty sets of Invisible Pellet’s materials. He originally wanted to take more, but the upper limit of the low-level furnace was twenty, he could only take it slowly.

Chu Ci put all the materials in the furnace. He doesn’t concern about the heat control, anyway, as long as it burned, this sequence passed, and there was no medicine that couldn’t be made.

After the furnace has started, the next was just to wait.

Chu Ci has forgotten about Chui Yan’s reminder before, and once again casually sat on the ground. He looked at the busy target in the distance with a constipation face and said, “Master, how can you not feel jealous when master lady marry someone in the game? I used to have a friend who wants to tell the whole world of his relationship with the person he likes. If the other party wants to hide it, he just hold...” Chu Ci stopped after speaking until this. He still doesn’t want to speak of this matter.

“What’s after hold?” He didn’t expect that Chui Yan actually quite interesting of the matter that he couldn’t say.

Held him until he tired and couldn’t get out of bed.

Chu Ci was speaking of Xuan Lin, but because the target was straight man, he doesn’t say the thing above and said, “Just he get angry ah.”

Chui Yan was silent for a while, seemed to ponder over of Chu Ci’s words, and then he carefully analyzed, “That person is lack of love, so he feels insecure.”

Oh, you actually can guess this out?

Chu Ci gave the target a thumb up in his heart, worthy of guessing the player’s mind to become the richest person.

The two people stayed in the guild territory until 11 o’clock.

Chu Ci felt that he was not playing game, it was Chui Yan.

Oh no, it may be played by Chui Yan.

When he was talking idlily, the other party actually collected two spiritual butterflies and a stone marrow in the World. All the materials for another seven colored glass bead were collected.

But Chui Yan didn’t seem to be in a rush to make it.

When the time jumped to 11 o’clock, he stopped what he did.

“I’m offline.” After Chui Yan informed Chu Ci this, Chu Ci right away received a notice that the other party was offline.

At the same time, the red color things floated before Chu Ci’s eyes. Upon closer inspection, he discovered that it was petals rain.

Unexpectedly, this special effect could be seen even in the guild territory.

Thinking of the petals rain would cost a thousand yuan at a time, Chu Ci unconsciously glanced at the big shot’s name.

[Game System] Player Yi’s Dream used the legendary petals rain on player Intoxicated Heart. Especially invites all players to enjoy this feeling and this scenery together.

[World] Blizzard: Make a public display of affection so quickly!

The golden constantly scrolling system notices made Chu Ci felt as if have a fish bone stuck in his throat. He withdrew his gaze and looked at the furnace in front of him, he faintly sighed, “The game is really harmful, how good if it hurriedly close down.”


The next day, Chui Yan came online in the guild territory at the same time as usual. When he turned around, he saw his disciple was lying on the ground without image with the big word ‘sleeping’ above his head.

To his surprise, the level number next to the other party’s name actually showed 100.

He subconsciously looked at the cabinet of the materials area. The large amount of materials that he had placed before now were not much left, but the cabinet was not empty, rather replaced by a pile of dark green Invisible Pellets. Each storage cases can hold 200 stalks material, but only 20 Invisible Pellets.

After glanced around, Chui Yan saw all the previously empty storage cases in the guild territory were already filled with this thing, and couldn’t help but feel a bit headache. Although Invisible Pellet was good, he doesn’t need it this much. Even with Chu Ci’s special circumstances, he also didn’t think he would use too much of it even if he ran away from people every day. He afraid that these things wouldn’t finish to use until the game closed down.

It seems that some must be dealt with.

Chu Ci originally doesn’t need to sleep. After lying on the ground for a while, he opened his eyes. He found that the target unknowingly went online.

He looked at the time, an hour earlier than the usual time when the target online.

“Master, why are you came online so early today?”

Chui Yan saw the person woke up and wrinkled his eyebrows, “Do you not go offline?”

Chu Ci grinned and said, “It’s all right, I’m just lazy to go offline.”

Chui Yan said with a healthy expert’s tone, “Too long in the game is no good for your health. Are your proficiency in full-level?”

Chu Ci quickly nodded and said, “Full.”

Chui Yan pointed to the rows of cabinets in the territory and said, “You have made the Invisible Pellet too much, occupying the place, I will leave some needed amount and sell off the rest.”

“Okay, master!” Chu Ci obediently nodded his head.

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